Make a beast out of you

601 Words
I approached the bear and used Lightning Charge. High voltage energy wrapped around my horns like tesla coils. I collided with bear. Zzangg. Crackle. The foe was knocked away with deep holes on its chest, sparks of electricity danced around its body. Not giving it a chance, I gripped my hands overhead and hammered down. The rubble beneath its body cave in as my fists struck it squarely in the torso. I brought my fists up again and smashed down. The bear seems to have recovered by the time I had my arms up. It swiped its claws to block my incoming strike and rolled to the side. It stood up on its hind legs and tried to rip me with its sharp nails. Roarr. I blocked its paw with my arm. Taking a step forward to build momentum, I sent a punch at its chest. It receives my fist but it stood its ground, not wanting to take a step back. The paralysis doesn't seem to be working either. If you can't beat it with debuffs, beat it with brute force. The bear went in for the brawl. It swiped its claws in fury. I curled up my arms before my face to block its sharp talons with my draconic scales. Scratches began to show on my scales but the claws weren't able to pierce my defense. Electricity zapped around me as I prepared to use Lightning Charge again. I took a step forward with my arms still curled. I tackled the bear hard. It was not able to maintain its posture as it was knock back a few steps. This gives me time to think things through. I took a low stance talons bared. I began to learn from my opponent. In my monster form, I need to fight like a monster. Only by doing so can I ultimately bring out the full might of a transformation card. Roarrr. Roarrr. As wild as a beast. As destructive as lightning. Like the wrath of heavens in the flesh. Slash after s***h. Gashes appeared on the bear as I swiped at it like a madman. The bear fought back but barely peirced my scales. It was not a living thing, so even though it was literally covered in wounds, it never bled. Seeing that my opponent was still an animated object even though it transformed into a life-like bear, I knew the only way to take it down was to take out its core. I pulled back my arm and formed a knife with my hand. High voltage sparks crackled around my arm. Lightning Punch Instead of a fist, I used Lightning Punch to boost the piercing power of my claws. Zap. Bang. Thunder resounded as I swiftly extended out my arm. My hands penetrated the center of its chest. I felt a spherical object in my hands. I gripped it with my claws and with a yank, it was pulled out of the bear. The body fell on the rubbles. A few seconds after, it disintegrated. A deck appeared and shuffled themselves. Five cards flew out of the deck and was coolected by my grimoire. Dismissing my skills, I sat down on a piece of what was once a pillar. I pulled out my grimoire. I wanted to see if I got any good cards from the loot. Specifically, a summoning card. The spirit core that I pulled out of the bear was still in my hands. If I didn't get any summoning cards, then I can still hire someone to rewrite this spirit core and create another battle pet.
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