Chapter 2

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OLIVIA'S POINT OF VIEW Damien walked me to class with his arms around me but for some reason I couldn't get that beautiful stranger out of my head. I can still remember the piercing blue of his eyes. I had never seen eyes that colour before. They were so blue they appeared violet. I remember his shinny jet black hair and the urge to ask him what shampoo he uses. He stared at me and I found myself lost in his eyes. I felt a little special knowing he had eyes on me despite the fact that every other girl in the school had her eyes on him and his friend. When I heard we have having foreign exchange students from Italy, I never expected them to be so f*****g hot. Or that I'd get this irresistible urge to run up to the violet eyed boy and curl myself up against him. I blinked back those thoughts. I had a boyfriend and it was completely irrational that I was thinking this way. I loved Damien and he was enough for me. We arrived at my class and I turned to face my boyfriend with a smile on my face. Today was the first time I was seeing him since last semester. He went on a trip during the summer so I didn't get to see him at all. “So I'll see you after school today?" I asked him. “Sorry Liv, me and the guys are hanging out. I'll see you tomorrow in school", he replied. I was shocked. “Really Damien! We haven't seen each other the whole summer and today being the first day of school, you're ditching me to hang out with your friends". He looked like he was about to reply but final bell rang. “Sorry Liv. I'll make it up to you", he said pressing a quick kiss on my forehead. “Yeah, that's what you always say", I whispered to myself after he left. I dunno why but that kiss he placed on my forehead made my skin crawl. I tried not to read too much into it and concluded that it was because I was angry at him. ********************** I walked into my final class for today. My mood had brightened considerably since this morning. I was especially happy because we were having English which was my favorite subject and it was the only class this year that I shared with Andrew and Lila. They were tour guides for the foreign exchange hotties so they told me they'd be late to class. Since I arrived considerably early, I decided to save them some seats beside me. I arrived even before the teacher since my last period ended earlier than normal. I took a seat and plugged in my headphones. Mrs O'Conner walked in a few minutes later and I stood up to help her with her load. “Good afternoon Mrs O'Conner", I greeted. “Good afternoon Olivia", she beamed. Mrs O'Conner had been my English teacher for years now and I was basically her favorite student. I helped her put her stuff on the table then I caught sight of my favorite story ever. My face broke out into a smile. “Please tell me we're reading Sleeping beauty in class today". She chuckled at my reaction. “We are Olivia and there's even gonna be a school play on it". I squealed in glee. I was about to reply when some students started walking in the class. Mrs O'Conner nudged me to get back to my seat since the class was about to begin. I went back and brought out my books. The door opened again and I smiled as I saw my two best friends walk in. That smile dropped when I saw who was behind them. The Italian hotties walked right into class like they were some models off the front cover of Vogue magazine. Andrew and Lila gave me a smile as they took the seats in front of me. I was about to object when hottie one and hottie two took the seats beside me. I tried hard not to let my skin turn an embarrassing shade of red. Every girl in the class, including Mrs O'Conner had her eyes on them. I didn't know what to say so I decided I was just going to pretend I didn't know they were there. That plan didn't work out well as hottie one turned his attention to me. He brought out his hand for a handshake then introduced himself. “Hi, my name is Angelo. Nice to meet you". He had on a cool, confident smile that instantly put me at ease. I shook his hand and was surprised by the amount of warmth that flooded me. I didn't wanna let go and it seemed like he didn't want to either. We were lost in each other's eyes and I was perfectly comfortable staring into his blue orbs but Mrs O'Conner cleared her throat and burst us out of our little bubble. I finally withdrew my hand and turned to face the teacher. During class, we were told that the book for the next two weeks was Sleeping beauty and that there was gonna be a play on it which would count for 50% of our grade. We could choose to either be part of the crew or part of the cast. I already knew that I was gonna audition for the role of Aurora. Aurora was my favorite Disney princess when growing up and now I actually had the chance to be her. When the class was over, Angelo turned to me again. “You know, you never told me your name?" he said. “Oh yeah. I'm Olivia. It's nice to meet you too. Everyone in school has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the foreign exchange students so it's really nice to finally meet you. Who's your friend?" His friend didn't wait to be introduced as he strode over to me and flashed me a smile I'm sure has charmed the pants off so many girls. “My name is Antonio", he said. “It's nice to meet you Antonio", I replied holding my hand out. He stared at it for a second and instead of shaking it, he turned it over and placed a feather light kiss on it. I could have sworn I heard Angelo let out a growl at that. I saw Antonio flash his friend a wink. “This i***t, is my best friend", Angelo said pulling Antonio away from me. Antonio gave a fake yelp of pain and it made me laugh. I wonder why but Angelo's features relaxed when I smiled. I looked up only to notice that Lila and Andrew had left the class. I groaned and rolled my eyes. Ever since those two started dating, I've been feeling like some sort of third wheel. “I'm gonna go catch up with someone", Antonio said, “it was nice to meet you Liv". Then he grabbed his bag and left. It was only then that I noticed that it was only me and Angelo left in the classroom and for some odd reason, it didn't make me feel uncomfortable. “Can I walk you out?" he asked. “Sure". While we were walking I had to fight off the urge to hold his hand. I also felt this urge to rip out the eyes of all the girls staring at him. Okay that was odd, where did that come from? I wasn't even a violent person. I shook off that feeling and decided to distract myself. “So, how come you and Antonio don't talk with Italian accents?" I asked. He shrugged, “We practiced. When we applied for the foreign exchange program I knew I didn't