Chapter 17: Dex's World

1290 Words

Emma had dinner with her family and Lucien's. Her family had finally stopped complaining about Dex probably because she didn't rise to their bait. Even if she'd wanted to defend him, they wouldn't have listened to her. As they sat around the table, the men talked about the latest news and what had been decided at the Council. Emma listened with interest when she heard Dex's name. “Not only has he formed this pack of misfits, but he's also got some crazy new ideas," Lucien said. Emma immediately straightened, no longer concerned with hiding her yawns as Irma and her mother chatted about pack gossip. “What kind of crazy new ideas?" George asked. Lucien rolled his eyes. “He's all about peace." “Peace?" Jeff asked. “Yes, peace. No wars between packs," Lucien said. Emma was dying

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