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“Shhhh, it’s me, Leon. Don’t struggle, Aileen” I caged her in my arms and pushed he to the giant Oak tree. No one could see us there, and the garden lights were perfectly dimmed. She was beautiful when the light shades fell onto her face. She signed me to remove my palm.

“Oh, sorry,” I quickly removed it.

“What the f*ck are you doing? Are you doing a cat and mouse game in this dark?” she said with a questioning look. A loose strand was disturbing to face, and my hands were aching to tuck it behind her ear so no one could disturb us. Though she was a wolf, she was shorter than me. I felt proud of my height. I gently tucked the hair partition behind her ear, and she hit my arm before I took my hand.

“Don’t touch me with your dirty hands. Move and let me go,” she threatened me.

Leon Ramirez: Playboy, the high school bully

Aileen Wallace: Luna of the Night Walker Pack

Imagine a life of a responsible Luna mated to a high school playboy who sleeps with every girl he sees. Will they accept each other? Will Luna fall in love with the playboy Leon? What will Aileen do when she finds out that her mate has murder charges for two murders?

If you are interested in a romantic thriller werewolf book, this will be the one you are looking.

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CHAPTER 1 – Leon, the Playboy
Leon’s POV It was the best day of my life! But no one knew it would be the darkest day of our lives! I was in the back seat of our car, buckled into my toddler's car seat. Yes, your guess was correct. I was a toddler, just three years old. My seat belts were tight. Mom and Dad happily rhyme the song playing on the vehicle radio. Since I was a toddler, I didn’t know where we were traveling, but Mom said that we could enjoy ourselves a lot this weekend since it was long. “Watch out!” suddenly, Mom screamed at Dad, and that’s all I heard. The vehicle slipped from the road and rolled down until it hit a huge tree. “Sweetheart, it’s all right. Mom and Dad are here for you”. Those are the last few words I heard from my mom’s mouth. That’s all, and I went blank! ……………………………………………………………………………….. “Leon, bro, wake up, man. Leon” With a lungful deep inhale of Oxygen, I woke up. My body was drenched with sweat, and I was panting. “What’s up, man? Was that the same dream again?” it was Noah—my cousin’s brother. The bed creaked when he sat on the bed. I put my legs down and turned to take a glass of water. I emptied the glass with three zips and kept it on the table. “I came to wake you up, bro, but then I saw you were struggling on the bed. I thought you were wrestling with a hot chick…..” he chuckled and paused. I sighed and looked at him. “Then I realized you were going through the same dream, so I woke you up. Mom said that one day you were stuck in it, the scariest day of her life. They can’t get a night of sleep until you come back to the normal track,” Noah said, rubbing his palms with a severe face. “It happened when I was just five or six years old, I was a kid, but I am not anymore. I can take care of myself” For a second, I thought I was rude to his good heart, but later I realized I was looking for a way to release my morning frustration. Frustration for what, Leon? Because you couldn’t save your parents? Because you were just a toddler tightly caged to your car seat? Because you were watching them dying without doing anything? I questioned myself, weighing the room window and looking outside. “Easy man, I was just….” “We are getting late for school. I will change and come down”. I ignored his gaze.  Somewhere in my heart, I felt that I was treating him like he was a scumbag, and it was like he was the one who was living in my house while the actual scenario was wise versa. “Of course[PRM1] [PRM2] [PRM3] , my lord” I felt he dramatically bow to my back before leaving the room. I silently scoffed with a smile and slipped into the shower. I took a good shower to clean my body and mind. No matter what I did, I know this feeling won’t fade until I bully someone or bang a chick like Noah said. “Did you think that I was a perfect hero-type young man?” Naaah, I was the disgusting bully for the high school boys and the prince charming for the girls. When boys do anything to hide from me and prevent to involve in fights with me, girls would love to throw themselves on me to shove my junior into their wet c*nt. I finished my shower and wore the towel around my torso. The bathroom mirror was covered with the hot water mist. I wiped it from my palm and looked at myself. Tiny water drops were dripping from my wet hair, dancing and pouring through my chest, and my six packs disappeared when they met the towel line. “Let’s go, Leon, we have the entire day to ruin someone’s day” I smirked, looking at myself, and winked at my reflection. I came out of the bathroom and walked to the wardrobe. The house of my uncle was quite a big one. They provided me with everything since my parents died. My uncle, my mom’s younger brother, was a well-recognized businessman in the town. They afford me everything, and though Noah was their one and only child, they spoiled me. I felt pity for Noah sometimes, he was the brother of another mother, but still, I showed my attitude toward him, and he silently tolerated everything. I pick my favorite white T-shirt, dark blue jeans, and a leather jacket with ankle-high boots. I sprayed my body before wearing them; chicks would love to smell me. I wrap up my look with the quaff on my hair. I love my classy appearance, it kills girls, and it’s noticeable and bold. The basic idea is that the hair is longer on top and shorter on the back and sides. The hair on top is styled up and combed back.  