After the Divorce, I Embrace My Own Light


Skyler Shaw and Piper Richard entered into an agreement to become husband and wife. Piper Richard loved Skyler Shaw deeply, but he didn't feel the same way and treated her as a substitute for Marina Newman. In order to avoid causing trouble, Piper gave up her passion for dancing and painting and became the perfect wife for Skyler.

As the time for divorce approached, Piper surprisingly signed the divorce agreement without any hesitation, leaving Skyler shocked. But little did he know that their constant interactions had slowly allowed Piper's love to penetrate his heart, and he was beginning to realize his true feelings for her. Will Skyler be able to win Piper back and give their love a chance to bloom?

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Chapter 1 Birthday
It snowed heavily. Through the floor-to-ceiling window, Piper Richard could clearly see that the car in the courtyard was covered with a thin layer of snow. The branch that had just been pulled out was slightly bent and crumbling as if it would break in the next second. It turned out that it would snow in April. Piper thought. "Piper... Piper?" Mrs. Richard called out to Piper in a worried voice. Piper turned around and looked at her mother. Piper forced a smile. "I'm fine." The food on the table was already a little cold. Piper bit her lip and thought for a moment, then pushed the chair away and got up. She held her phone and said, "I'll make a call." She deliberately found a corner that was not easy to be heard. Holding her mobile phone, she pondered for a moment and finally made up her mind to dial the number that she had long memorized. She heard the busy tone of the phone. After a long while, the call was answered. "Honey," Piper took a deep breath and said in a deliberately soft tone, "are you almost there? It's snowing. Drive carefully. I'm at home..." "I'm at the company." Skyler Shaw interrupted her. When one listened carefully, it seemed that he was impatient after being interrupted by her. "You don't have to wait for me." "But..." Piper held her phone tightly. Before she could finish her words, Skyler hung up the phone. Holding her phone, Piper stood still for a moment. A sour and bitter feeling welled up in her heart, making her want to cry. Piper raised her head and sniffed hard. When she calmed down, she walked to the hall. As soon as she entered the hall, she said, "We do not need to wait for Skyler. He's busy with work. Let's eat first." Piper's mom looked at her worriedly. She wanted to say something but stopped on second thought. The dishes on the table were quickly served again, but no one said a word this time. Only the crisp sound of cups colliding occasionally could be heard. They finished the meal quickly. Piper was worried that it would be difficult to drive if the snow got heavier, so she politely refused her mom to stay for one night at home. "Do you want the driver to drive you back?" Piper's mom knew that she couldn't force Piper to stay, so she could only sigh and ask again. Piper was good at driving, but it was snowing now and the weather was not good. When she stepped on the brakes, her calf would always hurt faintly. She was also worried that something would happen, so she agreed. Piper's mom heaved a sigh of relief. Piper had been a very easy-going child since she was a child, which led to Piper's mom not paying much attention to her when she was a teenager. When she finally realized that something was wrong, she wanted to persuade Piper, but the relationship between them had become less intimate, so they could not talk about many things. Although Piper looked docile and didn't like to have conflicts with others and didn't seem to have any ideas, in fact, as long as she made up her mind, she couldn't change it. "You and Skyler..." Piper's mom hesitated for a moment as if she was thinking about how to start the conversation. In the end, she sighed and changed the topic. "Are you really not going to dance in the future?" Piper thought of something that caused her calf painful in midnight and woke up her. Those memories did not make her feel good, so she quickly shook her head and said, "I won't dance anymore." Piper raised her hand and glanced at her watch. After calculating the time, she interrupted her mom, who still wanted to talk to her. "It's getting late. I'll go back first." Piper received a Twitter message from her mom. "Piper, no matter what happens, the Richard family will always be your home. And happy birthday." Perhaps Piper's mom really didn't know how to express her love. She was very clumsy. The only thing she could do was buy beautiful jewelry or transfer a large sum of money to Piper's bank account, which was similar to what Skyler did. Piper received the money and replied with an "okay". Then she put down her phone and closed her eyes. The place where she and Skyler lived was located in a good place. It was quiet in the middle of the city, and the land in the city was expensive. Piper had been happy for a long time when she moved in, thinking that she could finally live with Skyler. Unexpectedly, she was still lonely most of the time. Skyler never changed his excuse and he didn't even bother to make up an excuse to lie to her. Half a month ago, Piper had finally convinced Skyler to have dinner with her in the Richard family. She had thought that although Skyler treated her coldly, he would be moved by her one day. It was nothing. Piper comforted herself. After all, Skyler didn't love her. Piper tidied up her pajamas and went to the bathroom to take a shower. When she moved in, she especially filled a big bathtub with the function of massages. As soon as she went in, she felt that all her exhaustion had been washed away. Piper enjoyed soaking in it quite a lot. Anyway, Skyler might not come back tonight. She found a facial mask and put it on her face and prepared to take a good sleep in it first. It had to be said that the top-level bathtub was indeed comfortable. After a while, Piper fell asleep. This was what Skyler saw when he walked in. Piper had her hair tied up, but some of it was still loose. She had fallen asleep. She turned her head, and the facial mask on her face had lost its moisture due to the passage of time and fell to the ground, and more than half of the bubbles in the bathtub had dissipated. The wonderful curves hidden in the water were vaguely revealed, giving her a kind of hazy beauty. Skyler held his breath. He had always known that Piper was beautiful, especially her eyes, which were slightly raised. They were attractive. When Piper looked at Skyler with watery eyes, even if he didn't like her, he would still be touched. She was like a temptress. Skyler loosened his tie and walked over. He pressed his thumb on her lips and rubbed them slightly to feel the warm touch. Piper noticed someone coming in and opened her eyes in a daze. "Honey?"

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