The Alpha prince and his half blood mate

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Olivia Jacobs was your average everyday human girl. Or at least that's what she thought. Turns out, she's actually a half blood werewolf princess who has no idea what she is.

She lives with her grandparents in Willowswoods, a fictional town in

Tennessee. She has two best friends who unknown to her are actually her werewolf guardians. There's a war going on in her pack and she was sent away and kept in the dark for her own protection.

Angelo Lupo is an Italian werewolf prince and future alpha of his pack. His wolf gets a call to this small town in Tennessee. Try as he might, he can't ignore the call so he leaves his family and girlfriend in Italy and moves to the US with his best friend and future Beta.

Nothing made sense till he laid his eyes on her. Suddenly, she became the center of his world and he would go to the ends of the Earth to protect her.

He wasn't expecting to find his mate at 18 but he also wasn't expecting his mate to be completely clueless about her heritage and what's worse is she has a boyfriend.

Angelo is going to have to dig deep within himself to win the heart of his mate and protect her from the ongoing war that she seems to be clueless on. He also has to teach her how to be a wolf while trying hard not to rip her boyfriend in half. This will not be easy

Find out how it all happens in this thrilling romance.

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Chapter 1
ANGELO'S POINT OF VIEW The smell of lavender and pine hit me as soon as I walked into the hallways of the school. It was an odd combination but weirdly it smelled really nice. “Do you smell that?" I asked Antonio, my best friend. “Smell what?" he asked. I was suddenly happy he couldn't smell it because I felt very possessive about that scent even though I didn't know why. The smell became stronger as I got farther in the hallway. I didn't know why I had the urge to leave home in Italy to come to this small town in Tennessee. It didn't make sense to me but as soon as I saw her, it all fell into place. She's the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Her golden blonde hair shone like the sun and it fell in waves to her back. She was tall, my guess was that she stood at 5"11. She was dressed in the simplest of clothes, jeans and a sweater but she looked really nice. She had her back turned to me as she was in front of her locker so I couldn't see her eyes. Almost as if she heard my thoughts, she slammed her locker shut and looked in my direction. I caught sight of the most beautiful pair of brown eyes I had ever seen. They looked like pools of warm honey. “Mate", my wolf said to me simply. We were locked in some sort of staring contest, with me looking joyful and she looking, well she looked freaked out. She turned away when two people came to meet her. I suppressed a growl when the guy hugged her. I felt a tug on my hand and turned to see Antonio giving me a confused look. “Mate", I said simply nodding my head in her direction. His eyes widened in shock. “Dude, like seriously? We literally just got to this place. How have you already found your mate?" I smirked at the jealous note in his tone. “I'm gonna go talk to her", I said but I was stopped by Antonio. “What?" I asked frustrated. “Are you sure that you're mates?" he asked. “As sure as I am that our powers come from the moon goddess". “Well you can't just walk up to her and go, ‘Hey I'm Angelo, we're mates’. I mean obviously she's not a wolf or else she would have also known that you were mates". I groaned knowing he was right. “I don't think she's full human though. She definitely has some wolf in her". Being this close to her had her scent wafting towards me and I could definitely pick up some hints of wolf. “You see those two beside her, they're wolves and from the looks of things probably deltas. They're gonna help us out", Antonio pointed out and I looked at them realizing he was right. The two wolves in question shared a look amongst themselves then looked at us. Antonio and I were about to walk away when this guy showed up out of nowhere. I saw my mate's eyes light up at the sight of him. He pulled her in for a hug and wrapped his arms around her waist and she looked so happy about it. I was seething, my wolf was seething. I wanted to rip off his arms. “How dare he?" my wolf asked, “did he not know that she was ours?" The rational part of me knew that there was no way he would know. He was only human but I was way passed being rational at this point. Antonio grabbed my hand and I let him drag me outside because I knew that if he didn't, things would have gotten ugly. He dragged me to a secluded part of the school. I took several deep breaths to try to calm myself down. “Just breathe Angelo. Calm down", Antonio said. I closed my eyes and opened them again to find Antonio giving me looks of