A letter to Elizabeth.


One life time is not enough to love such an amazing women, I promise to be your man in another life. -N

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Chapter 1
Title: A letter for Eliza. Eliza Rodeen Cameron is an independent billionaire woman who loves to explore different destinations all around the world specially in the Philippines. Having a very perfect life, a handsome fiance her life is a bit complicated as part of an elite family in the Philippines. Eliza has always loved exploring old destination. She's a fan of dark tourism to be exact and adventure became her hobby, together with her fiance Nexus they visit different places together even the creepiest place. One night Eliza and Nexus had a big fight that they ended up avoiding each other. There wedding is about to place next month but Eliza is doubting her feelings for Nexus after their Argument, she decided to find herself alone and visit a prison cell in Vizaya that is said to be the most creepiest place they can be in the Philippines. "Eli let's talk!" Nexus said holding her wrist but she shrugged it off. "No, You better get yourself straight. Or better yet marry Mary because you can make a good couple." Her anger won't subside, the news of her fiance and Mary her husband's ex-girlfriend exploited to her face makes her lose control and trust at the same time. "Can you just listen to me?" Nexus said in a frustrated tone. "I didn't do anything she is the one who kiss me! I tried to push her away but she won't budge!" "Oh shut up! I'm leaving, and you won't be coming with me! Let me think about everything, whether I should still marry you or not!" Frustrated, Nexus just watch Eli entered the plain and he was there standing alone. Eli's eyes were cold as she watch Nexus stand still where she left him but after the plain take off her eyes watered and her heart shattered. She loves so much that it hurts her, she tried to warn him about that woman. But Nexus said that everything is under control until that incident happened. After hours of flying with the plane Eliza finally reach her destination, she decided to take a cab and went to the hotel under their reservation. She took a shower and wear a comty jeans and a shirt, she took all of her things that is needed for that day leaving her phone out and walking out with just her gear. she didn't even look at her phone and left it their as if it's valueless and went to her journey. After reaching her destination Eli felt the cold wind brushing to her skin. The place looks so creepy and empty but her excitement arouse, the prison looks so old the doors are wooden and it seems like it was abandoned thousand years till now. "Cool!" Eli whispered, and looks around the abandoned prison cell. People say that it was a prison cell long ago it was use by the Japanese soldier to contain pilipino prisoners. Eli bend down to pick up a piece of paper on the ground. "July 21 1942...." She whispered when she read what is on that paper, it was almost unreadable but she managed to read it clear. Her excitement arouse even more, this cell is indeed a prison cell in Japanese colonialism in the Philippines. She walk towards one of the cell and saw a wooden table, a bed and even a cup that is full of moth. She tried to open the door but it was lock then she move forward to the other prison cell but it was all lock till she reach the last cell. "Nice!" Eli giggles and step inside the only cell that is unlocked. Same with the other cell it has a wooden table a bed and some things that may not be use anymore. She walk towards the table but her mouth drop when she saw a words written on the wall. She walk towards the dusty part of the room and wipe the wall. 'ERS' Confusion filled her mind but her heart beats erratically fast when she heard noises from behind. "Gosh!" She hissed when she sa a mouse running away from the table. She walk towards the table, something about that table makes her want to touch and open the cabinet. She was about to hold it when someone startled her. "Ma'am it's about to get dark, we should get going." Eli sighed, she holds her chest and nodded. "I'll be there in a minute." The man nodded and leave Eli blows a loud breath and was about to leave when she saw a paper peaking on the old lamp beside the bed. Curiosity hits her, she walk towards the lamp and took the paper. 'ERS' She down blows all the dust on the envelope and put it on her bag then leave. After getting back to the hotel Eli felt so exhausted that she decided to take a shower, after taking a bath she decided to grab a bite outside the hotel. The cold wind brush to her skin, her hair gets messy because of the strong wind but it's refreshing. She just went to this restaurant named 'Paraiso' and sat on the table. "Hi ma'am what can I get for you?" The woman politely asked. Eli smile, the woman gasped when she saw her face that made her frown. "Is there something wrong?" The woman immediately shook her head and smile awkwardly. "No ma'am I-i was just surprised on how beautiful you are." Eli reluctantly smile and focus her attention to the menu when she heard whispers all around the place. "She looks exactly like her!" "I just had a goosebumps! Take a picture!" Eli shook her head and decided to ordered a fried rice and pinakbet. A Eli can still feel those glare but she decided to eat in peace, after eating she payed her bills and left the resto. She went straight home and jump on the bed, she took her bag and sat on the bed. "This is really an old paper." She then carefully unfold the perfectly fold paper that is about to get wreck at the same time. To her shock and amusement the letter is clean and nit but the words that caught her attention is the name of the receiver. 'To my Beloved Eliza Rodeen Santos"

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