Chapter 4: The Game Has Begun

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-Jax- Six months had flown by, and during that time, Kat had kept her distance not only from Luke but from everyone else as well. I, too, had abstained from intimate encounters since the night I resolved to commit to Kat fully. Instead, I busied myself with planning and preparation. Kat could have easily sought comfort elsewhere, but she chose to wait. The realization brought a rush of satisfaction, causing my heart to quicken its pace and filling me with excitement. Tonight was unfolding even better than anticipated. After our meal, we ventured outside as planned, hand in hand. Though Kat seemed initially apprehensive about the physical contact, she gradually relaxed as we strolled through the cold, dark night. Despite the chill in the air, I felt no discomfort with her warmth beside me. “What?” she questioned, noticing my constant grin. “I didn’t say anything,” I replied, meeting her gaze. “No, but you haven’t stopped smiling since I mentioned my celibacy,” she pointed out. “Perhaps I’m just happy about that,” I suggested. “Happy about my dry spell?” she queried, raising an eyebrow. "I'm happy because I'm going to break it," I declared, watching as her eyes seemed to gleam in the darkness at my words. Kat and I were explosive in bed, at least when it came to each other. "Then why are we out here walking?" she questioned. "Because it's nice," I replied casually. "There's an alley just over there," she pointed out. I chuckled. "I said we would go back to your place afterward." "Yes, but why wait?" she pressed. As tempting as it was, I didn't want it to happen like this. I didn't want a quick f*ck in a random alley followed by a drive home. No, I had orchestrated this night, and I hadn't abstained from her for six months to give in so easily. "Wouldn't you rather be in a warm bed?" I suggested. "Bed. Wall. Does it make a difference?" she asked. "It makes a huge difference," I insisted. "How so?" "Because in that alley, I can't fulfill my promise of undressing you completely. But in your bed, I can," I explained, casting a meaningful glance at her. I noticed her cheeks flush, not out of embarrassment, but out of desire. Oh, she wanted me as much as I wanted her. "You were talking to Megan earlier, right?" I asked, observing Kat's reaction closely. Kat nodded. "What did you mean when you said, 'take the damn test'?" I inquired. Kat's complexion seemed to pale slightly, and she averted her gaze. I found her reaction suspicious, prompting me to halt our movement and turn her to face me. "Well?" "It's nothing," she replied evasively. "What test, Kat?" I pressed, releasing her hand. "Um..." "Is Megan pregnant?" I ventured. "Probably not," she responded. "Probably not?" I raised an eyebrow. Kat shook her head. "She's just a bit late, but that's not unusual for Megan." "Hmm..." I contemplated, mulling over the information. "What? Not ready to be an uncle?" she teased. "Uncle Jax has a nice ring to it," I said playfully, eliciting laughter from her. "It makes you sound old!" "Ouch!" Her laughter warmed my heart, igniting a flutter within me. "Hey, Aunt Kat doesn't sound any younger," I quipped in return, attempting to level the playing field. I smiled and enveloped her in my arms, drawing her close. Her teasing expression shifted to one of desire. "You're so beautiful," I murmured, our faces mere inches apart, her breath teasing my lips. She breathed heavily, her gaze smoldering with desire, tempting me to pull her into the nearby alley. "Can we please go back now?" she requested. I grinned. "Tired?" "Not really." "Then let's go," I agreed. A radiant smile illuminated her face as we hastened back to the car. Once inside, she fastened her seatbelt and glanced at me, her eyes now ablaze with passion. I relished the sight. As we drove back to her apartment, desire crackled between us, building with each passing moment. Upon reaching her floor, I pressed her against the door, capturing her lips with mine. She responded eagerly, her arms winding around my neck. Despite the intoxicating taste of her lips, I exercised restraint and pulled back, leaving her momentarily bewildered. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Just ensuring you get home safely," I reassured her. "What?" she exclaimed. "What?" I echoed innocently. "I'm heading home now." Her shock was obvious, and it took her a moment to process my words. "But you said—" "I said what?" I interrupted. "We're here now." Her shock transformed into anger as she realized my true intentions. "Have a nice night, kitten," I said, descending a few steps before glancing back at her. "You manipulative asshole!" she shouted, taking a step forward as if to pursue me. I chuckled, waving dismissively. "I'll call you!" "Jax!" she called after me, but I continued down the stairs, a mischievous grin playing on my lips. Let the game begin.
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