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Alex Harris could still clearly remember how his fate got twisted ever since that day when the thunder cracked in the sky and a beam of yellow light shot from the c***k like a speeding meteor and cut through the void to hit straightly towards him...

- - - - - -

After stepping outside, a falling flowerpot hit Alex Harris on the head and ended his life.

Died like this? Seriously?

But then he found himself waking up in a new world and holding……one cheek of a big and shapely a*s!

Well, He subconsciously squeezed it twice. It did feel good except for the following resounding slap on his face.

That was not enough. Later this angry girl made a few hand gestures and a blazing fireball the size of a fist was flying towards Alex.

A fireball? This sorcery? Alex realized he had come to a magical world!

Wow! Alex had always wanted to be a great magician and this time he aimed to get more!

Beauty, money, honor, and fame, he wants them all.

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Chapter 1 – New World
"f**k! What the hell! This can’t be happening!”  Alex Harris was dying.  After stepping outside, a falling flower pot had hit him on the head and ended his life. He screamed as he lay on the ground, stretching out his hand with difficulty. As if his destiny was right in front of him, he reached out and tried to grab it.   It was in an unknown world. On the east side of Angel Lake town stood the Angel Lake Middle School that specialized in teaching magic and Dou Qi martial arts. It was currently five minutes before the start of class. In the classroom for third graders, Alex was slumped face down on his desk, sleeping soundly. This is horrible! I can’t die because of some stupid flower pot!  Alex needed to take control of his destiny. There was no way he would let himself die like this. Then a blur followed. Alex stretched his arm as far as he could. He refused to give in and lose to his cruel fate. “I take control of my own destiny!” Alex shouted. He leaped forward, mumbling incoherently. Wow, this is soft. Is this creamy cake? In a daze, Alex opened his eyes and looked up which made him panic. Before him was a big and shapely a*s, and he was holding one cheek. Alex’s mind went blank. What’s going on? Whose a*s is this? Why am I holding it? Despite his confusion, he became excited. The flesh was soft and it felt good in his hand. He subconsciously squeezed it twice. "What the hell do you think you’re doing!" A sharp and piercing scream reverberated in the room, shaking the glass windows of the classroom. A resounding slap soon followed. The impact of the slap was so strong that it threw Alex across the room. If not for the classroom walls, he would have landed a lot farther. "f**k! What the hell!" Alex yelled. There was a red handprint on his face. The mark burned brightly on his cheek. “That hurt!” The classroom burst into laughter. The students looked at Alex gleefully as they jeered at him. He pushed himself off the ground and was instantly astonished by his surroundings. What's happening? Didn’t I just die? Where am I? Why am I in the classroom? Alex was puzzled. His eyes swept across the students in the room. Each person was a stranger to him. He didn't know any of them. Alex’s mind was a mess. In the next instant, something even more unbelievable happened. Crack! A blazing fireball the size of a fist was flying towards Alex. The girl who had screamed was furious. She launched the attack at Alex in fury.  A fireball? Is this sorcery? Alex’s eyes widened in equal parts horror and fascination. He couldn’t believe the girl had created a fireball with a few hand gestures. Am I dreaming? "Go to hell, Alex!" The girl yelled at him, her face flushed with humiliation and anger. The burning fireball was rolling its way to Alex, leaving a heatwave in its wake. Feeling the approaching heat emanating from the fireball, Alex scrambled to get away.     