Experiencing an S&M moment

614 Words
"You're a healer?" "I guess? I'm not sure myself as this is the first compatible spell I got." Everyone was shocked when I told them I could cast a spell. Even dad paused for a second, but as usual he didn't say anything. "T-Then. Had you joined any party yet?" Mom asked. "About that. I plan on honing training my evasion before I start diving on copper gates." Dad nods in agreement. One can't trust a stranger you just met. Even though healers place themselves in the backline, you also need to watch out for stray attacks or killing blows that no one can tank. **** After dinner, I went to the backyard. With a swing of my arm the [FLUFFY WHIP] appeared on my grip. I myself prefer mid-range weapons, but an S&M artifact never came to mind. As the saying goes, "Ten years of a sword, a lifetime for the spear." It requires practice to properly handle a weapon. There'd be dire consequences if I accidentally hit myself. Imagine having an orgasm in the middle of a fight. The very thought sent shivers down my spine. I took a deep breath and straightened my back. I loosened my arm and swung the whip slowly. I brought my arm backwards and violently cracked the whip to the front. The slammed at my face and ecstasy flooded my mind. "Arghh," a deep moan escaped my mouth. My entire body shaking in euphoria. "Ah," I heard someone exclaimed. I turned around to find mom covering her mouth, shocked. I swiftly hid the whip behind me. "T-This. This is not what it looks like," I said in denial. Mom shook her head and gave a sad smile, "I can understand you developing strange hobbies. But there are things that you should only do in private." With that she turned around and left. "What did you understand?" I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. I cleared my thoughts and started practicing again. I already came twice before I started getting the hang of it. BANG. BANG. BANG. The sounds grew louder every time I crack the whip. After a couple more swing decided it was time for bed. I watched a few whip tutorials before dozing off. **** Early the next morning, after breakfast and an hour whip cracking, I jogged towards Dandelion Fields. I excited in testing my new weapon. I was really grateful that I practiced last night, I wouldn't have to worry about people seeing me moaning ing the middle of a public place. I arrived at giant furpuffs' territory. I took my whip out and dragged an unsuspecting furpuff away from its friends. BANG. BANG. BANG. Three cracks and the furpuff vanished. 30 seconds, it took 30 seconds to kill a furpuff. It was 18 times better than my previous records. With my chest full of confidence, I started whipping furpuffs without pulling them away from the group. I had to make more strikes because of the collective heals but it worked out fine. **** Two hours later, I was able gather four copper rank cards. Ofcourse, this time I had to manually fuse them myself. I placed all six copper cards on the card recycler. Instead of the inner circle, it was the outer circle that started glowing and in a copper light. A card pack came out. It had the same picture of a treant as last card pack. [WRATH OF LIFE] [Wood-element consumables pack] Another wood-element. Must be because furpuffs are plants. Returning my gaze at the card pack, I ripped the plastic off. I found myself staring the card's description. My breathing became heavy and heartbeat quickened.
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