To Far, Far Away

1033 Words
“Mum, please don’t make any unnecessary things while I am away, okay? Follow the doctor’s instructions,” Bella said while peeling the red apples for her mother. Her eyes are on her knife and hands, carefully peeling the apple to avoid being cut. When she got no response from her mother, she raised her gaze at her, only to find her sleeping peacefully. The young girl’s heart melted as she witnessed her mother’s peaceful sleep. She never thought she could see her mother sleep like this without drowning herself from too much alcohol. She’s not certain what caused her mother to change. She’s thinking it might be because this is her mother’s second life? She has observed that most people who went under a near-death experience undergo a massive change on how they view life. Maybe her mother is like those people, too. After she finished peeling the apples and slicing them into thin pieces, she stood up and fixed her mother’s blanket. She eyed for the clock to check the time. It’s almost one in the morning and she still has to prepare for her employer’s arrival later at nine in the morning. Bella then decided to go to the bathroom to take a bath before sleeping since she hasn’t had any decent bath ever since she rushed her mother to the hospital. Even though she frequently wash herself, she can still feel the grease on her hair and the dirt on her skin. And she can’t let her employer see her on that state. She must appear appealing and presentable when they arrive. It took her almost half an hour before she finally decided to get out of bath and change into her comfort clothes. She then went to the small sofa, fit herself until she found a good sleeping position. Since there are no other available blankets, she used her hoodie to protect herself from the cold. It was not that long after she completely fell asleep when Bella heard footsteps coming her way. She groaned, pissed that her peaceful sleep was interrupted. It was supposed to be her first peaceful sleep ever since her mother hospitalized. She lazily opened her eyes and saw the nurse that frequently checks her mother’s status. When the nurse noticed her, she gave Bella an apologetic smile then mouthed ‘I am sorry’ before exiting the room. Bella sat down on the sofa with her sleepy eyes. She wanted to go back to sleep but she knows it would be impossible since any moment from now the sun will rise and she has to prepare for her departure. She lazily walked into the bathroom, yawning. She stared at herself in the mirror and she can’t help but to curse at her reflection. She looked like a mess. Her hair is not that bad but the dark circles surrounding her eyes are very evident that it’s already disturbing to look at. She also noticed a few swollen bumps on her forehead and cheeks. “I hope I could still look presentable in front of the Demitri’s later,” she murmured as she wash her face. —— “Mum, do what I’ve told you, okay?” Bella reminded her mother as she prepared herself. She still needs to go back to their home to get her things ready. It’s only an hour remaining before the Demitri’s will come and fetch her. “Be a good girl this time,” she added, handing a slice of peeled apple to her mother. “Letty, your caregiver will arrive any moment from now. Be good to her, okay?” “Can you just stay with me, honey?” her mother asked with pleading eyes. After hearing her mother’s plead, Bella bit her lower lip to stop it from shaking. She’s on the verge of crying. Of course she want to stay with her mother, but she can’t do that yet. She still has to pay the favor the Demitri Family has given her. “I want to, mum, but I already told you the reason why I can’t, right?” she answered, trying her best to hold the tear on the edge of her eyes. “Don’t worry, I’ll come and visit you from time to time. I’ll make sure of that.” “I need to go now. Kindly wait for Letty to arrive, okay? Please treat her well.” Bella rushed her way out of her mother’s room. Because she knows that the longer she stays, the more she will hesitate to leave her mother’s side. And she can’t let it happen. She can’t break the contract she signed with the Demitri’s. After getting out of the hospital building, she inhaled a great amount of cold air to calm herself and dry the tears she has been holding. She heaved a few sighs to compose herself before getting a cab. As soon as she reached their house, she grabbed her things and ready them outside. And before leaving, she threw one final glance at their home. Three years. This is the very first time that she will be away from their home and from her mother. She grew up being with her. And she can’t imagine what life she’ll have without her mother by her side. But she has to swallow it all. She has to adjust and adapt with the change she has brought upon herself. This is the choice she made and she has to live it. After all, everything she did was for the good of her mother. And she knows that she can overcome everything just for her mother, even her longing and wish to be with her. With one last glance, she left their house and waited outside for the Demitri’s to arrive. She glanced at the lonely road ahead of her and can’t help to think about the life she is about to live. She keeps on fidgeting, tapping the heel of her shoe on the concrete ground. Her heart keeps on pounding every time she thinks about her job and how her employers would possibly treat her and how her life would change a few hours from now.
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