Sinful Lies

second chance
friends to lovers

It has been two years since she freed herself from the domineering clutches of David. After witnessing his betrayal, she was broken and was in a dark place for a long time but then came a reason for her to live in the form of a friend who pieced her back together.

He was there for her every damn time when she almost fell apart, he helped her get her confidence back but the evil from his past sunk its claws in and started to drag her down and she had to cut loose from him.

"I am sorry, but this is where it ends for us. I have suffered enough at the hands of David's past, I don't think I am ready to suffer in the hands of your past".

"Anya, I promise you, I will make everything right!"

The saying, promises are nothing but empty words till you act on them, is true coz his promises were empty words until they weren't anymore.

'Who is this friend? Is it John?'

'What happened to her during those two years? Did she divorce David or did she not?'

'What happened between Anya, John, David, and Melina after that horrible night?'

So many unanswered questions, so many uncertainties, and so many possibilities. Time to find out answers to some of these questions.

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Chapter 1: The Formidable Opponent
It had taken me two years, two fu@king years to get my bearings in order and now, he thinks he can walk into my life and expect me to welcome him with open arms “You have run away for too long! You asked me for a year, and I gave it to you, it’s time you let me in”. “I don’t think so! I have a life here, now, and I am very much happy, there is no way in hell I am going to up and leave everything that I have worked for, for the past year. I take my job seriously and I am NEVER coming back” Anya slammed her hands on her desk. He stood there breathing hard and so did she, her assistant was staring at the both of them, struggling to get a word in and smooth the tension “Umm… sho” she was cut off when he stretched his hand out. “LEAVE” his voice boomed in her office making her assistant flinch. She went to close the door “NO! STAY!” now, it was her boss’s voice that boomed, although this was not the first time that she has seen her boss pissed off, it never failed to make her shiver in her boots. He stepped closer to the desk that was the only thing separating them, glaring at her while trying to push down his anger and his hunger for her “I SAID LEAVE” his low rumble held a kind of threat, and the way he turned his glare towards the little assistant, made her close the door behind her and scamper off before her boss could open her mouth. “You can’t barge into my office like this and threaten MY assistant, I am going to have you escorted ou…” he cut her off and snatched the phone from her hand knowing her intentions to have her security escort him out of the building. He rounded her desk while she stood her ground “You have become more spiteful than I remember” he was standing way close to her comfort, but she decided that she will stand her ground and not show any kind of weakness coz ‘he deserves it!’ she thought staring him down. He was not touching her, but his eyes touched her and were stripping her naked just like they always did when they were burning in throes of passion and lust “Well, I had a year to look back on things and steel myself to the likes of you!” her words were clipped as she bit out. “Likes of me? Darling, you might have forgotten how your body always begged for more when my hands were on that supple skin over the swell of those beautiful full bre@sts of yours or when they were on that perfectly round as$ that loved to be spanked and bit. I remember the way you loved it when I bit down on those luscious as$ cheeks making you moan my name, have you forgotten? I remember you walking around with nothing under those tight skirts that you used to wear” he took a step closer watching the way her breathing turned erratic “If I put my hand under your skirt will I find a scrap of that fabric you call panty, or will I find your bare, needy, and wet pus$y? Do you still have a strip of those black curls adorning it or do you keep it completely bare, or you let those curls grow wild, huh?” His words, he was teasing her, and her body was reacting to his words, to his presence just like it did before ‘Damn it! Calm the fu@k down!’ for the first time, she took a step back much to her dismay, her body was betraying her and there was no way she was letting him get the best of her ‘Not now, not again!’ it had been a year and six months since she was fu@ked good, her body was in need of his touch and his words only attacked her resolve to not give in, little by little, she felt like she was fighting a losing battle. He was not backing down now, and she could see it in his eyes that he was here for her and was going to do everything in his power to have her. He stalked towards her, like a predator stalking its prey. Her office, which usually was big enough to hold a meeting with her staff, suddenly felt too small in his presence and she found herself being backed up against the glass wall “Tell me” his voice dipped low into that sexy tone that always got her panties wet. His hot breath was fanning her lips, sending her mind into a frenzy. His eyes moved to her lips and raked over her neck, he took in the white blouse that was covering those nice perky full bre@st of hers that he loved to play with, he could see her nipp!e turning hard and pressing against the fabric of her bra and remembered how he enjoyed sucking those chocolate taut buds “I can see your t**s and they are fu@king hard babe, look at them, you are getting turned on, aren’t you, these t**s of yours never lie even if that mouth of yours does!” God she was fu@ked, she needed to escape, and NOW but how. She could run to the door and then take the elevator down, but he will surely catch her before she even takes a step in the direction of the door “Thinking of running away, again? I am here now, and I am here for YOU so never doubt that I will let you slip away this time. I. GOT. YOU!” “No, you don’t and no, these t**s” she gestured to her bre@st with both her hands “are hard coz of the cold air, not coz of your presence!” he leaned closer, and she had to press her as$ up against the glass wall leaning her head back as much as the space allowed her to. He scoffed and let his eyes roam lower “Shall I tug that skirt up and find for myself what you are hiding underneath? I know you love it when I am the one being in charge, I remember all those nights where you made me fu@k you rough and dirty, you never asked me to make love to you but always begged me to fu@k you hard, fast, and a bit too rough for my liking, if you ask me. My tongue is eager to see if you still taste sweet if I lift this skirt up trailing my fingertips along that soft skin of those fu@king thick thighs, will you let me lick that pus$y, just a taste?” She wanted to push him away but knew that the moment she touches him, all her resolve will crumble “Fu@k off! A year changes a lot in a person, and I am not the same Anya anymore. You place a finger on me, and I will...” He caged her in slamming both his hands on the glass wall she was pressed upon he was hanging on to his sanity by a very thin thread that was one strand away from snapping. Seeing her after almost one and a half year in person made the logical part of his brain take a hiatus “’You will’ what sweetheart?” he leaned closer and his lips were ghosting over hers, just a mere breath away. His eyes looked between hers when she simply looked at him with narrowed eyes, seemingly unaffected by his closeness. Her eyes never failed to flash the emotions she was feeling whenever he was close but right now, they were masked with a blanket emotionlessness “Your time for hiding, running away is over babe” he finally pulled back with a smirk that she has come to now well in the past few years “You will be seeing a lot more of me from now on!” Just like that, he was gone from her office like a whirlwind, and just like how a whirlwind leaves a trail of destruction and mess in its wake, so did he, her heart was in a mess and the logical part of her brain seemed to have been destroyed “I fu@king hate you!” she mumbled to herself in her empty office.

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