The Beast Within

698 Words
I pulled out the next card to inspect. [BEAR-BEAR OVERHAUL] RANK - BRONZE TYPE - PET ARMOUR [Turn your cuddly hunk of fur into a battle ready companion with this bear armour*. Can defend from attacks below peak bronze. And when you need cuddling, the amour can instantly transform into a choker**, leaving your pet hug-ready. *You can choose from an assortment of metals. **For an additional 500 CP, you can get a customised name tag for the choker.] And now it even has costumer care? I wonder what's next? [BEAR-BEAR BATTLE MODULE VERSION 2.9] RANK - BRONZE TYPE - PET ACCESSORY [Bring your bear-bear's battle prowess to the next level with this game-changing* battle module. New bear style battle techniques. Three interchangeable battle modes to match any situation. Your pet can a Tank, a Brawler or a Battle Mount. Defend yourself and leave the opponent with no chance to aim at you with Tank Mode. Feeling aggressive? Pummel your way through with Brawler Mode. Want to feel the wind in your hair? Ride your pet into battle with Battle Mount Mode. Never lack that battle spirit! Feel the thrill of battle with the all new BGM player**. *vs previous versions. **Music not included. Must connect to the web first and download manually.] 'Who needs a music when fighting!?' Well, there was one novel where the MC carried a musical shell. I do admit I want to see Gles fighting her enemies with style. [UNLEASH YOUR INNER BEAST] RANK - IRON TYPE - CONSUMABLE [Is it too small? Is it too short? Is it too flimsy? Couldn't last long enough? The action was too quick? The load was too little? Get rid of all those problems. Unleash the monster from within. Gain that perfect body. Achieve that ideal height. Have those rock hard muscles. Attain that endurance to last throughout your entire working hours. Get that high amounts of stamina. Be strong enough to bear what ever load they put on your shoulders. All of that in just one pill. Take one now.] At first you thought it was a d*ck enhancing pill but then it turned into a gym advertisement half-way through. The descriptions were getting more crankier by the moment. I took a good look at the card and decided to use it now. "Use card [UNLEASH YOUR INNER BEAST]." The card vanished and was replaced by a pill. I popped the whole thing in my mouth and waited for the change. A slight tingle was felt on the abdominal muscles. The sensation spreaded out to every part of the body, even to muscles I never knew existed. Yeah, and even to my junior. The accumulated tingle from my entire body nearly made my brain numb. The tingling increased and my muscles began to vibrate like a massage chair. At first it was shivering, then it gradually increased. Until it was so fast, it could even make a vibrator lose its job. On the outside it only looked like I was only experiencing a chill. Three long hours almost made my head blank. I was even afraid that my brain was replaced with muscles. Grrr I heard a grumble from my stomach. I was famished. It was like I had starved for years. My palm touched my stomach and I felt an unfamiliar sensation. It was like I was touching a steel statue. My hand moved downwards and I felt the details of my eigth pack abds. I flexed my arm and solid muscles popped out. When in relax my body would look normal, as if I never had done work. When I flexed, steel-like muscles would show themselves. It would look like I did bodybuilding my entire life. I was quite pleased. Overall, my body didn't change much on the outside but inside, I packed the power of a peak bronze nine. I could penetrate a thick ancient bronze bell in one punch. Also my height didn't change. I didn't want to grow taller than I already am. For me, it was ideal to have average height. Neither tall, nor short. My gaze turned to my side. Gles was still there, waiting all the while.
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