Chapter 23: Council Continued

1426 Words

Today was the first day Lunas were allowed in the Council. “Some of the Alphas wanted their Lunas involved," Lucien said, sounding as if he didn't understand why. “I have no choice, but to bring you." She bit back a retort at his lack of eagerness for her presence in the meeting. She might get some insight into Lucien and how to handle leaving him. What she would get to see was Dex in action. She could only imagine the ongoing conflict between Lucien and her former lover. She'd heard enough stories, but to see it in person would bring it all into reality for her. “I'm sure it'll be fine." “Just keep your mouth shut. You get this meeting and one this afternoon. Tomorrow there's a breakfast and then the Council is done." “We go home?" “Yes." He eyed her. “I would have thought you li

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