Chapter 25: One Last Night

1383 Words

Lucien was in bed and asleep, to Emma's surprise when she returned to their room. He was snoring louder than usual. She'd expected him to be out drinking. He'd been defeated in his quest to get the packs to return to the old ways. Emma had walked along the beach thinking before she came back to the room. When she entered the bathroom, her phone dinged. “Meet me at the cove, please." Dex. “I'll be there." She slipped out of the bathroom, but Lucien was still snoring. She closed the door to the room with a slight snick then listened. Lucien was still asleep as far as she could tell. He wasn't one to wake in the night. Even so, she vowed not to be gone for too long. Dex was at their spot. The moon shone on the water as the waves lapped at the sand. Emma shifted back to human form and

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