Finding Her True Alpha

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Ashlyn was always aware that she was an Alpha. Both her parents were Alpha blood before they disappeared, along with the whole Emerald Lake Pack. She was 8 years old when she started living with her Aunt Grace at the Blue Moon Pack. No one in her new pack knew her previous pack except her Aunt Grace and Uncle Brad. Her friendship with the Alpha’s son, Ian, led to romantic feeling when they were both 16. Little did she know that her life was about to make a hard left turn at the age of 18. Her dreams of being with Ian were crushed, and she left the pack to find a fresh path in life. But she never dreamt that where she’d end up would be exactly where she needed to be. That she would find people who were close to her parents, and could she also find her mate? The moon goddess had already destined her path in life, but it would take an unexpected experience to unlock her destiny. Ashlyn isn’t sure that she is ready for all this newfound responsible but how could she walk away from an impeding war. How could she let the mythical world suffer? There hasn’t been a war in hundreds of years, but now one is on the brink all because of her. All because the moon goddess believed that she was worthy. How could she live up to the moon goddess’s expectations when she hardly believed in herself? There are events in our lives that led us to who we were always meant to be, and for Ashlyn those events would lead her to become a Queen. A Queen the mythical Kingdoms didn’t know they needed.

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Falling out of love
Ashlyn I woke up feeling overwhelmed with excitement. Today is my 18th birthday, the day I find out if my boyfriend of the past two years is my fated mate. Ian Walker, the future Alpha of the Blue Moon pack. Tundra, my wolf, is equally excited to find out if Jax, Ian’s wolf, is her fated mate. Getting out of bed, I headed to the bathroom to have a shower and get myself ready. After I blow dry my hair, curling the ends, I apply some eyeliner and mascara. I felt pretty good about myself, looking into the mirror. My auburn hair fell to the middle of my back. It’s layered with rose gold highlights. My emerald green eyes sparkle with bits of gold flakes. The black eyeliner I applied makes my eye color pop. I walked out into my bedroom to get dressed. I wore a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a light pink cami, showing off some cleavage, and a floral knit cardigan. Never one to wear heels, so I just put on my white sneakers. I’m a pretty laid-back person, only getting dolled up if I am going somewhere fancy. I’m more of a tomboy, they would say, but I’m okay with that. It was just after nine in the morning when I entered the kitchen to find my Aunt Grace drinking her coffee. “Happy Birthday my Ashlyn,” she sings out, getting up from the table to give me a big hug. She kissed my cheeks. “You must be so excited for today,” she said, smiling at me. My Aunt Grace is only nine years older than me. She’s my guardian and best friend. She and her mate, Brad, have been my guardians since my parents’ death, almost ten years ago. “I’m going to go find Ian. I’m sure he must be back from training this morning,” I told her. “Good luck, my dear. I love you.” “I love you too”, I called to her before I closed the front door behind me. I made my way toward the pack house. It was only a 10-minute walk on this chilly morning. It looks like we could get some snow today. The sky was overcast and you could smell the icy air of winter. Fortunately for me, Tundra keeps me warm. One of the many pluses of having a wolf. I’m surprised that Ian didn’t come over this morning after training. He was just as excited about my birthday as I was. Even if he’s been acting weird these last couple of weeks. I know he must be under a lot of pressure, with the Alpha ceremony coming up soon. Ian is soon to take over from his father, Alpha Jason. He did text me last night to tell me how excited he was for today and that he loved me. I wish he had spent the night with me, but he had gone out with some of his friends. I didn’t want to be the needy, overbearing girlfriend, so I said nothing. After walking into the pack house, the most delicious smell hit my nose. It’s musky with cedar wood, maybe a hint of cinnamon. It has my mouth watering and Tundra purring in my head. “That’s our mate,” she purred to me. Following the scent, we made our way up the stairs. We ended up on the fourth floor, which I know is the Alpha floor. I’ve spent a lot of time here the last couple of years with Ian. But even before Ian