I Was Never Yours, Mr. Billionaire

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Vichy, the daughter of the President, comes from one of the powerful families of this country. Having fallen out with her father, she left the family with her true identity hidden.

She then met a man who is handsome and super rich. Even he didn't know her past and true identity, they still got married.

Vichy thought she met her Mr. Right, however, the only reason he married her was that he needs the marrow of their children to save his first love...


It was just a game of love, I didn’t expect to really fall in love with you.


Hi, my dear readers, my new book: His Adopted Brother Turned To Be A Girl!is coming, here is the blurb, hope you like it:

“Laraine don’t blame us. We don’t want this any more than you do.”

“We have kept you in our home! We fed you, spent money on you for so many years, and this is how you pay us back!?”

“Tiffany needs this heart more than you do. She will die without it!”

With the last trace of strength she had, Laraine yanked the needle out of her neck and into her chest where her heart was thumping wildly.

“Laraine!” Nathan shouted angrily, his eyes becoming fierce, “Why? Why did you do that? Tiffany is your sister. You would rather destroy your heart than give it to her! She was right. You are very selfish!”

Laraine felt like she was on fire. Hot! It was so hot!

Suddenly, she felt someone kissing her lips, crushing and gnawing on them. She tried to push the person away, but the fire and pain in her body made her approach him if only to ease her pain.

Suddenly, her sharp pain subsided, as quickly as it had come. Laraine blearily opened her eyes. She tested her limbs and was surprised to find her naked body still ached.

Where was she? Had not she been killed? Why was she lying naked in a strange bed?

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Chapter 1: The End
The hospital was loud, voices chattering, phones ringing, babies crying. One voice rang out above all: “I can’t help you! Please don’t take my children from me! Let me do this alone!” These words came from Vichy, with her belly round and her eyes red. She was facing at all, austere man. “I beg you, don’t take away my kids!” Spit flecked the corners of her mouth and her cheeks were flushed with desperation. Her body was shaking violently, and her hair was matted. She went unnoticed, with brief glances from passersby. Bad things had happened at this hospital, which was run by the Hall Group. The man in front of Vichy was the leader of the Hall Group. “Bring her in.” He pulled out his arm from her hands, frowning. She was quickly transferred to the two men standing beside her. Vichy staggered with them as she watched Gim walkaway. “There re so many people in the world, why it should be my kids?” Vichy whispered. He stopped momentarily, his cold and slender back silhouetted against the jarring fluorescent light, and moved on. He was really gone, and this was really happening. The men carrying her apologized, and pulled her into the room.  “No!” She fought, thrashing her arms, throwing her limbs and kicking, biting and hitting every inch around her to get free of them. The men struggled to retain her, while ensuring her unborn children remained unharmed. Vichy took this moment to rid herself of their grasp. “President Hall!” called the two men. Gim returned, his eyes colder than before. Vichy froze, her body collapsing, her questions stuck in her throat so she almost choked on them. She was in shock.  “Why do you want my children’s bone marrow? Why do my children have to die?” she murmured, tears cascading down her cheeks. His children were nearly grown inside her, and they had to be sacrificed for his childhood sweetheart. “Why?” Gim suddenly laughed. “You share her bone marrow-type! I always knew this!” Vichy’s heart dropped. Every moment she had spent with Gim, every beautiful, earth-shaking moment, was crafted, for this. She had something he needed. She was a resource. She was fooled. And now…   Plop.   A heavy drop. She kneeled before him. “Don’t take my kids. They are all I have left.” She looked up at him. Gim looked down at her and said “take her away.” Then men grabbed her just too late. She ran with all her wild desperation toward the wall, while the men grabbed her by her arm just in time to prevent her from smacking bodily into it. Her head hit drywall. The flat sound reverberated through the empty hallway. Gim strode toward her and whispered, “I warn you for the last time.” He held her by the chin. “If the bone marrow of your children does fill its role, not even death will save you.”

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