Your Mistake, Alpha Red

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Blurb: “I, Alpha Red of the Black Bite Pack, reject you, young miss Aida Sundew, as mate. But you’d be surely be useful for something else." Aida had always dreamed of her mate, stronger than her father but as caring as her mother. But all her dreams were shattered when those words were said suddenly before her. As compensation, her Alpha offered her to be his secretary and take over his business as compensation but Aida refused, leaving the pack and moving away with her mother. She accepted a job offer under the famous Young Master Zachary of the Diamond Group of Companies and decided to live as a human. But why was Alpha Red suddenly interested in her wellbeing and sending her friend gifts for her all the time? And why was her new boss suddenly staying late to drop her off at home? Aida was keen to not let her heart be swayed again but could she possibly succeed? And was there no secret to why she was rejected so suddenly? And what was the true identity of her new boss? Read to find out.

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Chapter One: Aida’s POV It had come as a surprise to me. I wasn’t expecting him at my award ceremony. I was walking to my mom and Mia who visited me after I was gifted an award ‘Best in Business management', when I saw him. He was handsome, tall, tanned, dark long hair and had his father's signature cold blue eyes. I usually saw emotions in the Past Alpha's but saw nothing in his. I ignored the honey scent I perceived as I thought it came from Mia's box of cakes. I lived in the human world so I didn't always think of finding my mate. When I saw his cold eyes on me, I froze. And that was when he pulled me to himself. Mom was scared. Mia too. But I was angry at his attitude. What's with him? And then my wolf said it, “Mate!” I wasn’t still excited. My ‘mate' was harassing me at that moment. He left hold of me then cleared his throat and began reciting the words that wrecked me now. “I, Alpha Red of the Black Bite Pack, reject you, Aida Sundew, as mate. But you’d surely be useful for something else." Curse him. I didn’t care what else I'd be useful for. My eyes stung. Did he just reject me without knowing me better? I felt pain, more pain than I'd feel if I had lost the award as 'Best in Business management'. His eyes were so cold and unreadable. Dennis died to a whimper and for a second, she nearly shifted as she controlled me to run out of the university. I saw Mia and Mom's expression as I left. I was an embarrassment, or maybe I wasn’t. I was just a gem that my Alpha didn’t know how to use. I knew a lot about the human world that his pride wouldn’t let him know. I was social, smart, and strong. Dennis’s fur alone hypnotized other wolves and that was a great charm none in our pack had. My green eyes were unique and I was blessed with beautiful red hair. I was a damn sight to behold. What else would an Alpha want in a mate! I was curvy too! “Run, keep running!” was all my wolf said to me after we ran out of the university after our rejection. I wanted to scream back and tell her to let me shift but she dived to the back of my head. She was such a coward. The hungry beast chasing after me increased it’s pace when I slowed down. I swerved to miss a tree and kept on running. I tripped on a stone and landed with my back. A scaly animal crawled on top me and I jumped from the ground. The beast nearly got me. “We die together, Dennis.” I reminded my wolf. She acted like she was the only one in pain and needed a time out. My legs were hurting badly. Vexed, I stopped running and waited for the wild beast to get close. It was a rule in our pack not to harm the animals for nothing but this was self defense. And honestly, I didn't give a rat ass about those rules anymore. As the boar launched at me, my claws shot out and tore his belly skin. I swiped again, tearing his underarm. It fell behind me, struggling to stand. In rage, I sent sporadic slaps to it, with my claws out. The marks tore it's skin open and it began bleeding to death. My breathing was heavy and my face was covered in blood. This wasn't it. Today didn't go as it should have! I punched the ground, tears free falling from my eyes. I could still have a normal love life. I was admired by lot's of boys at my university. So what if he rejected us? I just had to settle for one of the numerous human men who think I was sexy and smart. Cause I was. My wolf, Dennis, didn’t have to run off like that after being rejected. She made herself look weak and me, her human, weak as well. She could have accepted and walk off. Now my best friend, Mia, would be worried, and my mother too. They saw the Alpha reject us. I saw my mother’s eyes tearing up. “But… I am strong.” Dennis's croaky voice said. “Yes, and beautiful. The Past Alpha said your fur was the most beautiful he had seen.” I reminded. I was no joke to the past Alpha. Our father was his late Lead Warrior, who gave his life for him so the Alpha took us in, even kept us at his own house. Amongst the pack members, I was also seen as the Alpha's daughter. Till his son, Redden, took over and ordered that I lived at my university. “Alpha Red never liked us. I don’t know why he’s our mate.” Dennis sighed. She stopped sulking and was getting her confidence back. That Alpha was just a jerk. I bet if I get a human boyfriend, have babies and take my mom away from his house, he’d regret those words. I felt a nudging in my mind link and I let it open after so long, “Yes, Mia. I’m okay. Dennis just wanted a walk. I’m okay.” I repeated. I let Mia offer her apologies. It didn’t matter… much, if not Dennis decided to act dramatic. Mia sounded like she was the one who got rejected. “Look, babe, I graduated in flying colors so I’m coming back to celebrate with you and mom. Damn any Alpha.” I seethed. Mia cheered for me but I knew she did it so I'd feel better. It didn’t work. I left the ground and took off my dress, tying it to my legs. I shifted to Dennis and run to the university. From the speed Dennis ran with, I knew she was still fuming. If I had lived at the Pack, I'd have known Alpha Red was my mate when I clocked eighteen. Then I could’ve rejected him cos I never liked him. Dennis slowed down, I saw we were at the pack. Why did she arrive here? What else did she want! My mom and Mia weren’t here! But then I saw him. Alpha Red. He was back to the pack already, why? Dennis advanced towards his house with angry jumps. I wanted to stop her but she was one strong wolf when she was angry. I lost power and stayed put. When the security saw Dennis, they tried stopping her but she radiated her enchanting aura, they went back, hypnotized by her milk fur. She pranced menacingly towards Alpha Red's room and kicked it open with her hind legs, breaking the door and throwing it off. He slowly turned to see his intruder. And Dennis growled at him. I knew what she wanted, I didn’t know if I wanted it but I gave it to her. Mind linking to the Alpha I said, “And I, Aida Sundew, reject you, Redden Quinn, as mate." I added more curse words and waited for his reply. This would surely get me punished. And I may get to live outside of my pack for the rest of my life but damn anyone! Damn them again!

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