The Awakening of His Luna



(Sequel to The Last Dragon's Baby. * Book 2 of The Golden Fire Series) CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE STORY TOO.

Book 3 - The Golden Dragon's Surrogate - Free and ongoing.

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After treacherous attacks from the Red Dragons, the Golden Dragons were almost eliminated from the face of the Earth, with only a few of them surviving and having to face decades of war against their persistent enemies.

In the middle of the conflict a new hope was found, one more surviving member of the Golden breed, Kemely. Except there was nothing they could do to take her from her current state of unconsciousness.

Under the sun of her new home in Marbella, Kemy’s future was unclear as the only reality she knew were her dreams, and her years of slumber.


On the other side of the world, in the cold Alaska, Henry was very sure about his future.

He is a werewolf, who is supposed to take the Beta’s daughter as his chosen mate and succeed his father as the alpha of the Boreal Keepers Pack, one of the most ruthless packs in the continent. The Boreal Keepers Pack only knows power, how to crush their enemies, greed, and tradition. There is something they and their alpha hate more than weakness; they hate dragons with a passion.

Henry changed his ways when he heard a call to his soul, a call from his long-sleeping mate. He didn’t know who she was, or where she was, he only knew that he had to find her. However, he never expected his mate to be Kemely, a dragon.

Will Henry leave his pack and his destiny, to help bring his dragon mate back from her coma or will he follow his father’s orders and wishes and his pack's ways?

What will happen when, challenging the old feud between Dragons and Werewolves, destiny intertwines the ways of the Alpha’s son and his sleeping Dragon mate?

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Synopsis + Prologue
This is book two of the Golden Fire Series. Book one is called "The Last Dragon's Baby" ( formerly called The Last Dragon's Heir). This synopsis is mainly for those who didn't read the prequel (The Last Dragon's Baby). If you read the synopsis, you can read this book as a STANDALONE story. * * * Synopsis: Kemy Golden Dragons: the strongest among all the huge reptilians that dared to gain the skies. We had an empire, now we only have each other. Once upon a time, there were thousands of us, but now there are only seven of us. Our population was wiped out in a treacherous war. The Red Dragons lured and attacked us in our sleep, killing all of our elderly and young. This was the first battle, one that we couldn’t fight, for it happened covered by the dark veil of night and the sneaky schemes of lies. We watched our people die, and some of us—like my sister Mallory and I— lost more than our families and friends, we lost our freedom. My sister and I were set apart and taken to laboratories, becoming our enemies' prisoners. We would have died there if the Great Golden Dragon Spirit, the original golden fire that created us and reunited the souls and the songs of all Golden Dragons hadn’t found its way to Earth. The Spirit made its home in the soul of a young witch. Fate brought the witch, brought Alma towards the golden clan, the few Golden Dragons who struggled to survive and keep our breed’s legacy alive. She met our King Egan, and shared with him a night of love that never met the dawn. The fire of their love wouldn’t ever fade, but rather it brought forth a miracle and a curse. Alma was pregnant with the Golden Dragon clan's last hope, with the last dragon’s heir. But rather than the child in her womb, Alma ended up being our miracle, she gave our clan hope and helped us to fight and heal. I didn’t know her, I didn’t know any of this, though I could feel something warm in my soul, as the light of hope extended its wings. My dragon Ember could reach her and ask for help. We were still in the claws of the enemy, lost in an eternal dream. * * * Prologue Kemy I was in a field of daisies, the same place I’ve ever been since I can remember, since my life became an endless dream. Being alone with my dragon Ember waiting for many eternities, it seemed to be my destiny, trying to find words in the silence of my mind. Or at least it was like that in the days I didn’t see him. His presence brought me some comfort, made me feel less lost inside myself, made me feel more real. I’ve dreamt for so long, that I started feeling myself like a dream as well. A smile formed on my lips, as my gaze found the wolf’s silhouette appearing on the far horizon, only a shadow outlined by the sunlight. But every time it seemed like he was a bit closer, maybe one day he could reach me. Maybe if I could touch him, touch reality, I would wake up. Of course, I wasn’t only waiting, planted here like a tree. I tried to run towards him, but it didn’t help at all. It was the same as trying to reach the sun or the stars. My steps took me farther away rather than closer to him. I guess that the secret was to let him come close. For some unknown reason, I knew that everything around me was an extension of myself, an illusion of my mind. Except him, he was somehow connected to me, but he was something else, someone else. Sometimes I wondered if he was also dreaming about me and that was why we could meet. I muttered into the silence, “Come close, take me away from my dreams or let me dream with you.” *** IMPORTANT! Guys, If you see words stuck together, it is a glitch of the system, something around 5% of the readers are experiencing. To fix it please do this: 1. Remove the book from your library, refresh the app and add the book to your library again. My edit*r said that it's the only way to fix it. If it doesn't work, please let me know. 2. If it doesn't work, clear your cache. Click on "Me" (it's on the bottom corner of your app) - Settings - clear cache. * This book is completed. I will keep you guys posted, especially via my F a c e b o o k page, T. R. Durant Author. Please take a look at my other books. This book is the sequel of The Last Dragon's Baby (formerly The Last Dragon's Heir). But it can be read as a STANDALONE story. 1st Book: Intertwined: her three mates ( FREE and completed). 2nd Book: Torn between mates ( FREE and completed). 3rd Book: Behind the Mask ( FREE and completed) 4th Book: Out of the World ( FREE and ongoing ) . 5th Book : The Lost Bond ( On hold ) * * * STAND ALONE reads, please check my series spin-off story: * The Queen of Alphas (Wait for free and completed). Helcadia Series (part of the Intertwined universe, focused on the Werewolf Realm): 1. She is not my Luna ( completed ). 2. The Beta's Redemption? (FREE and ongoing) * *Furtive Fates Series: 1.His Runway Luna (PTR and completed) 2. His Rising Moon *Sold to My Unknown Mate

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