Fated to my Frenemy.

opposites attract

Ryder and clara have never gotten along. Other than being born on the same day at the same time and in the same room they had nothing else in common. They have spent their entire life together due to their mothers being best friends.

Can two people who don't like being around each other truly be fated to be mated?

Both as stubborn as each other each other and unwilling to reject each other as neither want to be the first to do it.

The mate bond is sure to stir some interesting moments.

As tragedy, drama and comedic moments test their resilience to not give in.

will the mate bond prevail?

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Yeah Well You Annoy Me too!.
"For crying out load Ryder, Get off of me you buffoon ", I yell out As Ryder had jumped on my back nearly tumbling me into the ground. "oh Clara you're so uptight, You need to take a chill pill", Ryder says as he straightens himself up. "You know Our 18th is coming up in a week, I hope you can let loose for it for once, I would hate for it to be a drag ". "Seriously Ryder!, you know what!, that's because every year you have to be all look at look at me, You just have to have a big birthday party and invite every person on the damn planet", I blurt out frustrated. "And to make it worse you know that our mothers will make us have a conjoined party ". "Hey It's not my fault, we were born on the same day, at the same time and in the same room, And now our Mothers are now best friends and they insist on us practically doing everything together ". Ryder says sarcastically as he grabbed my head and gave me a noogie causing my skull to temporarily seeth with pain from his knuckles as they dug into my scalp. "Ryder You're so damn Annoying, Stop it ", I say As I try to push him away from me but I don't succeed. He towered over my short little body. he was almost 6 foot and I wasn't even 5 foot tall I was 4 feet 7 inches. He had a very strong muscular build and I was petite and Honestly I had no chance against his strength. However that never stopped me from trying though. "You love it, Just admit it, You would be bored shitless if it wasn't for me", Ryder Blurts out with a grin wide across his face. "No one can resist this charming face". "Charming?", I laugh, "It's amazing how sure of yourself you are ". I say as I shake my head at him. He was always the overly confident type, and Girls always swooned over him. Sure he was very attractive, I would never tell him that, God his head is swollen enough. But Everything else about him seemed to drive me crazy and get on my nerves. As we walked towards the pack house 3 Girls walked past us. "Hey Ryder, One of them says seductively as they passed by googling him with their eyes. "Hey beautiful ladies", Ryder replies as he watches them walk past . I instantly put my finger in my mouth and pretend to gag. Ryder turns his head just as I do it catching me in the act and He laughs at me. "Oh Clara pretty pretty Clara, you will be glad to know that there would be no chance at all that you and I are fated to be mates, and once our birthdays come our mothers will quite insisting our births was a sign we were meant to be together ". "Yeah, Well honestly That is the only reason why I can't wait for our birthday to come this year ". I blurt out as We pass through the pack house doors. "Oh yep you're a real party animal Clara ", Ryder says sarcastically as he rolls his eyes at me. "SHUT UP RYDER", I blurt out loudly annoyed. "MISS CLARA!, Don't you have pups you are suppose to be tutoring", Alpha Mark bellowed from the top of the pack house stair case. "You are late". "Sorry Alpha Mark, I am heading there right now", I reply back timidly as I walk past Ryder. "Thanks Butthead", I say lowly As I look at him in the eye. "Ryder, And you Need to get to training, The Fighters have already left", Alpha Mark yelled at Ryder and I couldn't help but smile as he got into trouble by Alpha Mark. "Quit Smiling Clara", Ryder says as he swiftly moves his foot up and taps me on my backside with it. "RYDER Training grounds NOW!!", Alpha Mark yells once again. "Better off you trod", I reply cheekily to Ryder. "Clara!, You too", Alpha says sternly. "Sorry Sir". I reply as I then quickly head off to the back of the pack house and head straight for the tutoring room. It's Funny how me and Ryder couldn't be any more different from each other. I am smart, He is not. He is strong and I am not. He is tall and well I am short as they come. He loves to party, I prefer quite nights. He loves to talk where as I prefer to listen. I prefer a small group of friends where as he prefers large groups. He was free spirited and I guess most would call me too serious. My mother says our personality traits complement each other that's why she thinks we are fated to be with each other. Then why the hell does he drive me so crazy then?. Grr life frustrates me sometimes.

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