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"He can't make you feel the way I can." Mr. Morgan whispered grabbing my face and pulling me to him. His lips came crashing down on mine and took my lips hungrily.

He was an amazing kisser, his lips were expertly taking over my own and he grabbed my neck for better access to my mouth. His other hand went on my waist and grabbed me. I was in a daze, his taste, his touch, his tongue that parted my lips gaining access to the inside of my mouth.

His tongue massaged my own and I couldn't help thinking how much better he felt than Dean. How he took over in such a sensual way that left me breathless. I moaned in his mouth and put my hands through his hair, earning a groan from him.

But then I remembered, he's my teacher, and I'm his student. I have a boyfriend...

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I Groaning I tap my alarm clock to shut it up. My boyfriend Dean, would tell me, "Because every morning should begin with a heart attack." Yeah, he doesn't like alarms either. Speaking of my boyfriend, I check my phone to see good morning texts from him and smile. He has no idea how much I love waking up to that. Texting him back I tell him that I'll be ready in an hour since, he's the one that takes me to school. I've always meant to get a drivers license and even have a permit. However, Dean always told me I would never need one, he acts as my taxi. Standing up I stretch and yawn from a sitting position on my bed, laughing at myself. I must look hilarious. After using the bathroom and showering, I go over to the sink to brush my teeth and blow dry my hair. Once dry, I allow my natural dark curls to flow down to my waist. I've always loved my long hair. I’ve never had the desire to dye it or anything so it has just grown longer over the years. Next step: What to wear? That's always easy for me though, skinny jeans a band tee, (Today's band tee is Panic! At the Disco.) To top it all off are my favorite black converse. My makeup is light as per usual, just some mascara and foundation. With that I am ready to go, perfect timing too because my phone just went off, I know it's Dean telling me he is here. "Hey, babe. Ready for school?" He asks with a grin as I get in the car. I shake my head." No, the summer was too much fun. I can't believe it's time for school already." He laughs, I watch as his broad shoulders shake up and down in amusement making me smile in return. "True, but at least it's our last year." I nod, we’ve been looking forward to this year our whole lives. The idea of having seniority at my fingertips only to become a freshman next year is a bittersweet moment. "Ah yes, then it's off to college we go!" Dean’s face falls,I give him a confused look to which he notices. "Livia I've told you, you don't need to go to college. I'll support you." I shake my head, we've had this conversation too many times. At this point I’m almost starting to take him seriously...almost. It’s the classical damsel in distress, man is better than women, scenario. I normally pay no attention to it. "I've told you, we're not in the fifties I want to go to college and help support us." Grabbing his hand, I try to sound convincing, but he simply sighs. "I worry about us, what if you find another guy in college. I don't think I could handle that." He admits like he's done many times before. We're now on our way to school.I look out onto the road and sigh, I can't believe we're having this conversation again! "Look, Dean, we've been together since freshman year I don't want anyone else," I assure him hoping maybe this time he'll finally get it through that pretty head of his. He doesn't respond. Instead, he tightens his grip on my hand and kisses it softly. A gesture I've come to fall in love with. I met him over three years ago in the school library, struggling with math. That’s when this nerd came to my rescue. Within ten minutes we're at school, and I breathe in happily. Yeah, I hate school but my friends are here, and I've missed them. Dean and I have spent most of the summer together but he prefers me all to himself.I don't mind though, I feel the same about him. Since I met him in that library he’s been a nerd that I've come to love so much over the years. If I had to write our bio it would go like this: Dean, the nerdy boy that's somehow got the best looks in the school; even though he doesn't play sports. Livia, the sports player that also happens to be somewhat smart keeping an A and B grade average. I feel like a mixture between a tomboy and a nerd, but I'm not nearly as smart as Dean. My friends are also my teammates, I play softball with them, but that doesn't begin until