Chapter 72: Their Abilities.

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Now that we arrived at the Third Training Ground. And Principal have make a group. It's 3 vs 3. It's Ruu, Ales and Lisa. While I'm with Fiona and Alice. Now do keep in mind the only person capable of defeating me is Ruu because no one is holding Soul Armament other than us. And Ruu is the strongest Student out of us so, She will help Ales and Lisa. All of us stand off again each other. "Hey Lazy. How long have we not fight against each other?" I asked Ruu that. Sorry to call you Lazy. You're not Lazy at all. "Shut up Lukewarm... It's been so long since we fought each other. Let's not hold back Lukewarm." She said with cold tone. Ales look at us both. She asked us. "Um... Are the both of you didn't have the best relationship?" Both of us jolted. We know that we felt bad for saying that to each other. But it's a must for us both so... "Y-Yeah! Lukewarm and I didn't have the best relationship." Ruu said. Ouch.... It's hurt Ruu. I stare at her while holding my chest. She close her eyes and act like she was apologizing. That's fine... "Alright. Both Team ready?" Principal Evan asked. We all nodded. "Dark Phantom Illusion." "White Hope." We readied our weapon. We look at each other sharply. The Fight started. Everyone didn't move a single inch. Other than Me. I immediately charged toward Ruu. I swing my Dark Phantom Illusion toward her. She jumped back. "You're not going anywhere." I stab the Ground with my Dark Phantom Illusion. Dark Knight Fifth Sword: Doom Blade. I swing my Sword up and A wave of Darkness shoot out toward Ruu. Ruu smiled at me. She prepared her White Hope. "Holy Knight Third Technique: No Mercy." A Wave of Holy Energy shoot out and both of our Energy hit each other. "Alice, Fiona! I will take care of Lazy!" I said. They nodded. They charged toward Ales and Lisa. Ales and Lisa look at Fiona and Alice and fight them. While they were fighting. I was exchanging blow with Ruu. "T-Tre! Sorry to say something like that... I didn't mean any of it..." She said with sad tone. I smiled at her and said. "Don't worry. Anyway, Shall we just keep doing this while watching Ales and Lisa?" I asked her. She nodded. So we go to a better spot and just swing our sword randomly. We keep hitting each other sword but we focused on the other fight. Lisa is using a Thin Sword and A Big Shield. Alice goes on her side and Crouched. She swing her Sword up. Lisa immediately Block Alice Sword with her shield. But Alice Power is pretty nuts. Alice Use all of her Power and Blow Lisa off Balance. Fiona immediately go behind Lisa and hit her back. But Lisa jumped up and block Fiona attack with her shield. "Ales. It's time." Lisa muttered. Ales immediately summon a big magic Circle. That Magic?! One of the Best Crowd Control Magic! Niflheim. It froze the opponent in Place. "What?! I can't move?!" Alice panicked. While Lisa is in the Air. She use her Shield as a Platform to jumped away from Ales range. Lisa use Wind Magic as well... And then, Ales let out another Big Magic Circle. "Ruu..." I muttered to her. Ruu nodded. "It's Simultaneous Activation. Similar to us who can use Gungnir and Gae Bolg. She is able to use High Level Magic at the same time." Yeah... To be honest, I never thought that A Girl as soft as Ales have no mercy. It's a perfect combination between Magician and Guard. Lisa with her Wind Magic to increase her Agility and Shield to protect Ales when preparing her Magic. And Ales who can Simultaneously activate magic. And the Second Magic she prepared is Area of Effect Magic. But instead of Crowd Control, This time, It's a pure Attack Magic. "Muspelheim." Suddenly, Alice and Fiona was blown away by the Combination of Crowd Control and Area of Effect attack. "I see... So even though she look innocent. She's Really Adept using Magic huh." I muttered. Rushia immediately hit me on the back of the neck and said. "Act like you just passed out!" She said. I did act like I passed out. She started panting like we just fight really hard. "The winner! Rushia Team!" Principal Declare. I stood back up like I was hurt. "Haah... Good Fight you three..."  I said. I walked toward Fiona and Alice. They're genuinely passed out. Oh lord... "Hey. Fiona? Alice? You guys really passed out? Oh no..." I muttered. I grab them both and said. "Sir, I need to get this guy to the bench." I said. Principal Nodded. Ruu immediately grab Fiona and help me. "You Lukewarm. Tell us if you need help." She said. I smiled at her. Thank you Ruu. Ales and Lisa look at each other. They muttered. "Didn't they say their relationship isn't great?" Ales asked Lisa. Lisa immediately whispered. "Um... Mistress... Sorry to break the ice for you... Both Trevor and Rushia... They're Dating each other. I notices that they are smiling genuinely toward each other." Lisa said. Both Ruu and I look at her. Both Lisa and Ales look pretty shocked. We can hear you! After putting Both Fiona and Alice to the Bench. Ruu and I dashed to Ales and Lisa. We stare at them seriously. "Please don't say this to the public. We want to keep our Relationship a secret!" We said. I look at Lisa. "Why do you have to stare at us?!" I asked. Lisa shrug her shoulder. "I'm sorry. I don't know that you guys are hiding your relationship. But I just see that you guys are genuinely happy when talking to each other even though you act like you not get along." She said. Damn it. This girl is too clever. "I see... So you guys are keeping it a secret huh... Okay then! I swear in Ascardium that I won't snitch on your Relationship." Ales said excitedly. Both of us smiled and For now, It's safe. "And also, Both of you are not serious right? How about we fight once more?" Lisa suggested. Ales immediately nodded. Ruu and I look at each other. "Sure... Let's do it." Both of us agreed. Principal Heard our talk and will be the referee. He just finished taking care of Alice and Fiona and they should wake up any second now. "Start!" Alright. Let's see what damage can they do to us.
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