Getting a License

625 Words
"Mom, I'm going out. Be back by dinner." "Oh? Good luck on your date!" "It's not a date mom!" I hailed a cab to the Hunter's Guild. Gles had advanced to bronze rank so it was time she get a license, and since I didn't have one I tagged along. What's a hunter's license you say? Well, a hunter's license is a card that allows you to access bronze rank gates. It was like those guild card you read about in isekai novels. Why are does a bronze rank gate need a pass? I also don't know. There's a saying in this world, 'The true hunt begins with bronze.' So I guess a hunter isn't really a hunter if he hasn't reach bronze. I went to the a counter and asked the the receptionist. It was the same she-dude who winked at me yesterday. "My, my, my. It's only been a day and you're already back. Did you miss me?" The receptionist swayed his hips. His fingers walked over the counter and he placed his hand on mine. Chills went down my spine, all my hair stood on end. I withdrew my hand slowly, it would be rude to him if suddenly pulled away. "Uh. No, that's not why I'm here." I gave him a wry smile. "Oh? Then what brings you here?" He pouted at first but quickly went back to his bright eyes smile." 'Stop that! You're not cute at all! Nope! Never! You're ruining my memories of cute girls! It's getting replaced by your ugly mug!' I yelled in my mind. "I'd like to apply for a hunter's license." "Well, you've come to the right place. You can register here. But..." He twirled his in finger in front of my face and teasingly touch my nose. "You need to be a bronze rank first." "I'm already bronze rank. So, can I have an application now?" "Hmm. Here's the application form." He said giving me a form from under the counter. Then he pointed at the door beside the counter. "After you filled the form, go through this door to take the examination." After I filled the form with appropriate data, I thanked him and proceeded to the exam venue. "The test will start in an hour. Good luck." He didn't forget to give me a wave as I left. **** The test venue was quite large. About twice the size of a basketball court. There were other people waiting for the examiner. All of them were in there late twenties or early thirties. This was normal since it takes a lot of time to cultivate one's energy in battle. Specially when they only hunt once a week. No one was like me who could just gather exp by slaying a lot of monsters in the same rank. (I don't get exp but energy, though they work the same.) Gles arrived ten minutes later. I told her I was waiting in the venue via text. She sat down next to me. Different from the usual fidgety and stuttering girl that I know, she was maintaining proper etiquette. So much so you'd think she was a noble. Half an hour later, more people came up on the scene. Turns out that today was the monthly bronze rank examination day. Quite a lot of people were her to be tested for the license. The door on the other side of the hall opened before the waiting time ran out. A voluptuous woman came out from the other side. She was tall, sporting shoulder length red hair, vermilion eyes and blood red lips. She was decked top to bottom in black leather outfit with red accents. Two red blades hung on either side of her waist.
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