The Alpha’s Pregnant Runaway Omega

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Betrayed, rejected and banished from the pack by her fated mate, Olive finds solace in the arms of a new Alpha. But as their forbidden love blossoms, dark secrets unravel, leaving Olive and her triplets in danger. Will they escape the clutches of power-hungry conspirators, or will their love story end in tragedy?

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Chapter 1
His eyelids flutter and I suddenly feel nervous at the thought of him waking up to me. But they stay shut, instead he mumbles a little before throwing his arms around me and I giggle at his innocent actions. Watching Ron sleep, as creepy as it sounds, seems better than dealing with him awake. When he is asleep he isn’t aloof and cold the way he always is with me, in fact his cold exterior is completely gone when he sleeps. With a smile I reminisce on what happened last night. It just happened; Ron had arrived at my door less aloof and nicer than he has ever been to me, next thing I know we are kissing and I am leading him to my room. An errant thought runs through my head but I chase it away, what if it’s just grief s*x? Ron had lost his father, the former Alpha King of the pack since he was young and he often feels miserable remembering him. The loss had rocked every pack member. Alpha Damien was an amazing father to all and one of the few people who was nice to me because he wanted to be. Ron had taken the death harder than anyone. With his father’s death at such a young age, he had filled the shoes of the pack’s Alpha too quickly and rose to be cold and ruthless. If only he would let me in, I could be there for him. We used to be close friends but as he grew older he got cold and I slowly watched my best friend drift away from me. When we found out we were mates a year ago, I had been elated but Ron had looked so defeated it broke my heart. We weren’t always best friends actually; once upon a time he was just the Alpha’s son to me until that fateful day when my parents saved him and his mother. “What’s on your mind?” Ron’s voice brings me out of my thoughts and my face goes red at being caught shamelessly staring at him. “Nothing,” I say, turning away. I lift myself off the bed and try as much as possible to cover my suddenly self-conscious naked body. He follows my lead and leans in to place feather kisses on my back. The shivers are immediate. “You shouldn’t cover yourself from your mate,” his hands start to wander as my guards drop, “Do you have any plans today,” he says between kisses. “I was supposed to…” “Cancel them,” he pulls me back to the bed and I let him. He kisses and sucks my neck as his finger strokes me ever so softly and I turn into a squirming mess. He continues to tease me as his lips stop at the base of my neck, where his mark should be. I feel his canines press down on my skin and my breath halts with anticipation but he suddenly growls and pulls away from my neck. “What’s wrong?” I ask as he starts kissing down my chest, “You don’t want to mark me?” He growls and continues kissing me, “Ron, why won’t you mark me?” He looks up and growls at me, “I’m serious Ron.” “I just want to spend time with you. Don’t complicate it.” I push him off me, “It’s kind of hard not to, when you’ve refused to acknowledge me as your mate,” I sit up and create space between us. He almost looks wounded by my action and I suddenly feel bad. He suddenly rubs his forehead and gets up, “If that’s how you are going to be,” he reaches for his pants. “Really, you are running away,” he doesn’t reply to me as he buckles his belt and reaches for his shirt. Frustrated and confused, I suddenly see red, “Fine! If that is how you are going to be, go!” He doesn’t give any reaction, just quietly walks out of my room and slams the door behind him. The door banging reverberates through me and I am engulfed in multiple feelings at once. I am mad at him yet I feel bad for how I treated him, but worse I feel ashamed like I have just been used. *** “Easy on the veggies,” some guy says beside me. He offers me a smile which I don’t return, “You should be channeling that anger to the actual source of it, not the poor lettuce.” I look at the vegetable in my hand before dumping it into the cart and moving on. I decided to go grocery shopping, anything to get my mind off the way Ron walked out on me yesterday. Maybe I’d invite my mom and dad over for dinner tonight and cook them a feast. “Okay, okay I understand that you probably don’t want to talk to anyone right now,” the strange man catches with to me as I move to the wine aisle. I eye a bottle of red wine and wonder if mom would be willing to get drunk with me tonight. “Come on, even a smile would do,” he says and I give him