Chapter 4: Continuing the Search

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  “Do you know where the two children were sent?” The nurse shook her head. “Mr. Hall is not married yet, how could he have two children? I don’t know.” Vichy closed her eyes, and anger rose. “Do you know the two children who died unexpectedly two days ago? Where were they sent?” She grabbed the nurse. The nurse pulled back and looked around, afraid. “I don't know, there are no children.” She bustled away. No one dared to mention things about the Hall family. Some nurses passed by and spoke in a low voice. “Mr. Hall is a really considerate person. I heard that Miss Lynn’s family was poor. But Mr. Hall helps her in every way he can. He hasn’t expressed this interest in anyone for many years, and now he is going to get married!” “You know, I would do anything if I were loved by such a man. But Miss Lynn is so lucky that even though her bone marrow type is rare, she can find the right one to match hers, and then she can leave the hospital after a few days. It’s so great.” Upon hearing this, Vichy exploded internally. She was reminded of what Gim had said to her: ‘If it weren’t for your bone marrow, do you think I would have wasted so much time on you?’ She nearly collapsed. The two nurses looked at her and left in a hurry. She was in so much pain that she had to lean against the handrail to support her body. She had been in love and saw an entire future with Gim. He had led her to believe this love was real. But Sherly Lynn? When Vichy heard this name, she lost balance. She went straight to the innermost ward on the third floor. This ward was an exclusive ward. No one was eligible to go in except the people in the Hall family. She was stopped before the door of the ward. The bodyguards blocked strictly and looked her up and down at her a few times. “You are not welcome here. What are you doing?” Vichy did not answer. She stood in front of the door as if her feet were rooted there, staring at the closed door. Inside, the ward contained Gem’s fiancé. “I want to go in.” Her throat was hoarse and trembling when she spoke. She tried to fight her way through the guards, but she failed every time. The bodyguard’s voice was louder now: “If you don't leave now, I will call the police.” But she would not be stopped. It seemed that the noise outside had disturbed the people inside and the door opened slowly. A wheelchair came out, and the woman sitting on it was tender and weak, and her face was pale, but that could not hide the beautiful look, like a small white flower that grew up against the sun, pure and innocent. “It is you.” Sherly suddenly smiled in the wheelchair. “Let her come in, it is fine.” Sherly’s voice was very light, weak with sickness. The bodyguards hesitated to put down their arms. Vichy stood there and stared at her. This beautiful woman who had taken everything from her was so kind. How could she be so kind? Vichy entered the room and stood in the middle. She took in the luxurious decorations, the epitome of comfort and style. The ward seemed more like a penthouse. The space was large and had all the comforts and conveniences of a home. The wheelchair stopped beside the French window. “So, why are you here?” Sherly suddenly spoke, her voice was gentle, but with a hint of laughter. The wheelchair slowly turned around. A sarcastic smile curled around her lips. “Do you want to interrogate me, or vent your emotions? Do you want to ask me where the unlucky two dead babies were sent?” Her voice was very low, and her smile broadened. Vichy screamed internally. “You already know everything?” Vichy’s eyes were red and mad. She grabbed Sherly’s arms. Originally, she thought that Sherly did not know anything. She thought Sherly was another innocent pawn in this hideous game. “Of course, I know.” She leaned forward, her face void of expression. “Do you know how long I have endured you? Gim had to hide me the whole time he courted you. I despise the children you bore with him, but they returned me my life.”
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