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Rylee Johnson was an Omega but turned out to be a Luna when she mated with Alpha Cyrus, the leader of the Full Moon Pack. She did everything to please him and be his submissive Luna, but ended up witnessing him having an affair with his mistress, her best friend, Ciannon. Rylee was betrayed, especially when she learned that even her in-laws already knew about Alpha Cyrus’ affair and tolerated him.

On the day the Full Moon Pack got attacked, she ended up getting rejected for the sake of Ciannon, who was carrying her mate’s child. Rylee became the favorite toy of the Four Alphas. What would Rylee do once she found out that the Four Alphas were connected with her in the past?

What would she do once she ended up falling for the four men? What would Rylee do if Alpha Cyrus did anything to reclaim her?

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Chapter 1: Betrayal
Rylee Johnson's POV “Oh! Alpha Cyrus! You’re so good!” My tears flowed down my cheeks when I heard Ciannon mumble my mate’s name. I observed the motion of Alpha Cyrus' hips as he immersed himself to his full length within her. My knees slowly turned weak while she cupped his buttocks to encourage him more and give her a deeper thrust. My mind was such a complete mess after I witnessed their betrayal of me. I trusted Alpha Cyrus so much that I never imagined he could cheat on me. My lips trembled as I felt the tightness in the middle part of my chest. It was so painful that I couldn’t stop myself from groaning. I was panting. I couldn’t breathe properly when Ciannon screamed in pleasure as her body convulsed aggressively. What I saw was only red. It appeared that I desired to harm them so desperately that I could not refrain from grabbing the vase and hurling it at them once more. Ciannon shrieked, and she instantly took the blanket to hide her nakedness. “Rylee!” She called my name. “You f*****g cheaters!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I took another vase to throw at them again, but Alpha Cyrus quickly ran in my direction and pushed me, which made me bump into the wall. A groan escaped from my lips when he stepped forward to get me. “You are only the Omega here. What makes you think you have the right to attack the Alpha?” he snarled. He pulled my hair and forced me to stand up when he threw me on the wall. I bit my lips to prevent myself from wincing in pain. I didn’t want him to feel successful for hurting me physically and emotionally. “I-I’m the Luna of this pack. You betrayed m-me…” “A Luna can conceive the Alpha’s pup. You are useless. You don’t have the ability to conceive my child; what makes you think you deserve to have the privilege to be my wife?” “Argh!” He grabbed my neck, tightened his grip, and gave me a murderous glare. Alpha Cyrus growled, trying to intimidate me. My vision slowly became fuzzy, and I felt that I was about to lose consciousness. “Alpha Cyrus!” Ciannon cried. She was touching her lower abdomen when the blood flowed to her legs. Alpha Cyrus stopped choking me; worry was evident in his face when he ran towards her. My heart crumbled. “Rylee, once she loses my pup, I will f*****g kill you!” He yelled when he carried Ciannon out of our room. I gasped when my heart squeezed in fury. Ciannon had his child, but he never bothered to sleep with me again. “Cyrus!” I screamed his name with so much anger. I wished he would hear how I disrespected him and called him by his name. My tears continued flowing down my cheeks as my lips quivered. I smacked my chest. I knew why he was doing this to me; he thought that I wasn’t qualified to be his Luna because I couldn’t conceive his child. “Y-You promised you would be faithful to me…” I swallowed as I had difficulty breathing. I was dumb to think that he would be loyal to me for not knowing why I still didn’t conceive his heir. He didn’t bother to ask me. I heard heavy footsteps coming in my direction. I saw the troops look at me stoically before they surrounded me. I stepped back when I saw the rope they always used when I was an Omega. A calloused palm dragged me and pushed me to his companions. “Rylee Johnson, you are under arrest. Alpha Cyrus wants us to punish you!” I heard someone shouting, which made me try to restrain myself. My eyes widened in terror when a man slapped me, making me taste the metallic liquid in my mouth. My face was in disbelief. “You imbecile! I’m the Luna of this pack! How dare you slap me!” “You are no longer the Luna of this pack, b***h! You are only a useless Omega who doesn’t have a wolf. Alpha Cyrus, ask the council to break the bond with you!” “Shut the f**k up, James! You don’t have the right to—” “It’s better she will know that she doesn’t have the power to act like Luna. It will add some salt to her wounded pride, especially when she’s the one who hurts my sister.” James, Ciannon’s brother, always does everything to protect me. They all betrayed me to be the most powerful of the pack. I knew James wanted to be the beta of the pack, but he never managed to get that position because I was the one who was trying to stop Alpha Cyrus from assigning him. He looked at me creepily before he smugly whispered, “Rylee, I told you, I will be the one who wins here. You don’t know they are betraying you. Do you know what your in-laws know about your husband’s affair?” I slapped him hard. James gritted his teeth and was about to slap me back when a man halted him from what he was planning: “James, if you slap her, then I won’t think twice but to arrest you, too.” James stepped back, but he gave me a murderous gaze. It was a warning for me. It was the other man who tied me with the rope. I didn’t bother to fight him back because I saw how he tried to help me. They brought me into the prison, and James made sure that I would get the best cell. I clenched the silver metallic bar while he was glancing at me with so much resentment. “I will be back here, and I will make sure you get the best punishment.” I couldn’t understand why he had the power to fight with me, even though he was only an ordinary werewolf. James was ambitious. I had known him since I was little, but I couldn’t understand why he was mad at me. I thought he