Seized By The Sea God

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Jasmine is a college student from a wealthy family, who was planning to visit home, because of the return of her mother. She heard the shocking news that her mother was involved in a car accident on her way back home which lead to her death. Jasmine found out that she has a step-sister after her mother's funeral. She couldn't take the betrayal and shock, she left on a cruise ship. A strong wave hit their ship and cause their ship to sink. Jasmine was taking as a prisoner by a mysterious and powerful sea god who claims to be her husband.

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Chapter 1

"Becca, Becca" I called softly to my best friend who was sitting next to me, "no Jasmine I told you I'm not going to the mall with you I'm also coming home to see my mom but I haven't pack my luggage"

  "Come on Becca, I'll help you pack when we get back, mum's coming back after a long time, I have to surprise her" I begged as I pulled the hem of her dress, "good, but we have to hurry" I nodded with a cute face, we left the dorm for the mall, I bought a piece of carved Chinese vase for mom which was one of her favorite Chinese artifacts, "we have to leave Mie, Mr Thompson will be arriving soon with our exam paper and you know this is our last paper so we will be done with college, we can't risk it" she explained "I understand Becca, but I still want to buy a present for aunt" she groaned and sat helplessly, I bought a diamond necklace for Aunt Reena, sorted the invoice and went back to our unit where we would write the final paper, I happily passed my exams and returned to our dorm to help Becca pack her things, "tell Aunt Reena that I will be visiting her before our graduation party, I embraced her, I bid goodbye to him and waited for the driver father sent to arrive, "what's taking him so long" I mumbled, a feeling of uneasiness rushed through me, "what is this feeling about, hope everything is fine at home" i dialed dad number but it was unavailable, a car pulled up in front of me "what took you so long I almost think I'm going crazy"

  "Sorry ma'am, there was traffic on the road" I sighed and got in the car like a lady from the Miller family, I have to keep my behavior in check and have a respectful temperament, I plugged my headphones in listening to my favorite song when my cell phone rang my eyes flutter open and it was my best friend "hey Becca"

  "Mie, how are you, did you go home?"  She inquired curiously, "no, the driver just picked me up, what's wrong?"

  "It's aunt, I heard she had an accident on the way home"

  "What? What do you mean?" I asked, breathing heavily, "Mie, your mother is in an accident it's in the news" she explained, "don't say nonsense" I heard Aunt Reena say, "aunt, what is Rebecca saying, did something happen to mother? "

  "Calm down and come home first your dad needs you" she ended the call, I felt a cold sweat and a shiver ran through my spine, what the hell did she want to say that mom is dead, it is not possible. I dialed my mom's number but it's not going through I pulled out my tablet and checked the information to find out that they were all about mom's involvement in an accident, I ordered the driver to speed up, mother died before I got home, I could only lock myself in my room until the day of her funeral.

  "Come on Miss Jasmine you have to prepare for the funeral or Mr. Miller would be unhappy" whispered Ciara our housekeeper, I'd be afraid of my father because he never paid attention to me or adored me like my mother, I sob profusely remembering mom has left me, I slipped into a solid black dress, wore a black heel and did my hair in a bun, walked out of my room to find the whole house was silent "daddy, daddy" I called looking around the house, "madam Jasmin, sir has already left for the cremation" the butler informed me, "what did he mean by that, mom just died and he left me behind to go alone to the cremation ground" I screamed already annoyed, I stormed out of the house and left with my car.

  Arriving at the cremation ground, I saw my father get out of his car, "finally you are here", he asserted nonchalantly as I approached him, the priest said a few words before they cremated the remains of my mother.  I stayed on the cremation ground crying and talking to my mom "I will miss you mum" I mumbled while sniffing, "She will be missed by all of us" someone behind me mumbled, I turned around suddenly and found a woman in her late forties "Excuse me, do I know you?"  She chuckled and walked over to me, "you're such a cute little girl like your mom described, well I'm your mom's lawyer" I got off the ground removing the dirt particles from  my dress, "okay?" I motioned for her to continue, "your mother left you something before she died" she handed me a card with a pin on it, I arched my brow confused "there is a safe in your room behind the picture frame of you and your mom put this pin so you can access what your mom left for you" she explained, which made me nod my head quickly, "about that, don't mention it to anyone" she whirled around and left leaving me all alone thinking deeply about what mom could have left me, why I should keep this a secret, I went home by dawn and walked straight to my room, found the big picture frame she was talking about and ran my hand through it, it was the last time I saw my mother, we took the picture last autumn. I brought down the frame "really there is a safe". I mumbled to myself and typed in the pin it made a beep sound and clicked open, I rummaged through the safe and found series of files, a red box, and gold pieces of jewelry, I went through the files and found out mom willed me the company and all of her assets, my jaw dropped "but why?" I was completely confused, I opened the red box and saw a black platinum card that stunned me, I sighed as I put all the contents back in the safe and locked it.  I went downstairs to tell daddy about the safe but found Aunt Reena, Rebecca, and dad in the dining hall chatting and laughing.

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