Cultivation: Rule Beyond Divinity

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When Will regained consciousness, he was in this room of antiques that he had never seen before.

A maid passed by his door and gasped when she saw him. In her excitement, she lost her grip on a heavy water basin and dropped it on the floor.

"My prince, you're finally awake!"

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Chapter 1 The Prince
The night had fallen as the darkness grew over the Imperial Palace of the Cherish Dynasty.   "Somebody help! The prince is drowning!" A scream broke through the silence of the night. Immediately, several figures rushed towards the Imperial Garden.   "Erm...Where am I?" Will Cherish opened his sore eyes. He felt overwhelmed by the unfamiliar surroundings.   He was in a lavishly decorated room filled with antique furniture. There was no sign of modern living to be seen.   I remember burning incense and praying in the Temple of Goddess Nyrella in the Whiteridge Mountains …..   Will was perplexed. He was just an ordinary businessman. When the construction of his new building was underway, Will went to the temple for good luck and to gain the goddess's blessing. However, he didn't expect to find her standing there. Being in her holy presence left him speechless as he attempted to plea for her approval.   Then, tragedy struck. The temple collapsed, and the sky seemed to fall apart. A strike of purple lightning that resembled a dragon's movements descended from the sky with a destructive force that ravished the land.   When he regained consciousness, he was in this room of antiques that he had never seen before.   A maid passed by his door and gasped when she saw him. In her excitement, she lost her grip on a heavy water basin and dropped it on the floor.   "My prince, you're finally awake!"   The petite maid outside the door didn't even give mind to the mess she made. She instead threw herself toward Will, knelt at his bedside, and began to cry.   "Serena?"   Will absently breathed the woman's name. At that moment, a wave of memories that didn't belong to him flooded through his head.   He remembered that he was at the age of seventeen, and he was crowned prince of the Cherish Dynasty.   He was born with abnormal and twisted body meridians, and five of his internal organs were failing, making it impossible for him to learn to fight. In this warlike world, he was a lost cause. If he weren't the son of the king, he would have died quickly.   Being made prince of his father's dynasty was the best thing that ever happened to him.   Three months ago, Will fell into a lake and almost drowned. Upon being saved, he was left comatose until today. He could vaguely remember that his mother died when he was young. He also knew that he spent ten years studying martial arts and honing his Qi. However, his meridian distortion had blocked his Qi from escaping his body.   What is this?   While Will continued recalling these memories, his Qi began to shift and flow through him.   This feeling was unfamiliar to him, and he tried to control it. The weak Qi was sporadic as it pulsed through his limbs.   It didn't take long for his body to fill with the Qi that now ran through his crossed meridians. Suddenly, his meridians all seemed to burst, producing strong fluctuations. In the depths of his pubic region, an indescribable majestic feeling came from nowhere.   He had finally done it! He learned how to control his Qi!   Feeling this unfamiliar but satisfying power in his body, Will knew he could now start the cultivation. He would no longer be an embarrassment to his father.   Will was so excited that he couldn't speak. He trembled as his thoughts drifted back to the humiliation he had experienced for over seventeen years!   "Your majesty, how do you feel?" The sensation being given from the prince's body made the maid pale with concern.   Will flashed a smile and chuckled. He then hugged the maid and kissed her. Serena was so shocked that her eyes widened, and her face turned red. She could feel his tongue snaking into her mouth, and her heart began to beat very fast.   Although the prince's internal meridians were damaged, he was likely the most attractive man in the country. He could have any woman he wanted! In a million years, Serena never imagined he would set his eyes on her for even a moment.   After some time, they pulled away. Serena knelt to the floor in shock.   "Your…your Highness, I..."   She quickly felt shy and busied herself with cleaning the mess from the water basin, and the clothes she wore began to soak. Her large breasts could be seen through the thin material now, and Will could see she wasn't wearing any undergarments. Her breasts bounced and swayed with her movements.   Serena had quite a gorgeous figure, which was primarily why she was chosen to work in the Imperial Palace as a maid.   Will swallowed. He pondered on the pleasure he would feel to have her to himself. He couldn't help but want to tease and flirt with her.   He put on a long face, pretended to be angry, and said, "Is that all you'll give me? Is that what I'm worth?"   He knew that no one took him seriously after his mother passed away—no one but Serena. Only Serena remained faithful to him and took care of him when he needed it.   "I can't. I'm only a maid, and you're the prince..." Serena was flustered now, and her hands shook. Even if she hadn't worn makeup today, the young woman exhumed sexuality.   "I just wanted to ask you if you would like to sleep with me!"   Will smirked. Jesus, he thought, She's driving me insane. How could she look like this and only strive to be a maid?   Serena's face flushed instantly. She had become so excited that she couldn't speak. Instead, she let her actions speak for her.   