Chapter 21: Back At It

1342 Words

The next morning Lucien was up before Emma. She was happy to have a moment to herself.; there were plans to be made. A knock on her door startled her out of her thoughts. When she opened the door Dex stood there a smile on his face. “Come here." “Is Lucien gone?" “He left fifteen minutes ago," Dex said. “Then come in. Dex shook his head. “No. He'll smell me in your room. Come to mine." “I'm in my pajamas." “Five minutes Emma. Just five minutes, then you can go on with your day." She looked around, but since there was no one else staying in the house and Lucien was long gone, she nodded. “Okay, Dex." She followed him to his room. It was just like hers with a table and a bed, but the view was better; Dex's room looked out onto the woods. Dex stood by the door while Emma looked ar

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