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[ORGANIC FERTILIZER] RANK - IRON TYPE - MAGIC/CONSUMABLE [Raise the rank of one(1) wood-element card to iron] An upgrade card. Although this one is only applicable to wood-element cards, this doesn't eliminate the possibility of upgrading other type of cards. Especially the [TRASH HAND] card. Without further ado, I upgraded the only card viable for upgrade, the [FLUFFY WHIP]. [FIRST AID] cards aren't on the list as I can just kill five other furpuffs to get the copper version. The upgrade card vanished from my hand and the grimoire opened up to the sleeve containing the former [FLUFFY WHIP]. On the page was a copper colored card with the same fluffy whip image but was surrounded by green lights. [FLUFFIER WHIP] RANK - IRON TYPE - WEAPON/PHYSICAL [Can cause mid iron rank damage. Any pain caused by this weapon is converted in to pleasure. Healing spells can now recover small amounts of stamina.] Woah. Now this is an S&M holy relic. Stamina would never be an issue with this thing. Also, with the pleasure effect, getting hard is just as easy as one whipping. Seven times a night wouldn't be a dream anymore. 'Wait. Why am I thinking these things? I should be thinking of diving copper rank gates. Copper rank cards, I'm coming.' "But first, a summoning card." I stared at the giant furpuff not far away. I summoned the whip with a flick of my wrist. BANG. Gunshots resounded with each crack of the whip. The giant furpuff retaliated by summoning two normal furpuffs. The furpuffs then proceeded to heal the giant furpuff. "Like I'd let you." I started whipping the furpuffs as soon as they came out. Giant. Small. Small. Giant. Small... The giant lump of cotton fell after the eighth whiplash. A deck flew out and shuffled and a card went to my book. It was a [HEALER'S TOUCH]. Not what I was expecting. Shrugging my shoulders, I proceeded to look at the bestiary. There was a new page containing the giant furpuff's loot table. 35 [HEALER'S TOUCH], 5 [SUMMON FURPUFF]. 'At the very least, its not one,' I tried comforting myself. With my luck getting a card with a 1/40 chance is similar to 1/1000. 5/40 should be a lot more doable. **** "Doable my ass." Two hours of constant grinding. I was able to gather ten iron rank healing cards but still no sign of the summoning card. I decided to call it a day. After greeting mom, I headed straight for my room. It was time for me to craft a bronze rank card pack. As for a bronze rank healing card, there's no need to have one for now. I could fuse one if just spend an hour and a half of grinding. What I really need now is a trump card or an armor. Including the one I'm using I have a total of 11 [HEALING HAND]. Using six of them as materials, the entire card recycler circuit lit up in black light. A bronze card pack materialised on top. It had the same ancient treant picture and leafy details. [WRATH OF LIFE] [Wood-element magic card pack] 'Oh my god. A magic card.' I couldn't wait to see what I got as I greedily ripped the packaging off. Or tried to. It was as hard as steel. Even a blister pack was easier to open than this. Scissors, utility knives, kitchen knives and even a machete. Nothing worked. In rage I shouted, "Open" at the top of my voice. The card pack suddenly flew off my hand and ripped it's own packaging. A bronze card landed on my hands.
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