Chapter 26: Back Home

1357 Words

Lucien packed his suitcase in silence as Emma tiptoed around him. She just had to get back to their house to put her plan in action. She doubted that Lucien would leave without her because of how that would look, but she couldn't bank on that. The last kiss with Dex was still on her mind. It was the last for a little bit and then she'd be his. That's what she wanted. That's where she should have been all along. “I need to speak to a few people before we leave," Lucien growled. He hoisted his suitcase off of the bed and left Emma to fend for herself. He left the door open as she struggled to close her suitcase. With it finally closed, she took a breath. Glancing into the hallway, she noticed Dex. He stood outside his room, his bags in his hands. He winked at her, then walked down th

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