She knelt on the ground and took off her outer garments, revealing her perfectly shapen body.   Below her milky white neck, a pair of round and delicate breasts displayed her arousal. Will looked down further. Just under her tight stomach, he saw that her v****a was completely bare.   Was she born without pubic hair?   Will was shocked. Of course, he couldn't recall any women in his life from before, and he couldn't tell if all women were as attractive as her or if her beauty was exceptionally rare.   Serena trembled and reached out her petite hand to touch the prince's waist. She had been trained to serve and sleep with the prince. Although she had never experienced it before, she knew the process very well.   As soon as she unbuckled his belt, the prince's trousers slipped to his ankles. A large, upright c**k appeared. Even Will was surprised at its size and girth.   It was almost as thick as her forearms. Thick blue veins pulsed around its shaft, and Will wondered if this came from the blood circulation needed to practice martial arts. The fact that he had never put his p***s to work like this before was a waste.   Will couldn't stand it anymore. He got up and pinned her to the couch, and his dominating movements jolted Serena.   "You've treated me well for ten years, and now it's my turn to treat you."   After muttering these words, Will kissed her chest and sucked on her fair skin. He teased the girl's n*****s with his tongue, and Serena felt as if an electric current was flowing through her chest, which made her tender body tremble again. She couldn't keep her legs down any longer.   "Your, Your Highness...... Ah!"   Her coy voice and playful moan only ignited Will's s*x drive. He slid his tongue down her body. He hesitated first on the small belly button. Then, he went even further.    "Your, your highness, not there… it's too sensitive..."   Serena melted at the feel of Will's tongue. She tried to close her legs together, but she didn't realize that the mountain spring water she drank only made their body taste sweeter.   Will moved his tongue all the way downwards to the beautiful maid's p***y. He sucked it gently with his lips. He felt her v****a's lips enter his mouth now. His tongue flicked back and forth, and she moaned as a cloudy white liquid squirted out of her.   Serena had never felt this way before. The stimulation made her legs open and shut repeatedly, and the pleasurable feeling he gave became unbearable.   With a red face, she touched Will's big c**k, rubbing it up and down. The feeling of his shaft only made her crave him more.   "You… Your Highness. I want you..."   Will had lived two lives. He naturally knew that foreplay could be enough. If he licked her again, he feared she would o****m too soon. So, he turned over and carried her two slender legs on his shoulders. He took some emissions from her v****a as a lubricant. With the sound of a soft smack, the prince penetrated his c**k into the maid's p***y.   He realized this could be her first time, so he pushed his member inside her quickly. But to his surprise, women in this world contained intense Qi and had a higher physical quality that kept them from experiencing the pain of their first s****l encounter. Serena felt his drive grow stronger with each thrust! Her calf hooked Will's waist, and she couldn't help but pull him in closer. She kept squirting. "It is so itchy! Your Highness, please f**k me!" Serena started to rave. However, she didn't know Will only penetrated half of his p***s. Will thrusted his c**k faster and deeper. Although Will never made any breakthrough after the years of cultivation, he was good at having s*x. Serena’s squirting had already wet the sheet. What would happen if I use my energy now? Will wondered. Will had just reached the first level of the cultivation. He had no idea why such a thought would come to his mind! No one had ever used power in s*x. Will started to mobilize his Qi. The Qi in his pubic area flew along his meridians. It would be very powerful if used in a fight. However, probably no one could expect Will would use his power in s*x so creatively! Will felt his c**k was burning when Qi went down. Serena felt it and squirted again! As soon as the c**k was empowered by Qi, Will lost control, and his p***s thrust to the deepest of her p***y. Serena’s legs trembled constantly. Will made her o****m. However, Will was surprised that the Qi wandered around in her p***y only once and became twice more potent! It made him recall the s****l cultivation of man and woman together. ... Will finally came after a long time. He ejaculated. And he found his Qi was much stronger. Although Serena was tired, she insisted on helping Will clean his body. She put on her clothes and happily stood beside the prince. Just when Will wanted to take a look at Serena, somebody came. "Prince, I am glad you are awake!" It was a young man, about twenty-three years old. He was noble and elegant. However, Will could tell that he wasn’t some good guy through his eyes. "Your Highness." Serena bowed to him. He was Jonathan Cherish, the second prince of the dynasty. Will’s memory was blurry. He couldn’t remember all of them yet. However, he felt angry for no reason when he saw Jonathan. "Your Highness, please stayed here. You are still weak!" Jonathan slowly came to Will’s side, bent over, and said with a smile. Although he was smiling, he was disdainful. In his mind, Will was nothing but a loser. Then, Jonathan glanced at the messy bed, frowned and said, "The maid dares to seduce the prince and have s*x with him. Bludgeon her!" "Somebody comes and takes her away!"

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