spring. Meaning until then, it's just practices and warm-ups which aren’t until later on in the year. We walk into the building and over to our new lockers. Since we're Seniors now, we got first to pick, and all of us chose our lockers right beside one another. "Livia!" My best friend, Rebecca yells running toward me. I smile wide and let go of Dean’s hand to hug her. "I missed you so much; FaceTime isn't enough we need to hang out more." I breathed in her familiar scent of cotton candy perfume and laughed at her. I've missed her just as much. Becca’s bio: Bad ass, seriously, I aspire to be as calm and collected as she is. I’ve never met anyone who genuinely doesn’t care what anyone thinks. "Yeah I agree, let's plan something for this weekend," I tell her and soon felt nodding on my shoulder. "Where's Jen?" I question pulling away from the sweet smelled embrace. "Jenny is running fashionably late, pretty much like always." Becca joked causing me to laugh. It’s true; our other best friend was always all about looking her best. "Jake texted five minutes ago and told me they'd be a little late," Rebecca added. "Ah, speaking of boyfriend’s where's Luke?" I ask looking around. She shrugged playfully." Over meeting up with some of his friends, I suppose." At this, I had to smile. Luke was always the type to give the girl some space whereas Dean and I never spent a day apart. I don't mind though he's my other half. Rebecca and Luke like their space, what's wrong with that? "Well, we better get to class. I'll see you at lunch, Bee." She smiled and nodded with one last, hug. We’ve been calling her Bee since the fifth grade when she dressed as a bee for Halloween. I felt Dean hug me from behind and wrap his arms around my waist, kissing my neck quickly. I giggle at his ticklish assault, and that's when I hear the bell ring. "s**t!" I curse, turning around and pecking him before turning to my class and walking through it. Dean follows right behind me. We have the same class together which is honestly the greatest thing. This class is supposed to be hard so, hopefully, he can help me through the curriculum. "Late on the first day, not a good start." My teacher scolds. I frown-the whole class is staring at me. "Maybe you should kiss your boyfriend before the bell rings." He warns, and I scowl, going to my seat. Hello? It takes two to kiss why was that directed to me? "Well now that everyone's here let's begin. My name is Mr. Morgan." He introduces. I decide to take the time to actually look at him. He is very young. That's very uncommon in this school. He looks like he's in his mid-twenties when the youngest teacher we have in this school is over forty. Mr. Morgan’s jaw is unshaven, with chocolate brown hair that looks like he didn't even try. Still, it looks professional and casual at the same time. He’s like no teacher I've ever met before. Like easy going and friendly, I sigh one of relief thinking maybe he will be less strict and we will get a break this year. "This year in AP History we will go over many hard topics, and there will be writing involved so make sure to bring a writing utensil every day. You don't get a day off in this class." He states, I shake my head. Then again maybe not. Dean grabs my hand from next to me. Mr. Morgan's eyes narrow at us. "You! What are your name's?" I open my mouth to speak, but Dean beats me to it with a harsh tone. "I'm Dean Cooper." He then points to me. "That's Livia Gardner." He says for me, and I feel thankful that I didn't have to speak up. "Well, no PDA tolerance in this class. Hand holding included." Mr. Morgan orders. I pull away from Dean’s grip as if his hand burned me. Dean's jaw clenches, but he nods a response trying not to say something he'll later regret. Mr. Morgan moves on. The rest of the class is spent going over the syllabus. The second we leave the classroom Dean pushes me against the lockers and kisses me deeply. My breath hitches but I revel in the kiss. His passionate lips on mine never get old. When he pulls away were both breathless, and his forehead meets mine. "f**k that teacher," Dean whispers, and I chuckle slightly, still out of breath. "If that's your reaction to no PDA, then we should get yelled at by teachers more often," I respond. Dean shakes his head in amusement. "C’mon let's get you to your next class." He says grabbing my hand and intertwining my fingers with his. As we walk down the hall, I look back over my shoulder and gulp when I notice Mr. Morgan watching me with his arms crossed and lips pursed. He must've seen what just happened between Dean and I. Great impression I just made on the first day.

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