Tamed by Her Alpha Stepbrother

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“This is… it’s wrong,” I managed to whisper while he played with my body in the dirtiest and pleasure-able way ever.

“It is,” his tone was mocking and deriding, “but your c*nt can’t tell what’s wrong or not, hear how it’s milking my fingers.”

Then he covered my mouth with his other palm so the only sound in the room was the squelching sound of his fingers moving in and out of me.

Harper, an omega and the star student of Empire High has always hated the guts of the Alpha Prince, Kingsley Anderson. He behaves like a rogue, is always caught up doing bad things, and he’s a bad example for a school as prestigious as Empire High and she doesn’t hesitate to publish this in the school newspaper, getting him suspended from time to time and putting herself on the blacklist of Kingsley who doesn’t mind making her life a living hell.

When her widowed mother suddenly announced that she’s getting married, she’s happy for her but nothing prepared her to discover that her new stepfather is the Alpha King and her stepbrother is none other than Kingsley, her bully.

This is a strong bully romance with a male lead that do dark and twisted things to the female lead.


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1: A Daring Omega
HARPER “Her article got Kingsley suspended again!” “Who does she think she is? A lowly omega hurting the reputation of our beloved Alpha Prince.” “I can’t even count the number of times she has gotten him suspended because of her silly articles.” “I’m not surprised, she’s just a miserable omega so she’s trying to hold on to the first thing that gives her power.” “This is one of the reasons why our school shouldn’t just be admitting different breeds.” Those were the words that welcomed me as I entered the hallway of Empire High. They were not unusual so I was already used to them. Like they said, I was a lowly omega, one of the few omegas attending Empire High, the most prestigious werewolf high school for the fine breeds of wolves. My kinds were frowned upon and not accepted here, especially by students who wanted to rule over us and refused to see us as equals. Omegas were bullied and treated like trash but my only saving grace was that I was brilliant, really brilliant. In just two weeks after transferring here, I already established myself as the most brilliant student here, and in less than a month, I participated in a students’ poll that had me winning the student president for the press club, the most coveted student position and that sort of gave me immunity from bullying. No one wanted to mess with me when I could have them suspended or expelled with just an article in the school’s newspaper. That didn’t stop me from making mortal enemies though, with Nuella Castle, second-best student at the top of the list. To her, I stole everything she has ever worked for; best student, best athlete, and the student press club president. But then, Nuella’s enmity was just a tip of an iceberg with the kind of enmity I had managed to incur in King Hawthorne, he was the Alpha Prince, the most popular student in Empire High, a typical f**k boy and the definition of everything bad. He has a track record for dragging the reputation of Empire High through the mud. Just like I have a track record of investigating every one of his misdeeds and publishing them. I’ve gotten him suspended countless times and even though he has committed crimes worthy of getting him expelled, I knew the only reason why he was still in school was because he was the Alpha Prince and his father was the major donor to the school. He was even the chairman of the board of committees. My most recent article about him was about how he nearly beat a male student to death. He had beaten him up to within an inch of his life and had healed him afterward. He was a psycho who was really fond of doing that, already lost track of the number of times he did that to me, broke my arm or leg, and made me feel excruciating pain before healing me with his powers. I published the article about him beating up the boy and was only given a week’s suspension and now, the whole school was pointing fingers at me for doing that to their golden boy. Not like I cared anyway. I was about to turn the corridor leading to my class when I stumbled on something and even though I instinctively reached out to grab something to steady myself, I fell to the ground with a thud and maniacal female laughter filled my ears. I didn’t need to look up to know who it was, Nuella Castle, King’s sidekick or f**k buddy, or whatever term they decide to go with me. She was looking down at me with a sinister grin on her face, hands folded on her chest with her two minions mirroring her expression behind her. “You never learn your place, do you? The press club president that you won has filled your brain with a sense of delusion that makes you go after King any time you deem fit, right?” “I don’t have your time, Nuella, I have a class to get to.” The words had barely left my mouth when something cold and dirty and slimy and stinking was poured on my hair and it soaked my entire body in less than a second. I instinctively closed my mouth, rage building a tornado within me. “That’s it. This is what you deserve for daring to go after Kingsley when he’s way out of your caliber, I just hope he gets rid of you for good when he returns to school.” And with that, she turned and walked away with her minions, leaving me completely drenched and smelly with the liquid that I had no idea where she got it from. And no one, absolutely no one lifted a finger to help me. The rest of the day was uneventful, if getting snide remarks, rude comments and dead lizards on my desk could count as uneventful but I was used to it so it didn’t get to me at all. As usual, I stayed behind after closing hours to read in the library. They had already become a ritual so even the librarians used to give me the keys so I’d be the one to lock up and today was no exception. I had gotten lost in reading when all of a sudden, I started feeling creeped out as if someone was watching me. I looked around the library but I was the only one there but that didn’t lessen the feeling and when I couldn’t handle it anymore, I shoved my books into my bag and I started walking towards the door. The closer I got to the door, the more I felt like I was being watched, that someone was watching me, creeping up behind me so I doubled my steps and I was almost by the door when a force flung me to the wall. I groaned in pain and before I could even process what was going wrong, strong hands closed around my neck in a painful grip, one that was hellbent on snuffling the life out of me. My vision blurred and stars dotted my eyes. I couldn’t even see who it was that was that was choking me but his scent gave him away; Kingsley Hawthorne, the Alpha Prince. The one I’d gotten suspended. His hold tightened around my neck and I clawed at his hands, desperately fighting for my life but my attempts were feeble compared to his enormous powers, and soon enough, I couldn’t get any air into my lungs and my body was slacking and my hands fell off his. He let go then and I collapsed bonelessly to the floor, my body spurting in a fit of coughs. I grabbed my neck as if that’d somehow make me breathe better. Kingsley bent down to my level, a sadistic and proud grin on his lips. He examined me like one would examine their science specimen and when his eyes landed on what I knew would be red bruises on my neck, his grin deepened. “Do I have to kill you for you to learn your place?” He asked casually as if killing was something as simple as slapping someone. “f**k off, Kingsley.” His grin only deepened, “I’ve learned how stubborn you are and I know I just have to keep teaching you the lessons over and over again till you learn. And you know what?” He stood to his feet, “I’m more than happy to indulge you.” He did not say anything more than that before walking out of the library and I was shocked that that was it. The Kingsley I know would have done something more dramatic and venomous to me but he just choked me and he left like that. Except that I was wrong, I realized this when I heard the keys turning from outside and I quickly checked my bag only to see that both the library keys and my phone were missing. He already took them and now, he had locked me in the library with no means of contacting anybody outside. “Goodnight, Harper,” his triumphant voice echoed over the walls, “have fun sleeping with the rats and ants.” God! I collapsed against the wall, swallowing my scream but I’d never give that loser the benefit of seeing me scream. But I was so frustrated and tired and angry. And it was going to be a very long night.

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