and I were ever a couple, I spent a lot of time here with the former Luna, Ian’s mother. I kept walking until I was in front of his room. “Oh, my goddess, Tundra! Ian’s our mate! I can’t believe it,” I exclaimed to my wolf. What sounded like grunts and moans pulled me out of my excitement. The noises were coming from inside Ian’s bedroom. What the hell is going on? I thought to myself. I went to turn the handle and found it unlocked. So, I pushed it open and I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. My mate in all his nakedness with my best friend underneath him. Ian’s built like an alpha, strong, tall, and muscular. He has short dirty blond hair and steel-blue eyes. His body was glistening with sweat. We never went all the way, but we still fooled around, and I’ve seen porn. Clearly, I can see what they were doing. He had his back to the door and didn’t see me in the doorway, or hear me come into the room. How could they, over all the noises they were making? Tundra let a loud growl. And the room went silent. Ian turned his head towards me, and I could see Nicole lean her head around his body to see who was interrupting them. “Ashlyn?” Ian stuttered, clearly shocked to see me. He was still balls deep, as I just stared at both of them, wondering what I did to deserve this. I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms across my chest. He finally stepped away from her. “It’s not what it looks like.” He stuttered out. As he’s standing in front of me, naked, with Nicole lying naked in his bed. He didn’t close the distance between us, thank the goddess. I probably would have punched him in his handsome face. I’m his girlfriend, his best friend, his fucken mate. He was my best friend, they both were. And I can honestly say I never saw this coming from him. Nicole flirted and f****d everything but Ian. “It looks like my boyfriend and best friend are naked in bed together. Is there anything else I’m missing? Oh sorry, my mistake, my mate and best friend are in bed naked and fucking.” I rushed out. Furious, I should be yelling and throwing things at him, but I couldn’t. I wasn’t that person, even though at this moment I wish I were. And if he loved me as he said, I wouldn’t be looking at the scene before me. How the hell can you do this to someone that you care about? If he didn’t want to be with me, that’s all he had to say. He looks at me with his mouth hanging open in shock. Finally, snapping out of it, he sniffs the air, and his eyes go wide. “Mate.” He said with Jax coming forward. “Ex-mate,” I told him, shaking my head. I looked him in the eyes. “I, Ashlyn Knight, future Alpha of the Emerald Lake pack, reject you, Ian Walker, future Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack.” With that, I grabbed the door handle, slamming the door close behind me. My heart twisted in my chest as I heard him scream in pain. I was walking down the stairs, trying to hold myself together. I had almost made it to the front door when someone pulled out of my trance. “Happy Birthday Ashlyn,” and before I could even register who it was, they wrapped me in a hug. Breathing in, I knew it was Alpha Jason. “Thank you, Alpha Jason,” I whispered into his chest. Pulling away from me, he’s hands on my shoulders, looking down at me. Looking up at him, I knew I couldn’t stay in Ian’s pack. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forgive them. “Alpha Jason?” I mumbled. “Yes, my dear? Are you okay?” He asked me, worried. “Yes, Alpha, thank you. I’m wondering if I could ask your permission to leave the pack. I would like to do some traveling.” I told him, finding my voice. “Of course, Ashlyn, but did something happen? Where’s Ian?” He asked, confused. “With all due respect, Alpha, I think I’ll let Alpha Ian explain,” I sighed. “That good, huh?” He let out a sigh and pulled me in for another hug. “Yeah,” I whispered. Alpha Jason has always been kind to me. After his mate passed away, we spent a lot of time together. Ian was always off with friends, and I knew Alpha Jason was grieving, so I was around the pack house to help out and keep him company. We have a father-daughter relationship, and I was going to miss him. He has taught me so much about being an Alpha. We both turned to look up when we heard a commotion coming from up the stairs. “You go, my dear. Please call from time to time.” He said before kissing my forehead and stepping out of my way. I nodded to him and headed to the door. Once I was out of the pack house, I started running. I didn’t stop until I had made it home. Not that his place felt like home anymore.

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