A scam???

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Gles sits down beside me but did not utter a word. She knows that my attention would disconnect from my surroundings everytime I finish a battle. I never told her why but she doesn't seem to mind. Nor does she ask me for a reason. It's not that I don't want to tell her, I'll have to find the right moment to do so. Just not now, not yet. I have trust in her, but I need to make sure I was strong enough to prevent untoward incidents. I focused on the grimoire and flipped it to the storage section. Five new cards from the bear. Aside from Draguinity, another four from the Salamandrake. A total of nine cards. I scanned the cards' descriptions. [FALL OF GOMORRAH] RANK - IRON TYPE - MAGIC/TOGGLE [With 150 MP, create a rain of brimstone and ash in a radius of 15 meters. All fire attacks are boosted. Wounds are inflicted with double pain. Duration is 2 minutes, 10 MP is consumed for every minute after.] [SCORCHED EARTH] RANK - IRON TYPE - MAGIC/ACTIVE [For 70 MP, call upon the flames of the earth. A pillar of magma shoots out of the ground dealing iron rank damage. After the eruption, a 5 meter pool magma is left dealing constant copper rank damage for 1 minute.] [DRAGON'S TAIL] RANK - IRON TYPE - CONSUMABLE [Flip three coins. Boost the ability of a whip type weapon by the number of tails. 1 tail: Increase the rank of a weapon by one. Add fire-element damage. 2 tails: Rank+1. Inflict status BURN every time you attack. Add fire-element damage. 3 tails: Rank+2. Inflict burn passive. Add fire-element damage. Add skill "Whip Expert".] 'Fluffy whip, you don't have to stay idle anymore!' [SALAMANDRAKE'S SLIME ESSENCE] RANK - IRON TYPE - CONSUMABLE [Rejuvenates and whitens the skin. Say good-bye to those wrinkles and blemishes. No more rough skin. No more skin cancer. Say no to that dull, ugly skin and say hello to a brand new you. Have that perfect skin that even dolls would be jealous of. All in just one use of this wonderful product. A single use lasts for a lifetime. Your skin will never age ever again. *Hair conditioner sold separately. **Model fairy not included.] 'What a shady description!' If I had read this from anywhere else, I would have definitely believed it was a scam. Fortunately, the grimoire would never lie. This was the real deal! It's what every woman out there dream of having. What girl wouldn't want to have perfectly smooth skin? If I where to sell this at an auction I would be filthy rich. But I wasn't planning on doing that. 'I had the perfect candidate right here.' I took a peek at Gles. Her gaze was fixed on my face all the while waiting for me to pull my self out of my thoughts. I decided to continue with my card inspection. [I ♡ BEAR-BEAR] RANK - BRONZE TYPE - WEAPON/MAGIC [A fluffy teddy you can hug in battle. Increases the size of any magic projectile. Projectile will never deviate from its flight path. Everytime you attack there is a small chance to summon a barrier that block any damage once.] [BIG HUGGABLE BEAR-BEAR] RANK - BRONZE TYPE - PHYSICAL/PET [Plushie too small? No worries! This construct is big enough to hug and hug you back! You can even sleep on it! And best of all! It fights with you in battle! *Has peak bronze rank battle prowess. ** Comes in Onyx Black, Spinel Gray, Quartz Rose, Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Topaz Yellow, Zircon Brown, Amethyst Purple, Carnilian Orange and Pearl White.] 'Whaa....at?' Another sleazy description. And a mish-mash of slogans too. Makes you wonder if they are selling teddies or phones. Or both. But it's neither! Kinda like those online shopping products. You'll never know the difference from the pictures until you receive the item.
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