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When the VR System take over the world, Many games was made. But none of that game is as good as the VR MMORPG game called 'Eclipse Online'.

Eclipse Online is a brand new Game that just launched in Earth. But the hype is real! With What seems to be Infinite world and It's own Time System. Many people were intrigued by this brand new Game.

With Floor System to reach new Area, It have a bunch of Rare Jobs that no one ever found and legendary items and dungeon that people can explore!

One player, called 'OneSec' is a legendary figure in the game community. He was the strongest player that ever touch any game.

And today. He have Quest. To Reach Number one in the new game that have a lot of hype!

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Chapter 1: The Launch.
1st January 2022. A New Game have launched in the VR System. That game is called Eclipse Online. A Free World VR MMO that have unlimited amount of resources. Being a VR MMO God. Shiro Shirone of course want to go and test that thing. It's just come out and just launched. Seems like the Company get over 1 million sold worldwide for this thing. And Shiro Shirone, Known as OneSec. Is a special case. At just 16 Years old, He's made Millions just winning everything in the game he touches. People call him the God of MMO. With perfect mechanic understanding. He's also an Influencer. So he made his review way before the Game release. And he spend hours researching things by himself and other famous player. And now. It's finally here on his front door step. "Finally... You arrive." Shiro said with a big smile on his face. He grab the Box from the Developer itself. He bring it deep to his Room. On his way, He go to the Living Room. Where his family is playing games. He have Little Brother that also compete in the Gaming Community. Of course, He's really good like his Brother Shiro. "Ah, Brother! You get the package?" Shiro Little Brother asked. Shiro look at him and nodded. "Yup. I've got it. Don't worry Shingo. Your Package is on the way." Shiro said. His Father and Mother are really happy knowing that Their sons is having a really good relationship. "Anyway. Dad, You're not going to try this?" Shiro asked with teasing look. "Hey! My package arriving tomorrow! Don't tempt your dad like that!" Shiro laugh. He left the room and go to his room. Due to his success in early age. He manage to convince his Parents to stop working 9 - 5 and let him do all the work. Since everything nowadays can be bought with money. Including Item in game. Anyway. Shiro go up to his room. His room is just a normal room. With Massive PC set up that run the power for his VR headset. A Really fluffy bed to not kill his body. And lastly. A massive amount of Water near him at all time. So he can take break whenever he wanted. Of course, VR nowadays have the Monitor for Heart, Dehydration, Hunger and Fatigue. It's really superb. Shiro without any hesitation, Open the box and put the Game immediately to the VR Headset. He lay down on his Bed. "Alright folks... It's time for me to go!" He turn the Headset and his Consciousness was suck into the VR game. It's loading. Blue Screen fill his eyes. "Alright... Loading loading... Come on..." And in just a matter of seconds, The loading is completed. Shiro immediately put in his ID and Password. He go into the Character Selection. "Make New Character." He said. His Body appear right in front of him. He choose the Hair Color to White. And his eyes to Red. It's just his personal Opinion. And then. He pick what Weapon he want to use. Since everyone started Jobless. It doesn't really matter what weapon people pick from the start. And here's the catch about Shiro. He's the God of VR MMO. So he immediately pick Bow and Arrow. Probably one of the worst weapon in the game because it need constant supplies of Arrow. "Alright. Name. OneSec." Shiro put in his name. Which is OneSec. OneSec is just the Abbreviation of One Second. He like the sound of that so he pick that as his name. Generating Character. OneSec. Weapon, Bow. Level 1. Spawning OneSec to the City of Bridges. A Robotic Voice can be heard. It's so nice to hear that voice according to Shiro. And his Vision went black. He get to see the Loading Screen. Which is showing him the picture of the City of Bridges. "Hm... The Color scheme is Dark huh... It's sure have some sort of Gloomy Feelings..." Shiro muttered. The Loading Screen vanished and Shiro, No, OneSec is now in the Game World. There's a lot of people clumped around him. So he immediately started running. "Well... First thing first. Let's go grab some supplies from the couple first quest." OneSec Muttered. With his Bow on his back and Arrow on his back as well. He run toward the  Broken Bridges. "Tutorial? I see... So this is the main Path that you need to take in City of Bridges huh." There's a lot of Tall Building with Dark Gray Wall. Even the Sky is black. It's sure is Gloomy. And right in front of OneSec is a broken Bridge with some flying rock as a platform. And below that is water. If you fall, you died. OneSec turn around and see the massive crowd looking pretty depressed. "I see... They can't cross this huh... Well, The Developer sure is going to fix this." OneSec muttered. He just started running again. With base stat of 1 everything. He just leaped like his Agility is higher. He jumped jumped and jumped. He managed to get to the other side easily. "Woaah... That's the Legendary OneSec? He's sure a legend..." Other Player muttered. Everyone is wearing a normal clothing. Green Shirt, Brown pants and Leather boots. OneSec stop for a bit and arrived at the First Quest. Which is this Old Woman asking for some help. He Ignore everything and he just look for the reward. 75 EXP, 2 Silver Coin. "Hunt 5 Goblins huh... I guess the Quest is not that important. What's important is the world itself. If that's the case. Sorry NPC. I'm not interested! I would rather immediately go straight to looking around!" OneSec said. He decline the Quest and immediately open the map. "So City of Bridges have 3 Main Hunting Area. Easy, Medium and Hard. City of Bridges is the First Floor of the world. So if I want to go to the Second Floor. I need to search for the Gate to go there. If that the case then. It's always in the Hard Area..." OneSec muttered. He stop for a bit and open his Status. "Status Open." He look at his Status. It's straight one with jobless on the Job List. And there's Title System as well that increase your Status. And there's New title that OneSec can equip. "Freerunner." You Get Freerunner if you manage to finish the Bridges on your first try. Increase your Agility by 3. "Not bad... Let's equip that." OneSec already have a title on his Name. He then started Running toward the Easy Hunting Area.

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