wanna stick out like a sore thumb for the rest of the year. I wanted to blend in and what better way to do that than to learn to speak like an American. Plus, I watched a lot of American TV shows so that helped", he answered. I nodded. We had gotten outside by now and I noticed my two best friends beside our car. “I've gotta go. I'll see you tomorrow?" I said more like asked. I dunno why but the idea of not seeing him soon didn't sit well with me. Hell, the idea of leaving him now didn't sit well with me either. “See you tomorrow Olivia", he said and I left. I loved the way he said my name. He made it sound so exotic. I walked to the car to meet my friends and tell them about my observations. *************** “Hey granny", I said as I walked in the house stopping by to give her a kiss on the cheek. “Hey sweetie. How was your first day of senior year?" I shrugged in response biting into an apple I had grabbed from the kitchen. “Granpa isn't back yet?" I asked. “Nah but he'll be back in time. I only came here to bake the pie and the cookies". It was then I remembered. Two days ago, we had new neighbors move into the house next to ours. Me and my grandparents are going to go visit them. I was so busy working in the coffee shop with my grandparents that I hadn't even caught a glimpse of them at all. You guessed it. I don't live with my parents. I live with my grandparents, my mum's parents and occasionally I work in the coffee shop that they own. “I'm gonna go upstairs", I told her before making my way up the stairs to my room. “Okay Liv but remember, we're going over there as soon as your grandpa gets home which should be in an hour so get ready". “Sure thing grandma", I yelled in reply. I entered the door to my room closing the door shut. I dropped my school bag on the floor and fell on my bed. Andrew and Lila were supposed to show up today too because they wanted to meet the neighbors as well. I decided I'd just wait for them. I took off my clothes and made my way to the showers. A while later, I came out freshly showered with a towel wrapped around my body. I changed into a tank top and some shorts and sat on my bed. Today being the first day of school, I didn't have any homework so I basically had time to goof off. I called Damien but I only got his voicemail. I sighed. I really miss when me and Damien would spend hours on phone talking, now I can barely get him to call me. I had nothing else to do so I opened my Instagram and looked up Angelo. Luckily for me I was able to find his account. A part of me felt weird knowing I was stalking his Instagram but I ignored that part. I tried not to drool as I saw some of the pictures he posted. He had a lot of pictures with Antonio and a couple others that I assumed were his family and friends from back home. They all looked really hot. There must definitely be something in the air there . I noticed there was a particular girl that kept appearing frequently in his posts. They looked really chummy together. It bothered me the way they were so close in the pictures. I tried not to let myself be insecure over how painfully beautiful she was with her curly red hair and blue eyes. She reminded me of Merida, the Disney princess from Brave. I really really hoped they were just friends but a part of me couldn't help but wonder if they were more, if she was his girlfriend. That thought burnt me which was odd considering I had a boyfriend. It looks like I'll have to keep reminding myself of that more often now. After I was done stalking him, I clicked follow and proceeded to stalk Antonio. I was in the middle of doing that when Andrew and Lila burst into my room. “Hey chica", Lila greeted. “Hey guys", I responded not taking my eyes off my phone. “What are you doing?" Andrew asked. “I'm stalking Angelo and Antonio on Instagram". I didn't miss the look they shared but decided to ignore it. Those two have been pretty weird ever since they started dating. “Why?" Lila asked me. I shrugged, “why not?". I noticed the same girl from before in a lot of pictures with Antonio. It was then I noticed the resemblance between the two of them. They had the same red hair and the same blue eyes that weren't as blue as Angelo's and basically the same facial structures. She looked like a female version of Antonio. I concluded then that she must be his sister. I noticed a lot of pictures of the three of them. They must be good friends, I thought. I followed Antonio too when I was done. “Those foreign exchange guys are really hot", I said when I was done. “And really tall too", I continued, "they were about 6"5. That is tall for two teenage boys". “We're tall too", Andrew pointed out. “Yeah well they're taller". I saw Andrew roll his eyes at me and I gave him a sheepish smile. “When are we meeting these neighbors anyway?" Lila asked. “I dunno", I replied, “as soon as my grandpa gets home". I hadn't finished that sentence when my grandma called from downstairs. “Liv your grandfather is here. So you Andrew and Lila should get your butts down here. We're leaving". “Yes grandma", I yelled back in reply. “So I guess we're meeting them now", I said turning to my friends, “Let's get going". We stood up. I wore my flip flops and we headed out the door. I was gonna change into something else but I suddenly lost my interest at the last minute. We got downstairs and helped my grandparents carry the stuff they had baked and headed to the house next door where grandpa pushed the door bell. A nice looking lady opened the door. She looked to be really young, probably in her late twenties or early thirties. She had jet black hair and soft bluish grey eyes. They reminded me of the calm before the storm. She looked absolutely pretty. She smiled wide as soon as she saw us. “Hello, my grandpa greeted. We're your neighbors, we live right next door and we decided to come say hi. My name is Chris, this is my wife Diana, this is my granddaughter Olivia and these are her two best friends who basically live here too, Lila and Andrew". “Its nice to meet all of you. Please come in", she said ushering us in. “My name is Elena. I just moved here from Italy with my nephews". Why did that sound fishy? I shook it off. It was probably a coincidence. I took a glance round the beautiful living room. I admired it. She collected the goodies from us with a grateful smile and asked us to sit that she'd be right back. She came back with plates, cups and a pitcher of lemonade. “Boys get down here. We have guests", she yelled upstairs. I thankfully accepted her glass of lemonade. I took a sip that I'm grateful I didn't spit out when I saw who came down the stairs. What the hell?!
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