Contract Signed

1040 Words
Right after signing the contract, Bella was told to prepare all necessary things she will bring and make arrangements. She must settle everything for one week. After that, her employer will personally come and get her to make sure she will reach their household safe. “She’ll wake up either tonight or tomorrow morning. Don’t worry, your mother is safe,” the doctor assured Bella when she came asking for her mother’s condition. “Thank you, doc,” she responded while looking at her mother from the glass wall. The doctor nodded in response before he took his leave to attend to other patients. When Bella was left alone, that’s when her tears started to kiss her cheeks. She has been bottling her emotions ever since her mother got hospitalized. Even though her mother seems to not care about her, she wants to show her that her love for her has never changed ever since. She wants to show her mother that no matter how much she pushes her away, she will still come back and be by her side. But deep inside her, she’s hoping her mother would see her like how she used to when their family is still complete. Deep inside her heart, hides the fragile, little girl she is who longs for her mother’s warm embrace. “Mum, your little girl is so glad she found a way to save you,” she whispered, touching the glass wall as if she’s caressing her mother’s shrunken cheeks. “She’s beyond grateful that she can still be with her mum,” she added, remembering the days when her mother used to call her little girl, brush her amber, wavy hair, tell her fairytales before going to bed, and anything a mother does to her child. “It’s been ten years, mum,” she said, holding her sobs to avoid catching anyone’s attention. “I’m 19 now. I am no longer a little girl, but I am still hoping I could be one in your eyes.” She began wiping her tears away when she heard the footsteps of the nurse who’s going to check her mother and administer some medicines. She stood there, silently crying, waiting for her tears to run dry. She wants to empty her tears so that she will no longer cry when she leaves for work. She doesn’t want her mother to see her crying. She wants her mother to remember her as a tough, grown lady before she leaves. —- Bella was busy packing her things when she got a call from the hospital that her mother has woken up. Right after hearing about it, she rushed her way to the hospital. She was panting when she reached her mother’s room. There, she saw her mother’s doctor and his assistant nurses checking her mother. She quickly went near the glass wall and tried to catch her mother’s attention but it seems like her mother is still way too weak to even move her head. She waited patiently until the doctor got out of the room. “Can I talk to my mother?” she inquired with hopes in her eyes. She can’t waste any single day. She will leave soon and she wants to spend her remaining days with her mother because when she will start working, it will take three months before she could have her break and visit her. “You can’t yet. We still need to observe her condition. We will inform you right away when everything is okay,” the doctor responded. “The best thing you can do now is follow our instructions. Just like you, we want your mother to be better as soon as possible,” he added before he tapped her shoulder. “I’ll take my leave now, Ms. Dawnson, I still have more patients to check.” Bella just nodded her head in response and chose to follow the doctor’s words. She stayed for a while looking at her mother before she decided to go home and pack her things. She made sure she only packed the things she essentially needs. She also packed some clothes for her mother. And right after packing, she fell asleep as all the tiring days she had spent looking for some people to help her with their hospitality bills, came knocking at her body. Bella woke up to the non-stop ringing of her alarm. She reached for her phone and checked the time. It’s still six in the morning. She haven’t had enough sleep yet. She wants to sleep more. She was about to sleep when she got a call from the hospital, telling her that she can now talk to her mother. In a snap, she found herself rushing her way to her mother. And when she got there, she was told to wear protective gears before entering. As soon as she entered the room and saw her mother staring at her, she had this urge to hug her mother. But she knew she can’t yet. Instead, she held her hand and kissed it behind the mask she’s wearing. “I’m glad you’re okay, mum,” she whispered, holding her tears back. “I’m so glad.” “T-Thank you, m-my little girl,” she was not expecting her mother to answer. She had this thought that her mother would ignore her. And what’s more surprising is that her mother called her little girl, as if she heard her wish back then. With that, beads of tears came rushing to wet her cheeks. Her plan on acting tough failed. “I’m sorry,” her mother whispered, voice almost cracking. “I’m so sorry for neglecting you,” her mother added as tears started streaming from her eyes. Bella shook her head before kissing the back of her mother’s hand. “Y-You don’t have to apologize, mum. I’m fine. I am more than fine now that you’re safe and back.” Now that her mother has woken up and has came back to her old self, Bella is much more determined in doing her best to fulfil the contract she had with the Demitri Family, her employer, who would personally come and fetch her days from now.
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