Energy Gauge full

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[HEALING HAND] RANK – IRON TYPE – MAGIC/ACTIVE [At the cost of 5 MP, instantly heal medium injuries. For a duration of 15 minutes, multiply the target's regeneration by 4 and prevent wound infection.] With this, other than being stabbed at the heart, head or throat, I'd be able to heal myself. BOOM. A loud explosion broke me out of my stupor. "They already got here." With how many the many the examinees are, the Furpuffs near the gate won't be enough. It was time to go deeper. But before that, I need to see who made that ruckus. I ran towards the source of explosion. A small figure was lying on the ground, wounded. Beside the person was a pulsating mass of flesh, a furpuff without any fur. The person had a pretty face, though I wasn't sure if the person was he or she, given that I didn't find any assets on a specific area. It was as flat as a road. I shook my head to focus on the task at hand. Aiming my palm at wounds, I used [HEALING HAND] for the first time. Exhaustion washed over as my MP got drained empty. The wounds vanished as if these never existed. Thankfully there wasn't any serious injuries. "Erhh," a groan came out of the person's lips. 'It's a girl then,' I thought, hearing the cute voice. She slowly opened her eyes. "You're awake." "Who?" "You can call me Solon. You were injured, badly." "Are you the one who healed me?" "Yup. Now then, since you're up and kicking, I'd best be on my way," she was in a daze as I turned around. I was already far when I heard her thank me. I waved my arm as a reply. Very hero like, save the day and leave without a name. "F*ck, I said my name." **** I went deeper into the plain while taking care of the furpuffs along the way. Further up I saw a mass of fur the size of a house jumping up and down. Not far away was another Giant Furpuff. Judging by the size of these things, I reckon taking one down would be impossible. Furpuffs are living plants, so bleeding it out was a no go. As I was dazed, a normal furpuff popped up next to the giant furpuff. "Summoning?" The thought of having a healer class companion plastered a smile on my face. "What would happen if I also upgrade it to iron class?" the very thought gave me an ear splitting grin. Every monster skill has a possibility of dropping, some of which are lower than 1%. Like furpuff skills, their drop rate basically non-existent. But before that, I need at least one battle card. Without one, slaying Giant Furpuffs would just be a pipe dream. I dragged the summoned Furpuff away from its gigantic counterpart. To fight a furpuff, you must separate it from the crowd, else the nearby furpuffs would spam it with heals. Individually, one cannot stack to same healing or status spells on a single target. However, a group healer could make a tank nigh invincible against non-one-hit-kill attacks. Dragging it to a nearby rock, I slammed it like a hammer. 9 minutes later, the furpuff said its goodbyes. When casted my gaze at the giant furpuff, there was already a furpuff next to it. And a little further away was another furpuff moving towards the gate's direction. One furpuff every 5 minutes, this would eliminate the time allotted for seeking prey. 13 more furpuffs were tortured to death. The energy gauge was finally full.
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