Chapter 2: Dinner

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-Jax- F*ck, I had almost forgotten how she made me lose my mind every time I saw her. She was like a breath of fresh air, and all I wanted was to inhale deeply, breathe in her scent, and just f*ck her senseless on the bed. It was never a slow f*cking that happened between us. It was often fast, both of us losing our minds, just wanting to get the other to come. It was almost like a battle between us, and I had loved every second of it. Then we split up, and I disappeared for six months trying to plan out the best way I could get Kat Miller to fall at my feet, turning that stubborn no into a big fat yes, because Kat was going to marry me, and she was going to beg me to make her mine. That was the plan! Okay, it was a bit more complicated than that. Don’t think I didn’t come prepared. First step: Reconnecting! This was going to be a night not for us to get lost in each other’s bodies, but in each other's eyes. No, that sounded st*pid. Hearts? No, it gave me a sickening feeling, thinking like that. No, the point was for me to break down all those big high walls around Kat’s heart, and once she let me in, there was no turning back. Kat was a passionate person. She was someone who lived in the present and didn’t care about the future, which also meant she loved with a passion. Not worrying about the future made her that much more focused on what was going on now, and all that was going to go on right now was she and me, and she was going to lose her heart to me. I guaranteed it. I was unsure exactly what had happened to me. I had only had one real serious girlfriend back in high school, but we had broken up when we both went on with our lives and on to college. I had never felt like this for anyone, though. Only Kat made me become this obsessed, close to borderline madness. I was not at all sure if this was going to go well, but Kat wasn’t becoming anyone else’s but mine. Call it unresolved childhood trauma or something like that, I wasn’t sure, but Kat had gotten under my skin, and the truth was, I didn’t want her to go away. I had tried f*cking it away. I had tried drinking it away, but with every woman I had f*cked I had imagined Kat. She suddenly appeared, looking so damn beautiful in the dress I had bought for her. She smoothed her hands down her dress, looking almost nervous, and I wondered if she was. It had been a few months since we last saw each other. Did I really make her nervous? Kat never seemed to let anything shake her, which was why I was very surprised, when she told me in Megan’s gallery, that she had been through hell. It just confirmed that I had made the right choice going after her. “Well?” she asked when I hadn’t moved or said anything. I shook my head, pulling myself together. “You look stunning,” I told her. She crossed her arms, though. I couldn’t blame her for being a bit careful tonight. I had made quite the promise, and now it seemed like she feared I was going to k*dnap her or something. The thought had occurred, and if it came down to it, I might just. I hadn’t decided yet. “Are we really going out for dinner?” she asked. I nodded and held out my arm, done repeating myself. She hesitated for a second or two before walking over to me and taking my arm. We put on our jackets and then we left her apartment. “How exactly did you get inside?” she asked, looking over her shoulder as we walked down the stairs. “Some things, kitten, should just stay a mystery,” I answered. “You know that sounds very creepy, right? And stalker-like.” I just smiled at her as I led her outside to my car, holding the door for her. She was again a little hesitant, but decided to take the chance. That was good. She wouldn’t want to take the chance if she really didn’t want me here. I got in the car myself, getting into the driver’s seat, before giving Kat a small smile. She just rolled her eyes before we sped out of there. *** “I should have known it wouldn’t be a nice little restaurant,” Kat said as we walked inside. “Did you want it to be?” I asked, as we were led to our table. She just chuckled a little, not answering my question. It was good to hear. It had been a while since I last heard her laughter or felt her fight me. She always had her own stubborn way of pushing back, and I loved it. We sat down but took our time ordering. Kat was looking at the menu, her blue eyes scanning the words in front of her, and I took my time watching her, already knowing what I wanted. She must have felt my eyes on her though, because she turned to look at me. “What?” she asked. “Nothing,” I said. “You were looking at me.” “Can’t I look at you?” “It’s a bit creepy. Tell me, is that your plan to freak me out tonight?” she asked, and I couldn’t help but smile. “You were already freaked out when you saw me.” “Because you broke into my apartment!” she said. “No, I didn’t.” “You weren’t invited! We established that was a break in,” she said and crossed her arms. I just chuckled and dug into my pocket in my pants, finding a pair of keys. Kat instantly recognized them and looked shocked. “Megan gave those to you?!” she asked in disbelief. “Define gave,” I just said. She reached out to take the keys from me, but I pulled away. “Jax! Those are mine!” “Technically, these are Megan’s, and I will hand them back to her … when I feel like it.” “What are you?! Five?” she asked. “Six and growing.” She rolled her eyes and leaned back in her seat, crossing her arms and shaking her head. “You are unbelievable.” “That was why you fell for me, kitten, or have you just agreed to come out with me to tell me you don’t want me at all?” I asked her, smirking a little. She narrowed her eyes, studying me, as I put the keys away, back safely in my pocket, before I leaned back in my seat as well. “We are not doing this again,” she said. “Doing what?” “This!” she empathized and gestured between us with her hand. I titled my head to the side, probably looking like a big question mark. “We tried it, Jax, and then I went and ruined it all,” she sighed. “Oh, so you admit you ruined it?” I asked. She looked at me, annoyed. “Well, you didn’t make it better!” I nodded, knowing I didn’t. “I just know we don’t work together, and I don’t want to go back to what it was.” “Me neither,” I said. “Then why are we here?!” she asked. “Kat, you think I would have taken you out if I just wanted to sleep with you?” I asked her. She looked almost a bit embarrassed as I said this, as if that was exactly what she thought. This woman, I thought, and shook my head. She was getting this all wrong. “I am not sure I can give you anything else,” she almost whispered. “I don’t believe that.” “I am not the marrying kind of type.” “Neither am I,” I said. “Then why are we here?” “Because I want to try something new,” I admitted. “So, what is it? Like a quick meal before we get married?” she asked. I chuckled and shook my head. “You know, it sounds like you actually do want to marry me, bringing it up so much.” “You were the one who brought it up!” she told me, a bit frustrated because I was acting so secretive. “You are right, and I do plan to marry you, kitten.” “No!” “Yes.” She sighed and shook her head. “Marriage doesn’t end well!” she said. “We will see.”
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