The Lycan king's abused mate


Yvonne Beeman lost her mother at a very young age and went through hell in the hands of her father's wife.

Her father and his wife used her to pay for the debt they were owing the brutal and ruthless Alpha Storm Holmes.

She suffered In the hands of the Alpha till she couldn't take it anymore and felt like death was the only way she could have peace and overcome everything she was going through

Yvonne ran out of the Alpha's house to commit suicide and that was when she met Trace Marez, King of the Lycan kingdom, who knew at once that she was his fated mate.

King Trace Marez, the Lycan king has been patiently waiting for his fated mate and refused to mark another no matter how long he had to wait.

He finally met his fated mate in the most unpleasant way ever and he felt the moon goddess clearly didn't like him.

The king knew she was his fated mate the moment he saw her, but she couldn't recognize him or perceive his pheromones because she was already marked by another.

King Marez was stuck between forcefully taking his mate from a ruthless Alpha or leaving her to continue with him.

Will the king make her leave the Alpha? Will she accept the the Lycan King after everything she had gone through? How sure is she that the Lycan king is not as brutal as the Alpha?

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It was a cool winter morning in the emerald pack and eight year old Yvonne and her parents were in the kitchen preparing for the full moon festival that was celebrated every last full moon of the year. The full moon festival, was a day all the werewolves and lycans alike, celebrated the moon goddess, appreciating her for seeing them through another year, making sacrifices and asking her to guide them through the next year. lt was Yvonne second favorite day of the year after her birthday, because her ever-busy father was always at home to celebrate with them while her mother would prepare delicious meals and buys her stunning clothes and shoes for the special occasion. The full moon festival event is similar to what the humans celebrates every year as the new year's day event. As mother and daughter paced around in the kitchen, they heard a series of strange and unusual sounds. At first, her parents thought it was other wolves celebrating noisily or the Alpha was passing through the land as he usually does every festival day, but after a mindful listen, they discovered that it wasn't any of those. "Honey, could you please go outside and see what is happening out there?" Yvonne father, Adolph Beeman asked her mother Jessie Beeman. "Adolph, you should go yourself. As you can see, I'm busy," Jessie retorted. "What's wrong Jess?" He asked, placing his hand on her shoulder and patting her. "You never help around the house, even when you're here. Now Adolph, I can't leave what I'm doing, so you better go and see for yourself. "I'm sorry babe, please... Okay just this once,” he tickled her waist making her giggle. "Fine, fine.. let me go and see for myself,” She agreed. "But you will finish the preparation, including cleaning,” She smirked. "I will, your highness,” he curtseyed with sarcasm. "I hope Yvonne marries a better man that will take care of her and go out of his way to see that she's not stressed at all," Jessie said as she walked out of the kitchen. Jessie peeped through the window to see that some rogue wolves were entering people's houses, destroying things and killing innocent wolves. She almost screamed when she saw they were coming towards her house. "Adolph, take Yvonne and run, they are here to kill and destroy,” Jessie screamed walking backwards with fear. "Who are they?" Adolph asked, as he ran out just in time to see one of the rogue wolves stabbing his mate's chest, close to her heart and pouring wolfsbane inside. "Please.. save... Save my baby, save my daughter... Please Adolph..." Jessie coughed blood out. "Mummy!" Little Yvonne exclaimed as she saw what was happening to her mother. Adolph carried his daughter and started running away through the back door and the wolf that killed his wife started running after them. He ran outside the house to the streets and the wolf was still after him. It got close to them and pushed Adolph to the ground with his daughter. Adolph fell in his stomach, using his two hand to guide Yvonne's head in a bid to prevent her from hitting her head and getting injured. The wolf was about to pounce on them, when they heard a gunshot. Adolph froze, thinking it was shot at him, but he turned carefully to see the wolf that just pushed him on the ground, blood gushing out if it's body as it returned slowly to it's human form. Another wolf was coming for them, but was shot as well. The bullet came right on time to save Adolph and his daughter Yvonne. Then Adolph raised his head to see some of their pack warriors with guns killing the rogue wolves. He hugged his daughter firmly, crying for his wife and wishing he never sent her to see what was happening outside. "Daddy, let's go and carry mummy,” Little Yvonne said to her crying father. "I'm sorry Yvonne, I will protect you, I will love you and make sure you have the best life," Adolph promised his daughter. "I will make sure you don't marry a weak man like me, but someone that will love, cherish and protect you as much as I will do,” he said between sobs. "Daddy, I don't want to marry, I want to be with you and mummy forever,” She cried. Just then, they heard another gunshot, which made them lie still, quietly to avoid any stray bullet. Even when Yvonne tried to say something, her dad covered her mouth with his hand. The shooting continued till dusk. Once Adolph was sure the commotion had died down, he took his daughter to the pack house, where he saw many other affected wolves and their family members complaining and begging the Alpha for help. Soon the Alpha walked out of his Chambers wearing a long face to address his people. He too was looking hurt, sad and distressed. The people thought he looked so because of what happened to them, but they were no where close to guessing his problems. "I'm sorry about what happened earlier today, my good people, it was never my intention to see my people suffer." The Alpha said trying to console them. The people started whispering and complaining among themselves. Soon the little whispers became murmuring and murmuring became loud cries and screams at the Alpha. "I lost my wife to the attack too." The Alpha said and everywhere became silent as graveyard. Who would believe that the Luna was killed by rogue wolves? It has never happened before, not in the history of werewolves. What did the Alpha do to provoke the anger of the goddess? "I can assure you my people that the war is over, my able soldiers have defeated them and we are victorious. You can now go home my good people." The Alpha concluded and went back inside and the people started murmuring and complaining again. Adolph quietly carried his daughter on his back, and went towards the exit of their pack, but the soldiers that manned the gate wouldn't allow them go. He met many other werewolf families trying to run away from the pack, but were stopped by the armed soldiers. Claiming they were instructed from above not to allow anyone go out or come inside the pack without order from the young Alpha Storm until the next full moon festival. After staying for a long time without getting a chance to leave, all the wolves and families that went to the pack exit started going back to their homes one after the other. Adolph also left with his daughter to their home, hoping they would be able to make it to the next day without getting attacked. Adolph got home with his daughter when it was almost dawn and they met Jessie's heart beating faintly and her body was just starting to get cold. If only he had gone home earlier, maybe they would have saved her, but it was too late as her heart beat it's last and her body became totally cold. It was hard for little Yvonne who saw her mother die in front of her. She could neither sleep nor eat, as what happened to her mother kept replaying in her head. She kept seeing what happened to her mom in front of her. Jessie Beeman was buried at noon the next day and so was everyone that died from the attack. Yvonne couldn't believe she would never see her mother again, as they buried her in her presence. She cried her eyes out, begging them not to put her mother inside the ground and pour sand on her body, but that was exactly what happened. From that day, Yvonne hated and detested the full moon festival, and started having nightmares about the death of her mother, but her dad promised to make her happy and forget her mom's death. Adolph was only able to keep his promises to his daughter for about eleven months, as he was already married before the next full moon festival to a widow who also lost her husband in the attack. Yvonne's father got married to a female wolf called Mabel. Mabel also had a daughter who was about same age as Yvonne named Hilda. According to Adolph, he married Mabel to take care of Yvonne, because he felt she needed a mother figure in her life, but Yvonne got the exact opposite of what her father promised her. Mabel's entrance to Adolph and Yvonne's life was the beginning of Yvonne's nightmare as she was maltreated and abused by her supposed mother figure.

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