Black Beast

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Mason Nighthowl is the rightful Alpha King, but he was robbed of his birthright. He was betrayed by his own twin brother, stealing not only his throne, but his wife as well.

Cast as the forgotten prisoner of the Howling Labyrinth, Mason wishes to be freed from his prison. And on the hundredth night of his imprisonment, a human with sorceress blood stumbled upon the imprisoned king, freeing him from his prison. And somehow, since then their lives are now intertwined.

Is Mason ready to uncover the secrets around him? Will he be able to take back what is his? Take back everything that belongs to the black Beast.

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It was a joyous day for Mason Nighthowl. The woman he loves is now his wife. Their wedding was held a week ago, and they just got back from their honeymoon. The young Alpha King cannot contain his joy that the servants in his castle were not used to his carefree and grinning aura. Mason just got in the castle’s right wing where his office is located when his best friend and royal Beta appeared in the right corner, making the King halt his footsteps. “Ah! Devin you scared the hell out of me!”Mason exclaimed. “Forgive me Alpha but you have a meeting today remember.”Devin the royal Beta said. “Meeting? Ah yes, the Duke.”Mason said. “He’s waiting in your office your majesty.”Devin told his Alpha. Mason’s eyes widened, and jogged towards his office. He opened the door to his office and saw the young Duke standing by the huge window. Mason walked in, followed by Devin who closed the door behind him. “Duke Ramiro.”Mason called. The young Duke turned around and bowed his head towards the young king. “Good day your majesty.”The young Duke greeted. “Ah, enough of the pleasantries Lucca.”Mason said, and pulling the young Duke in a brotherly hug. When the two men pulled away, Mason offered a seat to the young Duke. “Forgive me for not able to attend your wedding.”Lucca said. The young King can see the sadness in his friend’s eyes. He after all just lost the woman he loves. “That is alright my friend. I understand.”He said. Mason and Lucca Ramiro have been friends since the day they met in the late Princess Jimena’s coming of age party. “So, what can I do for you my friend?”Mason asked. “I am aware that you have a spare land behind the mountain range of your kingdom, the small island.”Lucca said. Mason nodded. “If you may, I’d like to buy the land Mason.”Lucca said. Mason furrowed his eyebrows. “Why would you need that land? It’s quite far from Aragon.”Mason asked his friend. Lucca sighed. “I believe the land will be needed when the time comes. The council, they are dragging the kingdom down. And that land will be my people’s escape.”Lucca explained, and Mason nodded. He knew the state of the vampire kingdom ever since the royals fell. “I understand. That land is connected to the river, and the soil is very abundant. You made a right choice, so the land is yours.”Mason said. “Thank you my friend.” “I’m sure Jimena will be very proud of you.”Mason said. “I’m sure she’ll scold me to no end since I was behind schedule.”Lucca said. Mason furrowed his eyebrows while Lucca smirked. “My wife is just asleep your majesty.” Lucca said. Mason stared at his friend before he laughed so hard. Then he turned to his Beta. “You heard that Devin? That white haired minx made a fool out of the council.”Mason chuckled. Devin cannot help but chuckled as well. “I knew it. The princess won’t be an easy prey.”Devin said. “Yes, but she won’t be waking up anytime soon. Helios made sure she’ll rest for a while, hence all the work fell on my hands.”Lucca said. Mason shook his head. “Helios Ashworth is a work of art. Take the land my friend, and tell your sleeping wife that she owes me.”Mason said. “We do. Anytime you need help, just come to us.” Lucca said. Mason stood up, and Lucca did too and shook the young duke’s hand. “I’ll see you soon my friend.”Mason said. “Congratulations again to your wedding, and regards to your Queen.” Lucca said. After their meeting, Devin walked the young Duke out of the castle. The young King was left in his office chuckling at what the Duke has said. The Aragon princess was known for being smart and powerful. No wonder she’s just hibernating instead of being six feet under. Mason let out a sigh and went out of his office. He dismissed his guards as he take a walk at his castle’s wide garden. Looking around he pictures his future. His future pups will be running around the garden as their mother watches over them. As he gazes around, something hard hit the back of his head and darkness immediately consumed him. When Mason woke up, he immediately noticed where he’s at. He’s in what looks like a prison cell. He scrambled up to his feet and looked around. He’s indeed inside what looks like a cell, with coble stone walls and floor but he can clearly see the castle’s garden through iron bars. He was alarmed of his situation that he began slamming his fist on the metal bars. “Heeelp! Guards!!!” Mason screamed. But no one heard him. “No one’s going to hear you.” Mason heard a male voice. And through the iron bars, he saw a man that looks exactly like him, wearing his clothes, grinning at him. “Hello brother.”

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