The Unknown God/Goddess

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An unknown god/goddess has descended the earth to find love. An unknown god/goddess that has no definite gender, entered earth, in search of a lovey human. When the god/goddess found a suitable partner, certain issues rose, like how will the god/goddess make the human fall for her/him. How will the god/goddess persuade the human to love the god/goddess only? And what about after that? What about the heavens?

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Third Person's P.O.V When a god or goddess descends, human perceive it to be the end of the human world, but really it is only to find love. When a god or goddess gets fed up in heaven, they descend and find entertainment in the human world. That was what the human world didn't know.  Passing by gods and goddesses, talking to them nonchalantly, and making love with them. It was something that the deities enjoy. They could not leave the human world forever. Their hands are too engrossed with the human world to not come back. No matter the consequences the heavens had set for them, the deities pay them no heed.  There was no deity that can stay in the human world for as long as two weeks, but that was about to change.  "Don't you want to settle down with one of the goddesses?" two deities talk with each other, peering over the humans from above, taking refuge above a cloud.  The both of them were searching, constantly searching for someone that might catch their attention. But for the past three hours that they have been looking, they haven't found anyone.  "How dare you assume that I was looking for a woman and not a man?" the unknown god defended itself.  "I've seen you check out women in Olympus before. Not new," the unknown deity could only its head in realization.  "Mine, I tell you, this is something that I want to pursue. Olympus is not for me." the deity rolls her eyes.  "Please don't call me that, Your Highness."  The deity huffs and stands up.  "And to you, as well. We're not in Olympus, I am no longer the said Highness."  'Mine', Athena's daughter, sprung up and inhales, looking around to see if someone or a familiar was eavesdropping in on their conversation. When Mine confirmed that there was indeed no one, a needed sigh escaped her thin lips.  "Don't be like that, Your Highness. What if the king, your father, Zeus finds out?" Mine whispers aggressively, almost shoving her tone in the unknown deity's ear.  "You are father's granddaughter, he won't have the audacity to punish you."  Mine shakes her head. Indeed, this god or goddess has a thick skull like his or her father. Seeing that Mine can't get anywhere with the subject, she changed the topic.  "So, what form will you be taking?"  The unknown deity smiles, as if victorious.  "It depends on who I find." Mine shakes her head in disbelief.  "So, you're going unarmed? Your Highness, at the moment, you are the king's favorite. He will surely give you everything you want."  The unknown deity turns to Mine and looks at her profusely. Mine couldn't help but look down at her own hands, already reflecting on what she had said.  "I have been born without knowing who my birth mother is. Perhaps the reason why I am so fixated on women is because I kept searching for her, an unknown woman, and that reflected to today. Do you agree, Mine?"  Mine scratches her arm and sighs.  "I understand, Your Highness. I will find you lodging in the human world and provide reports to the king on your behalf. But from then on, you'll be on your own as I have matters to attend to everyday."  The unknown deity smiled and jumped off of the cloud that they were riding. Immediately after that, the unknown deity changed forms and he or she turned into a bird. Mine followed behind her and did the same. The winds felt smooth on their wings, through their feathers.  The unknown couldn't be anymore free as they take flight above the humans that the unknown have desperately wanted to meet. Although the unknown is in bird form, the unknown couldn't help but smile widely inside, unable to contain the first taste of freedom.  After a few minutes of flying endlessly above humans, the unknown decided to finally rest at a small town. The unknown knows the limits, the unknown could not possibly live in the city right off the start, as that would be suicidal. The unknown knows to take it slow before moving in with the big guns; starting off fresh was what the unknown wanted.  The two of them went back to their original forms behind a big oak tree.  "Your Highness, this is where you'll be staying?" Mine asks, looking around the peaceful town. Mine nods her head, acknowledging the town will bring to the unknown.  "I figured that I should be wise. What do you think?" Mine nods her head again, completely assessing the surroundings.  "Not bad, not bad. Shall I settle your lodging this instant?" the unknown clicks his or her tongue in remembrance. "Shall I change the way I speak?"  Mine realizes it too and her lips made a little 'o'. "That would be the best course of action, Your Highness." the unknown smiles.  "Heh, I will not be tricked. Let's go."  After the both of them had settled the lodging for a year, Mine immediately went back to Olympus to give her report to the king, Zeus.  The unknown god. Or goddess This deity caught everyone off guard, even the king himself. As this deity came out of nowhere, created by nothing but the air. As Zeus was having a meeting with the other gods, an infant without any s*x identity suddenly appeared in front of him, floating as the baby coos while asleep.  Everyone was shocked when the baby flew right into Zeus' arms, like it was the arms the baby wanted. Zeus was shocked that day and had the Olympians search the entire Olympus for trespassers, but there was none found.  