a blank look. He smells like a wolf, I wonder if he is a pack member because most pack members avoid me- the scary Alpha’s mate. No one wants to get on Ron’s bad side, if they only knew how uninvolved he is with whatever happens to me, “What pack are you from,” this grocery shop is basically on the outskirts of our pack territory and a neutral ground for all packs. “Bluemoon pack,” he smiles with all his teeth and I notice how perfect they are. “That’s really far. What are you doing grocery shopping so far away from your pack?” He lifts a pack of beer from his basket, “The only grocery shop that sells this. And I have such a particular taste that every other beer tastes like piss.” He is handsome, in that boyish way, Sandy blonde hair, complete pearly white teeth, and an obviously charming personality. His mate must be so lucky. “Checking me out, are we?” he gives me a smug smile. “You have been checking me out since the canned foods aisle. Don’t think I didn’t notice you stalking me.” He places his hand on his chest like he has been wounded, “Ouch, now I’m a stalker.” “You are charming buddy but I’m not interested. I have a mate,” his face falls immediately. “Oh, I didn’t notice any mark so I thought,” he starts to gesture at my bare neck and stops, “My mistake, excuse me,” he walks away leaving me standing in the aisle, holding a bottle of wine. I squeeze the bottle neck, my anger against Ron flooding in with more gusto. Now I’m open for anyone to flirt with because my mate of a year has refused to mark me for reasons best known to him. Tears blur my vision and I blink quickly before I start sobbing in the middle of a grocery store. I make my way to the check point and pay for my groceries. After piling my items into the boot of my car I reach for my phone and wait with bated breath as the phone rings for a while, “Hey Ron,” I say immediately he picks. “Olive,” he replies. A minute of awkward silence then, “Is there a reason you called?” And there was, I wanted to vent but hearing his voice weakened my resolve immediately and I found myself saying, “Oh…um I realize how harsh I sounded yesterday. Especially with you dealing with your dad’s loss and all…” “Your point,” he snaps. He is still angry. “I want to make it up to you. How about dinner at my place? I'll cook,” I step into my car and quickly add, “I just want to make it up to you. As your mate I should be there for you during your trials, not worsening it.” “I’m kind of busy today,” he finally says and my hope falls, “I have an event to plan.” “Oh, is it something big? I didn’t hear about it,” I say. “Let’s just say that after this, you won’t have to plan an apologetic dinner for me,” he hangs up before I can reply and I am stuck staring at my phone. What does that mean? I drove up to my house and park in the driveway. One of the perks of being an omega is having enough money to get your own place, though the house was gifted to me by Ron’s mother after we found out we were mates. A quaint little three bedroom with a wraparound verandah and beautiful flowers serving as the fence, it was the most perfect gift I have ever got from anyone. I suspect this was supposed to be Ron and my place after we bonded. Cherie could never give a reason for her son’s switch in attitude towards me but she made sure to act the role of the perfect mother-in-law. I head for the car boot as three teenage girls pass by laughing amongst themselves. They start whispering immediately they see me and throwing me glances. “Do I have a bug on my face?” I asked, bored with their antiques. Being the object of conversation is not new to me for obvious reasons. They giggle and rush off and I c**k my head at their retreating back. “They are happy about the party the Alpha is hosting this evening,” Ron is hosting a party? I turn to the source of the voice. An old woman stands just outside my fence, smiling at me. “Excuse me?” I ask confused. “I’m not too sure myself, this isn’t my pack I’m only here to visit my daughter and grandchildren,” her smile widens and I slowly return it. “I stay few houses away and thought I’d go for a walk since that mate of hers got so excited to have his family attend the party, he forgot about the old mother in-law visiting,” she frowns, “Flighty one, that man, but the goddess matched them, so I have to tolerate him.” “The Alpha is hosting a party?” I try to bring her back to her former train of thought. “Yes, yes, something about a celebration of their Luna. He must be announcing her to the pack. I’ll be on my way now,” she slowly trudges away and I stand in my driveway as the information sinks in. Is Ron announcing me to the pack as his Luna? But he hasn’t marked me; our mate bond is incomplete without it.

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