Copper Rank Grimoire, new features

615 Words
After a flashy show of lights, the book was now copper rank. It had copper cover and binding rings of the same material. There was another three new equipment pages. One for a passive skill card, the other two had a symbol of an upper right of an armor and the lower left of a ring separated by a line. These two should be for armor/accessory. A new section was added at the last part the book. It had only one page with the picture of a furpuff. Below the picture was the list of acquirable loot. The [FIRST AID] had the number 39 next to it. Below is an unknown loot filled with question marks and the number 1 beside it. 39 and 1 is 40, these should represent the number of cards in the deck. The last loot must have an abysmal draw rate. Or 1/40 doesn't guarantee one every 40 draw. At the back cover, a magic circuit was newly etched. It looked similar to the front cover except for having another outer circle and a recycle bin symbol at the center. I blinked twice trying to figure out what the magic circle is for. "Gasp," I was caught unprepared by the sudden assault of vibes coming from the book. "So the book's intelligence grew along with the rank." The growth was minimal as it couldn't speak yet. Six cards. Card recycler. Card pack. That's all I got from the vibes. Card recycler should be the name of the magic circuit on the back cover. And recycling six cards would give me a card pack of the a higher rank. "Alright. Let's go try that later," I still had two copper and two wood cards from the 14 furpuffs I defeated earlier. "But first, the status page." NAME: Solon Geit (Shen Xiaolong) AGE: 18 RACE: Human RANK: Copper CLASS: None MP: 25/25 Remarks: Even an ant is better than you. Get a job!!! Although the remark really bothers me, a 5 times increase in MP brought joy to my heart. I'll be able to cast [HEALING HAND] five times in a single go. One for each person in a five-man party. And even if I can't stack the regen buff, I can still heal serious injuries if spam heal on a single person. "Now then, on to hunting," I can't wait to test out the card recycler. I've only got more than half an hour on the timer before I get dragged out. **** I was lucky enough to finish the fourth furpuff before I was transported out. A barrier wrapped around me and flew me towards a platform outside the gate. It must be because of the new recycling feature that the book didn't automatically fuse the six identical cards. A staff walked up to me as I exited the transportation platform. Transportation platforms worked like elevators with a spherical barrier replacing the original metal box. Transportation platforms are a much cheaper alternative for teleportation gates by no less than fifteen times. The lady staff had curves on all the right places. She stood in front of me and held her right palm. I stared at it for a few seconds before placing my left hand on top. She pulled back her hand and gave me a glare. She held out her hand again and spat out, "the bracelet," with an impatient tone. "Oh. Sorry about that," I apologized as I gave her the device. "For the final rankings, just refer to the website on this card," she said handing out a business card. "You can seek further assistance by calling the number below," saying this, she turned around and left.
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