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Aiyah Saint Hell expected that she was just as normal as human being. Desperate to finish her bachelor degree and work as a professional permanently. Her plans disrupted by the god-like Hayden twins. Aiyah doesn't understand the deep attraction she holds for the twins and ignores them everytime she saw them. Thrown to the world she knows nothing about and would believe that truly existed. Aiyah's past come back to haunt her, making her question what and who she truly is. Will Aiyah run from the secrets of her past? Or will she accept her role and take control?

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"F*CK!!!" "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" The woman in her midst forty shouted at me while glaring sharply. I was holding the costumer's ordered at my tray and someone trip me and I spilled the ice coffee on an old lady's dress. "mianhae halmeoni!" (I am sorry grandma!) I replied to her as I bow my head lightly. The old lady look at me with questions in her eyes and I just look at her with no emotions. I'm not really in the mood that is why I just look at her, but because she was an old lady and a customer at the same time. I still need to respect her. "I'm sorry ma'am, it was an accident." I said again looking at her pair of eyes with no emotions. "Une sorcière dorée" (A golden witch.) She mumbled something in different languages. She cleared her throats and just nod at me as if she understands me very well. I'm a little bit of confused but I sigh in relief when she doesn't bothered me anymore. Well, most of the customer we'll be enraged and try to speak to our manager if ever this happened to them. Some of them will even try to make a refund. But lucky for me, that old lady was a little bit of weird. **** My name is Aiyah Saint Hell, and I am half Korean and half Filipino. I'm working right now at the Korean fast food restaurants where in if you crave some Korean foods then you can just buy it here. And because I'm half Korean I preferred to work part time job as a waitress in Korean fast food chains or restaurant. It was one of my advantage having half blood of Korean. I look at the person who trip me minutes ago and she just smirk at me like bullsh*t. I just closed my fist. I remain emotionless and just continue my work without giving her a glance. That girl is getting into my nerves. I walk through the comfort room and fix my uniform. There was a small stains of coffee in my shirt and I just wash it with a little bit of water to erase the stains. ******* Time fly so fast and I just pick up my things and said my goodbyes to my boss where he was busy calculating his business income for today. He just look at me and nod as a response. I need to go home as soon as possible. I decided to go through the alley so I could easily get to where I was staying. I was in the middle of my walk when I heard a sound, it's like it was moaning? Tsk someone must be raging on fire! My mind exclaim. As I was walking continuoesly, I didn't realize I was following where the sounds came from. I saw couple doing some intimate scene. I look at my watch and it was already past 5 and the sun begun to sets already. I was about to go when I realize the girl couldn't move and the man forcing himself to her. I hide on the wall and cover my mouth to hide my breathing as soon as the man look at my direction. I am still peeking to see what the man does to the girl. I need to report it to the police! I realize that the man was sniffing and trying to locate where I was. The moon brighten the dark alley and that's when I saw the girl. She has some bite mark and her eyes were still open. I can see that she's no longer breathing. I also saw the man when he look at my direction. "He had red eye!" "Man with red eyes?" "Tsk am I hallucinating?" I pinch my self. "Ouch!" I exclaim. I try to look again and see for my self if it really true but when I peek I only saw the girl while the man that I saw earlier was already gone. I was about to run because of what I witness when I sense something on my back. "I need to run!" all I could think. Before I could take one step, someone cornered me and pinch me into the wall. He grab my two hands and put it above my head. "What the!!" I complain. "Not so fast!" He only reply. I was about to run when the man forcefully stop me. ***** ***The two got mesmerized by the unexplainable feelings they hold as their eyes meet*** Minutes ago Aiyah can't see his whole face due to the shadow of wall that covering his face, but now she can see clearly. "How come he was so handsome?" Aiyah's mind mumbled. "How did you know I was here?" I asked him trying not to stutter. He look at me intently and I remember what he had done minutes ago. I saw blood on his lips and I can smell that it's really blood. He smiled devilishly and I saw two sharp fangs of his. "I've heard you exclaim honey" he replied while looking directly into my eyes. I almost beat myself when I remember my stupidity seconds ago. "Why did I thought pinching myself in the middle of danger?" "Hmm you have very beautiful eyes! And not to mention you have also very fragrant smell" the man commented. He lean on my neck and trying to scared me by sniffing it. I am not a scaredy-cat actually but right now? All I wanted was to run and don't look back. But how? How could I escape in his gaze? I look around and all I could see was the trash bin and just wall of this small alley. I build all my strength and was about to hit him on his buddy but then he caught my feet before I could notice. "SH*T!! SH*T!" My mind shouted heristically. He look at me angrily and was about to slap me. I close my eyes accepting what we'll happen next but then I heard him sighed. I open my eyes and I saw him smirked. He lean on me and kiss me passionately. "What the f*ck!" my mind exploded. "My first kiss!!" "How dare he!!" I didn't response on his kisses that's why he touch my breast and squeeze it. I moan and it give him access to explore his kisses inside my mouth. Is he going to used me first before killing me? Or is he going to kill me using his kissing method? He continue squeezing my breast and right now he use two hands that is why I found a way to push him as hard as I could. I felt that my hand brighten and I was confused of the sudden heat of it. My eyes begun to blur and I was about to take one step when I collapsed on the ground and lost my consciousness. Before the darkness swallowed me. I've heard the man calling me "MATE". *** On the other hand*** "Ahh! No! Stop!" the girl complain because of the pain. I just meet this girl somewhere and she seems oblige to seduce me that's why I just give what she wants and exchange of that, she also need to give what I wanted on her. We had s*x hours ago but after that my vampire self can't wait to taste her blood and without hesitation I bite her neck and drink her useless blood. My wolf sense that someone was watching but I just ignore his rants because of my thirstiness. I just finish drinking blood when I heard an exclaim. "Hmm such an idiot." Art laugh and sniff in to the air as he was wanting to know where the next victim was hiding right now. "MATE!" He exclaim excitedly. "What? Our mate?" I asked again to make sure if I've heard right. "Yes dumbass! MATE! M-A-T-E!" my wolf replied. If your curious who I am then I will tell you. My name is Arthur Jake Hayden and my wolf name was Art. I am half werewolves and half vampire. I have twin brother and he was 100% just like me. I was cruel and he was also. Our differences was he has a girlfriend or I rather should say fiancee and I don't have one. Our wolves are the soon to be Alpha of all the werewolves in our pack and we are the Vampire Kings in our world where we called the "Hidden World". The world of all vampire, wolves and even witches. I may be his twin brother but we have different attitudes and strategies when it comes on killing and hunting our prey. Passionate doesn't exist on his vocabulary and it does on me.

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