Chapter 22: Happy Again

1474 Words

Dex wanted out of this meeting. This was the same conversation they'd had the last few days. The Council had ceased to be productive. It always ended the same way; Dex wanting peace and Lucien wanting war. That wolf currently ranted on the floor about tradition and honor in battle. Dex did his best not to roll his eyes. He pulled out his phone. Where was Emma? “What you up to?" “I'm sitting on the beach, waiting for some friends." “Nice. I wish I was there," he typed. “So do I." He smiled at that. Brutus nudged him. “You paying attention?" “I could recite this speech in my sleep. He's made it every day," Dex said. Brutus grunted. “I like a fight as much as the next wolf, but really? There's only honor in conflict?" “I might step out of this meeting," Dex said. Sitting on the be

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