From then on, as the baby grew, Zeus felt the urge to call the baby his own. While growing up, the baby had no name. The baby wasn't in anyone's prediction. No scrolls, no nothing. Not even future seekers predicted the baby. It was a deity nonetheless and had proven that the baby is indeed one when the baby turned three.  The kid deity made many miracles, such as being able to control any element that the deity has seen, or heard, and being extremely talented at everything. But when the deity turned eleven, the deity had some self-evaluation and thus everything started to happen there. The deity asked the king if he can venture the human world. Zeus was having second thoughts but the unknown deity was seen to be struggling at Olympus and even if Zeus will not permit the unknown to go, the unknown will not be happy either. So Zeus made the decision and had permitted the unknown to venture to the human world and will grant access to both worlds any time.  The unknown yawns, but then started laughing.  "I'm finally in the human world! Wait, I shouldn't say things like that otherwise I'll have weird eyes on me. Oh, well, time for school!"  Although it was a small time, there was a school at the center of the town. It had limited keys to knowledge but it was better than nothing. The unknown deity didn't really need to do anything as the deity is always prepared, groomed, and well-scented.  "Wait, should I go with as a man or a woman?"  The unknown deity looks at the body reflected on the mirror and shifted from male to female to see which suited the best.  "Hmmm, a woman it is!"  The unknown deity had decided to be a woman. She smiles at her own reflection before setting out for school. She was about to shapeshift when she realizes that humans can't do that and should walk.  The birds were chirping above her, to which she understood, making her smile widen. The peaceful ambiance made her pat herself on the back, congratulating herself on making it after a few years of persuasion. She had to come up with many tactics to make the king agree to this plan of hers and she wasn't regretting the fact that she was embarrassed countless of times.  At last, the school came into her view. The goddess makes her way to school, already attracting attention, not because she was walking funny or if she was smiling or if she was new, but because no one had seen someone as beautiful as her and with such rare eyes at that.  The goddess immediately sensed the stared, thus she decided to walk fast in order to cut short the lingering eyes that was following her every move.  The goddess inhales before knocking on the Principal's office door. When the Principal said it was okay to enter, the goddess entered, beaming with a huge smile. The Principal was shuffling from paper to paper, looked once at the goddess, then back to the papers then immediately stood up, adjusting his glasses.  "Miss, I think you have the wrong school."  The goddess was puzzled but decided to ask anyway, hoping that she wasn't wrong.  "Oh, isn't this the Principal's Office? Raven High School?"  "Ah? Ah, ahhh, yes, yes. Uh, please, please take a seat." the Principal stuttered and reluctantly dragged a chair for the goddess to sit.  "Why, thank you, kind Principal."  The Principal shuffles the papers on his already messy desk and tried to search for the paper to finish the transfer while looking at the goddess.  "Is there something wrong, Mr. Principal?" the Principal hastily shakes his head.  "Ah, you know what? You can go ahead. Here's your schedule. I'll handle your final papers. It's my welcome gift."  The goddess smiles brightly again.  "The people here are so kind! Thank you, Mr. Principal. Then, I shall go!"  The goddess exits the Principal's office and went to her first period. The Principal collapsed on his chair, loosening his tie.  "How on earth did someone like her enroll in this tiny school?"  The goddess skids happily to the direction of her first period but as she skids, there was someone beside her talking loudly, not watching her way and had a wall in front of her. The goddess, on pure instinct, grabbed the person's arm before she could hit the wall.  "Ahk," the person says as her body collided with the goddess' soft ones.  The girl's friends stood shock as they look at the person who just dragged their friend away from the wall.  "Woah, easy there." the goddess says.  The girl hurriedly detaches her body from the goddess and turned around, taking a good look on the goddess/ pretty smile, pretty face, and slender body.  "Holy mother of god, who the hell are you?"  When the goddess looked at the girl that she had saved, she was instantly captured by the girl's aura, the girl's facial features and the girl's fast response. The goddess stood silently in front of the girl that was in front of her.  "Excuse me? Hello?" the girl waves her hand in front of the goddess, making the goddess hold a grip on herself.  "Ah, yes. Hi," the girl instantly smiles and held out a hand, which the goddess shook gently. "Thank you for not letting me bump the wall."  The smile had captivated the goddess' heart instantly. The smile of a thousand clouds was upon the goddess. The floaty feeling the goddess was feeling, it was all there, in that exact moment.  "Ah, no worries. Just helping,"  The girl's friends nudges her on the back, whispering to the girl, but it was no use. A goddess was in front of them, a goddess that was capable of everything.  "Hey, f**k, she's beautiful. Who's she?"  "Hey, ask her name."  "Ask her if she's new."  The girl feigns a smile at the goddess and the goddess smiles back, implying that she heard everything. The girl felt embarrassed for  her friends and pushes them away from her.  "I'm Rafaela Wilson, what's your name?"  Before the goddess could say anything, the bell rang, making their moment shatter before them.  "I, uh, better go." Rafaela says and waves at the goddess.  Rafaela jogs with her friends behind her.  "Hey!" the goddess shouts at Rafaela. Rafaela obviously got the message and stopped, turned around.  "August! My name's August!" Rafaela could only smile and run again.  At the end of the day, the goddess couldn't find Rafaela anywhere and decided to go home. As the goddess approaches the school gate, she felt Mine's presence. The goddess looks up and saw Mine waiting for her. As usual, the students who were at the scene saw the two beauties and gawked.  The goddess waved and ran to Mine's side. "Mine!" the goddess screamed, feeling excited all over again. Excited to tell Mine everything that had happened in the morning, and how she was already planning on making Rafaela hers.  The students that heard the screamed assumed that they were dating.  "i***t cousin, don't call me that!" Mine screams back, clearing the assumptions as fast as she could.  When the goddess was already by Mine's side, the goddess giggled.  "Why are you here?" Mine smiles. "The king ordered me to stay by your side." Mine whispered, containing the excitement that was also building up inside her.  The goddess and Mine jumped before happily walking to the house that they rented. On the way, the goddess told Mine how her day went. "You told her your name is August?" "Yeah, Agnostos, remember?" Mine giggled.  "You're cunning. You chose the name that sound close to it."  "Yep, since I don't really have any spiritual name or something." Mine nods in understanding.  "Wait, Your Highness, you already sound so humane. How did you adapt so fast?"  The goddess flips her hair and clicks her tongue.  "Who do you think I am? Also, just call me August from now on."  "Understood. So, she's the one?"  The side of the August's lip twitched upward.  "She has to be. She's stirring up inside me that I didn't know was possible just from thinking about her." August twirls around, her arms stretched. She closes her eyes and re-visualizes the scene that had happened earlier.  "I feel all fuzzy. She looked so magical, so beautiful. Even her name is beautiful! Like, father had blessed me! Don't you think so as well?"  Mine looks at August intently. bewildered that a mere human can make August this way when none of the goddess in Olympus could. No matter how hard they try to make August stay, August didn't want to stay. She had no reason to and only wanted s*x from them, to pass by time and her boredom.  "Indeed I do. I want to see her, now that you've gone completely crazy over her in just that tiny moment."  "Here," As if it was all natural, August re-enacted the situation with Rafaela's clone that August made herself. Every time August uses her powers, it always takes Mine's breath away. Mine tried hard to focus her attention on the detailed clone of Rafaela and sees that Rafaela was really beautiful with a boisterous personality, unlike many fakes leeching off of earth's natural resources.  "Wow, she is by far the most beautiful human I have ever seen so far."  The compliment and Mine's dazed look made August smile and squeal in happiness. August jumped and made the air her bed. She floats around, placing her hands on the back of her head a pillow and kept on humming.  "I have one concern though, August."  "Hmm? What is it?" August sing songs.  "What if she's straight?"  August fell from midair. She landed on the floor with a thud, making Mine flinch and showed worry for the Prince or yet, Princess. August sprung up, unconcerned of her falling off and stared at Mine.  "You're right. What if, what if she isn't into women? Ah, no. Wait, I can still make this happen."  August faces back and forth, trying to think of a way.  "How?"  August turns around sharply, facing Mine.  "I need to shift into a man at night, or weekends, or holidays."  "How are you going to meet if not in school?"  "I'm not going to attend school in my male self. I'm going to be just someone on the streets."  Mine considers August's plan and clapped her hands, obviously mesmerized by how sly August was. August was ready to take on anything just to make Rafaela hers.  "Ah, I see. I can already envision it." "I need to know where she goes first so I can time my male self's appearance in her life."  "You don't have to worry about that. This town is small, you won't be able to have a hard time." August nodded and took that thought into account.  August sits down next to Mine.  "I'm glad father sent you here with me." Mine smirks.  "Why? Because you can't handle the loneliness?"  "What? No. Because I can't contain my happiness and excitement when I can't tell someone about it."  Mine had predicted that and could only shake her head with a smile on her face.  "Oh, I almost forgot. There's one thing that the king forbade you to do."  August tils her head to the side. It was unusual for Zeus to set boundaries concerning August, much less her interests. As far as August remembers, Zeus tends to stay away from all of her interests and hobbies and made it his business to keep a distance. That was always the case for August, until now.  "Really? Hadn't thought he'd actually put some restraint on me or something."  "I would not dare say restraint though."  "Then what is it?"  Mine tries to think of a word to describe it.  "I form of promise, I guess? That's the nearest thing I know."  "Alright. Tell me what it is then. I'm sure it's something that's not objective."  Mine shakes her head with a smile.  "Of course not. The king only wants to see you flourish, August."  August smiles, knowing what Mine meant.  "You got me. Tell me." "He wants the person you love to love you back without any powers, delusions, or sorcery involved."  August grins, her teeth showing.  "Of course!"

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