worry. I rolled my eyes at him. “Dude I'm fine, you can stop looking at me like that". “Are you sure you're okay?" “I said I'm fine", I growled in response causing Antonio to give a small bow. I sighed. I hated going all alpha wolf on Antonio. Even though he was my beta, he was still my best friend and I hated having to put him in a position where he was anything less. “Look man I'm sorry. I didn't mean to", I apologized. He nodded, “it's fine. I totally get it". Just as I was about to reply, I heard some footsteps close by. From the scent, it seemed like they belonged to the wolves from the hallway. A second later, I was proven right when they walked in. I took a moment to assess them. The girl was tall, as expected of all wolves. She probably stood at 6 feet. She had brown hair that was cropped short and green eyes. The guy was about an inch taller than her and he also had brown hair which he wore in a man bun at the top of his head. He had brown eyes that were a lot less intriguing than the eyes of my mate. From the way he shielded the girl with his body, I figured they were mates. “Who are you?" Antonio asked them. “My name is Andrew Stone and this is my mate"—he gestured at her—“Lila Lowell. We are delta wolves from the Californian wolf pack. We're here in Tennessee on a mission". “I am Antonio Rossi, future beta to Angelo Lupo, prince of the Italian pack". “We know who you are", the guy who we now know as Andrew said, “we've been expecting your arrival. We are your tour guides for the school. If you'll come with us, we'll show you to your lockers". Lila continued, “we've also taken the liberty to ensure that you both have the same classes at all times. We will direct you to your first class which is starting soon". They lead the way and we followed. I decided to ask the question that had been on my mind since. “Who was that girl from the hallway?" They shared a look between each other before Lila answered me. “That's Olivia Jacobs, our best friend". “Olivia", my wolf said in content. That was such a beautiful name. “She's not fully human, is she?" Antonio asked before I could. “No", Lila responded, “she's half wolf and half human". “Who was that guy that hugged her?" I asked. I saw them share looks of confusion probably wondering why I care so much. “That's Damien Jaxon, her boyfriend", Andrew replied and that was all it took for me to blow a fuse. I could feel my wolf fight for dominance. I could feel my eyes glowing, my claws appearing, my fangs elongating, to anyone passing, I was basically a freak show right about now. “How dare he be with what is mine?" my wolf asked, “what is ours? He must pay". I could feel whatever self control I had left slipping away. I felt a tug on my arm and I saw Antonio trying to calm me down but I was way past caring. “Why is he so upset by that?" I heard Andrew ask. “Because he just found out that Olivia's his mate", Antonio answered. I could see the understanding flood their faces. I was about to shift into a wolf when Antonio managed to get through to me amidst yells of ‘calm downs' from Andrew and Lila. “Per favore Principe Angelo devi calmarti altrimenti peggiorerai solo le close", he said to me in Italian which translated in English to, “please prince Angelo you need to calm down otherwise you'll only make things worse". I started taking deep calming breaths trying to regain my control from my wolf. I felt my claws and my fangs start to retract. “If you go in there to hurt Damien, Olivia will never forgive you. She may be half wolf but she has no idea that she is. She knows nothing about our world or our existence. She won't understand why you're doing that. I know it's hard watching your mate with another guy but you're gonna have to be patient with her", Lila said. I closed my eyes and took a final deep breath and when I opened them again they had stopped glowing. “Why doesn't she know what she is?" I asked. “It's kinda a long story. Her parents sent her here to protect her and sent us to guard her and keep her safe. If you want to be with Olivia, you have to reach out to her human side because that's the side that she knows about. Showing up there all wolf like is only gonna get her scared". My wolf grumbled at that but I knew that what they were saying was true. I was intrigued to know why her parents kept her identity from her though, but I was gonna respect their wishes. The bell rang reminding me that we were still in school. “We'll talk later. Right now, we better head to class", Andrew said as they started walking faster. “Hey Antonio", I whispered to him. “Yeah?" he replied. “Thanks for what you did back there, for helping me regain my calm. I probably would have gone beserk if you hadn't helped me". He smiled at me. “Anytime man. That's what best friends and betas are for". I smiled back at him and we sealed our friendship with a fist bump.

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