finally realized that his feelings for me weren’t too deep. His love for me became so hateful that he was willing to prove that I would regret choosing Alpha Cyrus over him. I didn’t know how I would live after knowing that everyone who was with me knew about the Alpha Cyrus affair. They never bothered to inform me because I was only an Omega in their eyes. The turmoil of what they had done to me was so intense that it appeared as though a thousand needles were stabbing my heart. When I woke up, I heard shouts and pleas. My heart skipped in nervousness when I smelled the smoke coming from the burning woods. What was happening? I tried to see if there was someone with me, but no one was there. My hands were shaking. I heard the cries from the pack members that made me want to escape from the prison. I paused when I saw James coming in my direction. He was in a panic but gave me an evil smirk when he opened the cell. My feet instantly stepped backward when he walked closer to me. “I do everything to protect you. Rylee, if you choose me now, I promise that I will love and cherish you—” “Ugh! N-No! James!” I screamed at the top of my lungs when he pushed me. He madly shredded my clothes, but I punched him in the face. His jaw became intense when he grabbed my head and slammed it on the metallic bar. “Ahh! No! D-Don’t do this!” “You slutty b***h! You are the one who seduces me! This is all your fault; why did I become like this?" He yelled and dragged me around. I held the metal when he tried to remove my clothes, but I bumped my head onto his mouth, making him whimper in pain. My chest was exposed, but I never managed to cover myself because what was important to me was to escape from him. “Rylee!” He screamed my name when I started running away from him. I heard his footsteps, making me run so fast. I almost slipped when he jumped on me, and I groaned when my head slammed against the wall again. “You…” he gasped. He grabbed my chin to kiss me, but I managed to punch his nose. He moaned in pain when he turned around. I crawled, going in his direction, and managed to kick his freaking balls. “Motherfucker!” “James, you know I can fight with you! It’s you who trained me to defend myself against abusers like you!” I shouted as I kicked his balls again. Despite the fact that my head was throbbing, I didn't want to suffer abuse from someone like him. He fainted in so much pain before I left the prison. “Help us!” “Alpha Cyrus!” Before I reacted, a large hand pinned me down on the grassy ground. My eyes widened in fear when I saw his sharp red eyes. My eyes widened when I felt the sparks coming inside my body. “We finally see you, Luna,” he whispered, making me shake in fear. He pulled me when he touched something on my neck, which made my body weak. He barked a laugh and gave me his mischievous grin. I almost stumbled again, but he carried me as if I were some sort of sack of rice. “Klaus, I finally found her!” I heard him talking to someone, making me think that he was trying to communicate with someone. I didn’t know his reaction because I was facing the opposite direction. I didn’t know who the man was, but I was sure he was dangerous. He might be an Alpha. I closed my eyes when I saw how the pack members were killed. My cheeks were wet from tears. It was heartbreaking. I knew how it felt to lose someone who was truly important to me. “Alpha Cyrus!” I heard another man speak. He had golden, curly hair but blue eyes. I didn’t have the strength to scream when the man put me down. I was stunned when I saw Ciannon, who was crying beside me. “Alpha Rozen…” I heard Cyrus mention the name of the man who had red eyes. “It’s you who betrayed us, Alpha Cyrus! I want you to choose between your wife and your mistress!” Rozen coldly said. I gulped. “Alpha Cyrus, please protect me!” Ciannon sobbed in panic when a man, who had violet eyes, pointed his knife at her neck. Rozen pulled me and pointed his knife, too, in my neck. “You know we are serious about our threat!” “Choose!” Rozen angrily snarled. I closed my eyes when I felt how my skin got wounded. I felt the sticky liquid coming from my neck. “Free Ciannon, she’s carrying my child! You can have my wife for as long as you want. She’s no use to me anyways…” Alpha Cyrus' words made my eyes turn bloodshot. It was so foolish of me to think he would choose me over Ciannon. “She’s nothing but a pathetic, wolfless woman.” “Oh, she's nothing?” “Shut up, Froilan.” I heard Rozen snapped. I gobbled when I tried to hide the pain in my face. I wanted Alpha Cyrus to see that I wasn't affected if he never chose me. I wanted him to see that he was the one who would end up miserably because he lost someone like me. “I heard you reject her… but I won't believe that as long as I don't hear your rejection. I want a true rejection, Alpha Cyrus…” Rozen added. Alpha Cyrus looked at me with coldness. He looked away before he muttered, “I, Cyrus Wolfgang, rejected you with all my heart, Rylee Johnson as my mate, my Luna, and as the member of my pack.” I felt my chest get pressed once again but it was painful triple times. My lips parted when my tears were about to fall from my eyes. No, I wouldn't cry to someone like him. I would make sure he would regret what he decided. “Accept his rejection…” Rozen mumbled but there was a threat in his tone. He pulled my hair, making me close my eyes. “I'm ordering you to accept his rejection with all of your heart.” “I-I, Rylee Johnson, accepted you with all my heart, Alpha Cyrus Wolfgang.” Alpha Cyrus widened his eyes when he touched his chest. He whimpered when he ended up kneeling on the grassy ground. I heard his wolf howl in pain because our mate bond broke for real. “R-Rylee…” he stuttered. I saw tears from his eyes and noticed Cannon running in his direction. “Let's leave this impractical pack,” I heard Rozen ordered. I yelled when he carried me again. My cheeks were full of tears when I saw how Ciannon gave Alpha Cyrus comforted him. I promised that I would be back here in this pack. I would make sure they would regret betraying me. I swear to the moon goddess' name that I wouldn't die without making them suffer like what they had done to me.

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