The Bad Boy and His Cheerleader

love at the first sight

At the starting of a new year, Jordan Blake and his mom decided they needed a fresh start, but back in a previous hone town where Jordan reunites with his best friend Ryker. Who is also apart of Jordan's gang.

Jordan, typical bad boy. Tall, African American and Dominican mixed. Rumours around the town he's the leader of one of the largest gang around town called the FLAMING DRAGONS, but little did they know it isn't just a rumour. Jordan wasn't the type of teenager who complained when he has to move around because as long as his mom is happy he'd do anything to keep her that way.

Arianna and Adrianna are twins but are completely different. Arianna is the girly girl who's the captain of the cheerleading squad while Adrianna is the tom boy who is the captain of the girls soccer team. Arianna has curly brunette hair while Adrianna has wavy raven hair. They can be easily tell apart the only thing similar about them is that they both love each other to death.

Arianna's quarterback boyfriend Jake is the captain of the school's football team and also one of the best player on the team.

Arianna sat on the beach with her friends and saw two guys she haven't seen before walked pass. She thought they were both handsome but she liked the taller one. To her surprise when she shows up to school Monday morning to find the same two boys walking the hall of Eden lake High.

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Chapter 1 :Moving day
JORDAN'S POV Today was the final moving day. The furnitures and other stuff was brought to the house yesterday. My mom wanted us to go back to our home town. She needed a fresh start and mom gets what she wants. Mom always gets what she wants and I give it to her happily. The summer is almost over and I couldn't care less. I don't really have anything here in Chicago other than a few family but sometimes its nice out here. Most of my gang members are living in Cali now so it's kinda better for business. I really miss Ryker though. We always been close since a long time and I haven't seen him in almost month. I have visited here a few times so I am still familiar with the place. Here in Chicago I got a few girls here and there that I messed with but nothing too deep. I never had a problem with getting laid or getting a female cause it's that easy for me. I don't really do girlfriends so I have never had one befor. Well since I was 14 so you know. Few weeks ago my mom quit her job. She was an hotel manager and she said it's time she put her medicine degree to work. She is my whole life right now. When my father left us she did everything for me and one day I'll make her proud. She a very strong, independent, confident and beautiful woman. Very hardworking and real. That's really hard to find in this corrupted world. "Jordan are you finish?" My mom asked from the car. I was packing my loose stash in a shoe box. I send the rest in the u-haul truck yesterday. "Yeah ma I'm coming" I yelled back placing the box in a empty bag. I walked out the apartment and locked the doors. We got in the loaded car and head out to California. I wasn't unhappy about the move. I'm going back to where I grew up, back to the place where I had most of my memories. There was this one girl in the gang I used to sleep with whenever I want you. Not to make it sound like that but that's our arrangement. We sleep together no feelings. I'm Jordan Blake, all time street fighter and street racer. I'm a drug dealer and a gang leader. I'm 18 years old going on 19. I am a year older thepan usually seniors because I transferred back and forth twice. I'm tall, about 6ft3, muscular body. I love s*x, I love girls. I like a girl with fat ass, the titties don't matter but the ass is a must. I love freaks and straight forward girls who know what they want in the bedroom. I'm amazing in bed. I have heard it way too many times and seen the effect I have on girls. I have some tattoos. One on the side of my neck, an eagle, a money rose on the right side of my chest, a dragon tattoo on my upper arm, my mamma's name in the center of my back between my shoulders, a Jesus cross on the side of my pinky finger and a bible scripture on my left ribcage. I have two ear piercings, which I wear diamond earrings or some black stud ones. My hair is black and curly which I keep short but not buzz cut short. I always wore fades. My mom and I took turns driving until we got to California the following night. My car was parked in the driveway and the U-Haul truck on the side of the road. I gave Ryker my bike to keep until I get here because I don't like people messing with my stuff. I brought our bags and suitcases inside the house and made my way upstairs. The house is decent. 5 bedrooms with their own bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, laundry room etc. I made my way to my new room which was now painted gray. I don't mind cause the color doesn't matter. The room was spacious so I wouldn't have to worry about a king size bed fitting in here. "Jordan I think we should book a motel for the night. It's almost 9 and I'm really tired" My mom said "You go, I'll be fine. I'm gonna call Ryker and some of the guys to help me move the stuff in tonight" I said to her "Okay, but be careful and don't break anything please" she said handing me the keys to the truck. She left and drove to a motel while I stood there in the empty living room. I pulled my phone out and called Ryker. "Yo yo yo, wassup bro?" He said into the phone "I need your help moving my s**t into the house can you meet me now?" I asked "Yeah send me the address" He said. I texted the address to him and waited for him on the doorsteps. As I was sitting on the steps waiting for Ryker I looked up seeing some dude walking up to me. I ignored him because I don't know him and I don't want too much attention on my first night back. "Hey" He said to me "Sup?" I asked "Not much. I'm Theo and I live across the street" He said "Okay Theo, I'm Jordan" I said. He took a seat next to me on the steps. I looked at him and sighed. "So where did you move from?" He asked "Chicago. How long have you lived here?" I asked "Since I started high school. I assume your still a high school student right?" he asked "I am. What school you go to?" I asked "Eden freaking lake" he said laughing lightly "Why you say it like that?" I asked curious "Nothing, it's just that it's full of assholes. Especially the jocks and slutty cheerleaders" He said "Let me guess you're an outsider?" I asked "Yup and my sister is a nerd so they pick on her everyday" He said. Wow, quite an open guy. "And why you don't do anything about it?" I asked "It's not like anyone is gonna listen. There's this jock name Jake Olson. I hate him so much and what makes it even worst is that the captain of the cheerleading team is his girlfriend. She's too sweet for him" He said "So what you like her?" I asked smirking "Not her, her sister Adrianna. She's the captain of the girls soccer team. Very amazing player too" He said smiling "Then why not tell her? You can't tell me I can't do anything about that" I said "I am afraid of being rejected. I mean look at me. Her ex is way more good looking" He said. I looked over at him for the first time. His hair was blond and wavy, he looks to work out, has a tattoo on his forearm saying #STRENGTH . No homo but he's good looking. "I'll have to see her ex to be the judge of that" I said chuckling "So you have a lot of tattoos. You're a fan of art?" He asked "I guess. Are you?" I asked "I did this tattoo right here" He said showing me his forearm where I saw the tat earlier. "That's fire. Maybe I'll let you give me one someday" I said "Cool. So you need any help unloading?" He asked "Yeah but I'm waiting on a friend" I said "Cool, I'll help you when he gets here. I don't have anything to do anyways" He shrugged "Alright" I said going back to my phone. •||AUTHOR'S NOTE||• Jordan An African American and Dominican mixed guy. Light skinned, curly hair and very handsome. He's 6 feet 3 inches in height, muscular body, sleeps around. Arianna An French, American mixed female. Her mom is half African American, half white and Her dad is French. She's 5 feet 6 in height, slim built but not too skinny considering she's curvy in the right places. Very polite, Hard working. Not your typical Head cheerleader type. These will be the two most mentioned characters in the story. Maybe have other point of views here and there. I will be unloading on this quite slow because I have another book finishing up. I usually update a chapter per book every other day so I'll try my best to do the same with this book. I have been writing for a few months now and it's very exciting. I have always been a reader and now I have the chance to share my ideas with others. I am truly grateful for all the support and love on my previous book "FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE POPULAR PLAYBOY" . It has over 5000 views and I didn't know it would be a good read. Anyway so as I said, I'll try to upload on this book often and keep you guys updated.

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