I raised my chin and looked at myself in the mirror before taking my bag to leave the room. “Good morning, Leon” I was climbing down the stair when I heard my aunt greeting me from the dining table. Uncle was reading the newspaper while Noah came outside from the kitchen licking his fingers. The ba*tard will never leave his disgusting habit of fingering food before they are served on the table. Aunt was facing her back to Noah, so she didn’t see him. Noah was sealing his lips from his fingers to me, not to utter a word about it. If Aunt saw it, she would burn him alive. “Good morning, aunt, Good morning, uncle!” I greeted my uncle also while pulling my chair to sit for breakfast. The aroma of the food making by my aunt was excellent. I can say from the smell that she was making my favorite pancakes with strawberry and chocolate sauce on top of it. She is a perfect chef for pancakes. She knows how to turn the pancakes in ideal timing to get the golden-brown color. I have checked almost every shop in the town, but none can beat Aunt’s Pancakes. Whatever happened in our daily life, she always wore a beautiful smile; she taught Noah and me to face every difficulty in our lives with a smile. She is correct. The problem was almost running away when it saw the smile on our faces. “Aunty…” Noah was showing his sealed lips to me from her behind. “Yes, Leon,” she was ready to listen to me constantly. “Where did you learn to prepare the perfect pancakes like this?” Noah kept his palm on his chest to show that he got a breath of relief. “Ah!” she smiled and turned to Noah’s side. I am sure that her facial expression changed quickly. “See, Leon appreciates my cooking and dishes all the time, and on the other hand, you, Noah. You eat and burp. Learn something from Leon,” Aunt burst on Noah. Poor Noah, first I growled at him and now the aunt. “What did I do now?” Noah was asking in a confused mood. “You did nothing, that’s why,” she complained. I chuckled at Noah pressing my lips, and Uncle lowered his newspaper and looked at poor Noah, who saw Aunt’s wrath. My aunt and uncle don’t know my behavior at school. Noah, my beloved cousin, my partner in crime, hid my every sin from them. I was their perfect son, and Noah was the useless radical boy. Sometimes I feel I am their son; Noah was the outside one. “Aunt, I am hungry, and we are getting late for school” I saved Noah’s a*s. “Of course, my love” She started to serve them and gave me the chocolate and strawberry sauce. I winked at Noah, sitting in front of me with a long face and rolling his eyes at me. I know he was cooking all the dirty slang on his mind to spit on me as soon as we left home. “I will drop you two to the school. Leon, you don’t need to ride the bike today. I have some work near your school” While my face turned dull, Noah’s face sparkled with a bright smile. “That’s so great, Dad. I was fed up riding with Leon,” Noah said. He was correct; his a*s barely touch the back seat of my bike because most of the time, I drop him off on the way to school and ask him to walk, and I offer the heart to a hot chick and drop them at school. I am that kind of a b*stard; on a scale of 1-10, I get 20 as a Playboy. Noah never complained about it to aunt or uncle. Sometimes I wonder about his patience and why he did this to me. Why was he showing mercy on me? It irritates me; it brings a wave of anger to me. I don’t like to see sympathy from others on me for being an orphan. “You are so ungrateful, Noah. He was dropping you to the school and going with you here and there for your everything, and still, you are appreciating Dad’s offer for just one day?” Aunt was something today, but anyway, I didn’t want to see getting too much pressure from Aunt Noah. “If your two are finished with your breakfast, I can drop you two” Uncle folded the newspaper and kept it on the table. “I am done!” we both said, wiping our hands on the serviettes. “Thank you so much for the breakfast, Aunt” I picked up my bag and kissed her cheeks to show my gratitude to her. She smiled and nodded her head. “See ya, Mom!” Noah was hurrying to the door to leave. “Doesn’t know any manners,” I heard Aunt mumble to Noah. I thank her for every meal she provides to us. I should be grateful, and I am in debt to them until my last breath for treating me like their own son. We were on the way to school, and I was eyeing the girls on the road to school. Noah was leaning back in the car seat, shutting his eyes, and enjoying a song from his headphones. “Bro, we are there”, I shook his shoulder, and he quickly gathered his things to get out of the car. “Thank you, uncle,” I hung my backpack. “Thanks, Dad”. Noah shut the vehicle door, and the car soon disappeared. “Let’s go, buddy,” I patted Noah’s shoulder. I ran my fingers through my hair. I know that it was shining in the morning sun rays. “Good morning, sweetheart!” a blonde patted my back and roamed her fingers on my back sexily. I smirked at her and looked at her from top to bottom. She was a hot sl*t with a mid-thigh tight skirt and a strapless crop top. Her cleavage was waving its’ hand at me. “Good morning, my baby” Someone hugged Noah tightly before I could say anything. It was none other than Melina Wallace! Noah’s girlfriend. “Good morning, my baby girl!” he kissed Melina. “Good morning Leon” she greeted me. “Good morning Melina!” I took a deep exhale and said. We were still outside the school, and I felt her gaze on me. The wind started to change when her presence was there. I turned to see her! I saw those two blue eyes were boring holes in me. But the question was, who was her to me, and who was I to her?

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