Chapter 73: Counter.

1149 Words
As soon as the Fight started. Lisa keep guarding. Both Ruu and I didn't move a single inch. "Ho? You guys sure don't want to move? Mistress will finish her Magic before you guys move." Lisa said. Really? I mean. We don't really care about it. Ruu and I are standing beside each other. And as expected, Ales is pretty fast to Complete her Magic. "Niflheim, Muspelheim." At first. She activate Niflheim. We can feel cold air started to freeze our Ground. And of course, I know how her magic work. Well, Not really. It's Ruu who told me to activate Flight. So we're flying a couple cm off the ground. And then, Explosion started to appear below us. I charged to the Sky. Ruu hug my Side and using her Left Hand. She charged her White Hope with Holy Attribute. Without suspecting anything. Ruu immediately shoot her White Hope Holy Projectile using her Fang of Love. And then. Ales detected something. She immediately screamed. "Lisa. Cover." She said. Lisa immediately look at the Sky and move in an instant. She protected Ales on the front. And then, Ruu shoot out Light of Mercy toward them. Blinding them Temporarily. I sneak out behind Ales and was ready to hit her. But there's something different on her. She managed to hold her eyes open and anticipate my Attack. "Whirlwind." She blow me away. I gain my Balance back and Fly on the air. "I see... So your Eyes is not a normal eyes huh..." I said. Ales smiled at me and said. "Correct! Wow! You're really good! Light or Darkness have no effect on my Orange Eyes, And My Green Eyes can detect Danger." I see... Magic Eyes huh. It's definitely troublesome. But that doesn't mean she have perfect defense. Ruu fall down beside me. Lisa immediately move in front of Ales. "Mistress. Shall I follow on the Attack?" Lisa asked. Ales nodded. Then suddenly, She drop her Sword and Shield. "Soul Armament: Green Beauty." Suddenly, She Grab a Green Sword. She Stab the Ground with it and then. "Dragon Ascend." She Grab her sword from the Ground and then swing it Vertically down. Suddenly, From the Sword, 3 Green Dragons Moved in an insane Speed toward Ruu and I "Ruu." I look at Her. She smiled and said. "I'm ready Tre." Ruu and I cross our Soul Armament Together. "Dark and Holy Cross." We fill our Armament with our Energy. And then we swing it together. And our Dark and Holy Cross. Which is Stronger than before, Destroy Lisa Dragon Ascend. But that doesn't end there. "Mistress." Lisa call for Ales help. Ales nodded. "Staff of Protection." She grab her own Soul Armament, It's a Staff with Blue Orb on top of it. "Three Gates Barrier." Suddenly, Three Complex Barrier Appear and protect both Lisa and Ales. Our Dark and Holy Cross Destroy all three layers. But that also destroy our Dark and Holy Cross. And while they were panting. I use this chance to counter them. "Niflheim." I use the same magic that Ales use. Their Body suddenly froze. "Crap..." Lisa muttered. Ales already accept her defeat as soon as her Three Gate Barrier was destroyed. The perfect counter is something that is unexpected. Meaning, If your opponent is confidence with their Magic. And you have the same control as them. You can counter them by using their magic. "It's a Common Sense. Anyway, We win right?" I asked. Principal Ended the fight because both Ales and Lisa is unavailable to fight anymore. Ruu and I is the winner. We high fived and then, Alice and Fiona joined the training again. After the Training Session is finished. School ended as well. Ruu and I are ready to go to our club. We already changes clothes. As we open our door, We look right and see Ales and Lisa. "Ah." They look at us weirdly. "Where are you guys going? Is it date?" Ales said. Ruu and I shake our head. "We're going to our Club." Ruu said. Lisa look at us weirdly. "Is it fighting club?" Ah... Well, Not really... We never fight. "No, It's a Hobby Club. If you're interested. You can go to the hobby club room. It's easy to find." Ruu said. After that, Ruu and I walked away from them. "So they're living beside us huh." I muttered. Ruu look at me weirdly. "You're not thinking something strange right?" Hm? Ah... Don't worry. "I'm not. Be more faithful to me Ruu. I would never cheat on you." I said to her. I pat her head and she started smiling. "I see... Well then, I trust you Tre." She said. She grab my Hand and put it inside her Pocket. I grip her hand and she started smiling again. But she hide her smile from me. Damn... My Girlfriend is so cute... I just want to hug her. We arrived at the Hobby Club and we open the door. Sigred, Erin and Helena is there doing their own thing. "Oh, Good Afternoon! You guys look perfect as usual!" Sigred said. "Thanks." Both Ruu and I smiled to them. They somehow blushed when seeing our smile. "Anyway, Tre. I'm going to cook now." She said. I nodded. "Good luck. I will wait for your cooking." I said. Everyone somehow smiled softly. And then. "I'm sorry! Is this the Hobby Club?!" Ales comes in slamming the door in. And Lisa is trying to stop her. "Mistress... Why are you so fast?!" Lisa was panting from the back. "Um... Yes. This is the Hobby Club..." Sigred said. Ales and Lisa come into the Hobby Club. "Excuse me. Can We join the Hobby Club?" Ales asked. Sigred look at me. "Your Classmate?" I nodded. Oh, I should explain to Sigred and the other. And before I could explain. Ales and Lisa already sit down introducing themselves. Well, I feel like I just need to sit tight. But instead of sitting still, I stand up and walked to the Kitchen. I look at Ruu who is cooking in a pot. I can smell some nice aroma. Is she making Beef stew? In this amount of time? Impressive... I hug her from behind and said. "What are you cooking?" I asked Ruu. Ruu look at me. "Beef Stew. You want to try mine right?" "Yes." "If so, wait outside. Ales and Lisa is here too right?" "Yup. How did you know?" "They're so loud." I laughed. I pat Ruu head and said. "Thank you Ruu..." I walked out and Ruu blushed heavily. After some time. Ruu come out with massive pot and Put it on the table. "Alright. Everyone, Eat up." She said. Everyone look at the massive pot and they smell the aroma. Ruu also make some Rice for me which is nice. And we have a nice meal together.
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