Chapter 18: The Brave Thing

1810 Words

Tonight was the night. Emma was going to wear the green dress. This was a test and maybe that wasn't fair, but she needed to know for sure before she upended her life. She needed to know if Lucien felt anything for her. Even if it was only physical attraction, it would tell her a lot. About him especially, but it would also make her path clear. She got ready in the bathroom while Lucien flipped through channels on the television. He was already in his tuxedo for the extravagant feast that evening. She just had to tie his bowtie for him. After she made herself look good. Not just good, sexy, and amazing. She'd washed her hair, dried it, and then put it into an updo. The style had looked easier on the video, but when she was done, Emma smiled at the results. Her eyes sparkled in the

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