Bang! The fireball flew past Alex and hit the wall behind him, which also seemed to be reinforced by magic. After the fireball exploded, the wall stayed intact. There was no trace of any destruction after the attack. Alex blanched. That was terrifying! In addition to the sudden attack, the strange world before him was making him tremble with fear. Magic was a completely foreign concept to Alex, but everything felt so real. Now, he was certain that he was not dreaming. Did I get transmigrated? Alex's eyes were drawn to the tall boy marching over to him. The stranger was a lot more muscular than him. Alex had no doubt that he was also stronger than him. While Alex was distracted by the teenager’s physique, he grasped Alex’s neck and lifted him up, pinning Alex against the wall. Alex was horrified. The boy’s grip felt like an iron clamp, clasping Alex’s throat in a tight grip. He felt lightheaded as he gasped for air. Despite his struggles, the teenager’s hold on Alex didn’t slacken one bit. And nobody in the room stepped forward to help. All the other students watched Alex’s predicament in amusement. "Do you have a death wish? How dare you grope Emily!" The boy glared at Alex with fury in his eyes. As Emily’s boyfriend, Justin couldn’t tolerate any offense against her. Alex groaned to himself. This is unfair! I didn’t mean to grope Emily! I don’t even know who she is! "Let me...go… I didn’t... mean to…" Alex gasped with difficulty. No matter how hard he struggled, Justin’s iron grip didn’t loosen. "Are you kidding me? You actually expect me to believe you didn’t do that on purpose? You bastard! I’ll break your hand for this!" Justin growled, reaching for Alex’s right hand. It was the hand Alex had used to touch Emily. The school bell suddenly chimed. Justin frowned, letting go of Alex's neck reluctantly. "Watch yourself, Alex! I’ll see you after school!" Justin spat, stomping to his seat in anger. Alex slumped to the ground, panting for air. He held his neck as he recovered. Lucky! Literally saved by the bell!  An attractive woman with silver-rimmed round glasses walked into the classroom. She held a purple and a red crystal ball in each hand, piquing Alex’s interest. Realizing she was the teacher, he quickly slipped back to his seat. As Alex settled in his chair, he groaned to himself. I can’t believe this! After a miserable death, I get beaten up immediately after getting transmigrated to a new world!  What did I do to deserve this? Is my new life going to be just as bad? To make things worse, Alex didn’t know anything about this new world at all. He had no memory of his past in this life. But while he didn’t know his classmates, they seemed to know him well. Alex’s memory had been taken away.  What kind of sick joke is this? Could the gods be any crueler? The moment Mara walked in, all eyes fell on her. Everyone was curious about the crystal balls in her hands. After placing the two objects on the desk, she faced the students and spoke. "In ten months, you will make the most important decision of your life. Some of you will become great magicians or powerful Dou Qi warriors. Of course, some will end up with no status at all.” She paused, glancing at Alex in disdain. Why is she looking at me like that? Does she think I can’t become a great magician or a powerful warrior? I’m not gonna end up a loser! Alex cursed inwardly, despite his uncertainty about his future. "That’s why," Mara continued, raising her voice as she turned back to the class. "You have to train your affinities. They’re your only means to achieve greatness that’s worthy of any one’s respect and honor." Affinity? What does that mean? Alex was confused by Mara’s words.  In contrast, the rest of the students seemed excited. They stared at the two crystal balls on the desk in anticipation. "We’ll conduct a test to gauge your affinities." Mara pushed her round glasses up the bridge of her nose. "We all know that there are two kinds of power in the world: the power of elements, and the power of the world." "If we see the world as the ocean, the elements are the fishes within it. There are seven elements in total: earth, fire, wind, water, thunder, light, and dark. One’s affinity is the ability to sense elemental and celestial power." Mara’s face turned serious. "Your affinity will be your ticket to start your training. It doesn’t matter if you become magicians or warriors. As long as you’re powerful enough, you’ll get whatever you want: social status, prestige, and honor.” The students listened to Mara’s speech raptly. It lit a fire inside them. Everyone was hungry for immense power and prestige. At that moment, Alex finally understood what kind of world he was in. It was completely different from the dull world of his past life. Elemental magic and Qi warriors? This is incredible! Things like this only existed in my dreams! I’ve been mediocre all my life. It’s no wonder I died in such a pathetic way. Is this my chance to turn it all around?  I’ll definitely become a great magician! Or at the very least, an invincible warrior! I’ll get whatever I want! Women, money, honor, and reputation! Alex’s eyes sparkled with newfound delight.

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