Chapter 3: The Journey Back to the Hospital

236 Words
  Vichy walked forward step by step. When she made it to the hospital door, her stomach was on fire, a constant reminder of the trauma she had bore. She was wearing a white nightdress, her hair messy, her skin a white pallor. She ran into a nurse, who frowned. “Do you need any help?” Vichy kept walking. A body was being wheeled out, covered in white cloth. “Excuse me, I can help you!” cried the nurse. The sight of the body gave Vichy unspeakable pain. Tears rolled down her chalky skin. “Hello?” The nurse called her again. The body disappeared around the corner, and Vichy’s sight returned. “Yes.” “Do you need any help?” The nurse frowned and asked again. “Where are the children who died in the hospital, where are they sent?” The nurse’s forehead wrinkled. “Children who died were generally taken away by their parents. We have strict medical practice here. Any child deaths were an unpreventable misfortune.” “What about the children of Gim? Where did he send his two children?” Vichy suddenly grabbed her arm and asked in a hurry. The nurse who was caught was in panic. “Do you mean Mr. Hall?” She did not want to say his first name. No one wanted to say his first name, except Vichy.
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