I gets me a weapon

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"I'm home." "Welcome home," mom replied. "You're late." Followed by Klee's grumpy voice. "You said you'd be back by noon. It's an hour past one." "Yeah, about that. There's a perfectly good reason for that." I scratched my head and dodged my sister's glare. "Well?" She crossed her arms, raising those monstrous racks. I hastily lifted my head to prevent my nose from bleeding. "Have you heard of this year's college entrance examination? Apparently they wanted to use the Dandelion Fields as the examination grounds. I couldn't go in if I didn't join. So, uh, yeah, that's about right." "You joined? And you said college wasn't really important," she raised an eyebrow. "Yes and yes. But that was before I could use a spell." A glint flashed in my eyes when an idea came to me. Before she could even react, I was already raising her chin and my face was just inches from hers. It really helped that Solon was a few inches taller than Klee. I gave her a passionate gaze. "Did I make sister worry?" My voice carried a teasing tone. "I-i***t. W-Who would worry about you?" She turned to hide crimson face, but I already saw her red ears. She went to her room, stomping with each step. Blood trailed down my nose when saw her bottom bounce up and down as she stomped her feet. I quickly ran towards my room and found the tissues nearly empty. The almost full trash bin gave me an inkling of how the previous Solon was able to live his pitiful life. "GRRR" My rumbling stomach pulled me out of my thoughts. My feet automatically brought me to the kitchen. I saw food already prepared for me in the fridge. Normally mom wouldn't do this, today was an exception. 'Was it because told her I'd be back at noon?' I popped all the food containers inside the microwave. **** Satisfied with the meal, I returned to my room. I sat in front of my desk and summon the book. I then proceeded to gather the six wooden cards from the storage section and placed one on each point of the star of the card recycler. The inner circle started glowing light brown and the cards became specks of light. The light gathered towards the recycle bin. A card pack popped out and the lights vanish. I held the card pack out saw words written on it. [WRATH OF LIFE] [Wood-element weapon pack] 'I could finally have a battle card,' I was utterly excited as I ripped apart the packaging. The card had a picture of a whip. The description where as follows, [FLUFFY WHIP] RANK – COPPER TYPE – WEAPON/PHYSICAL [Can cause mid copper rank damage. Any pain caused by this weapon is converted in to pleasure.] I spat out blood after I read the description. This was an S&M's holy item. It could be auctioned out for an astronomical price. Sadly it could only be used by me. Maybe be in the future I'd be able to turn the cards into items everyone can use. And the book gave me a vibe that confirmed my theory. As long as I reach bronze rank, money won't be a problem in the near future. Anyway, this weapon could help me grind for more furpuffs. And I wouldn't have to torture them anymore. They could reach two heavens with the help of the whip. The thought of dying with pleasure gave me goosebumps and a nosebleed. "Ah. Sh*t. At this rate I'm gonna have anemia from losing too much blood." With a sigh, I plopped myself on the bed and dosed of.
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