CEO and His Gangster Wife

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In the underworld of a gangster group, Camila Grey, hardened by past heartbreak, vows never to love again. But when her sister disappears, she's forced to confront her past when her first love reappears, demanding the unthinkable: "Marry me!" As she delves deeper into the dangerous game of loyalty and betrayal, Camila must decide whether to guard her heart or risk it all for love once more.

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haunting stranger with memories of the past
In the fading light of dusk, the Marable street was isolated. It was wrapped in a silence that magnified only the distant sounds of vehicles far away. Amidst this serene yet eerie atmosphere, black sport bike drove in the empty street, breaking the silence with the soft purr of its engine. Bringing the black sport bike to a stop beside the weathered fence, a young woman in her mid-twenties gracefully swung her leg over, effortlessly dismounting. With a swift motion, she removed her helmet, unveiling a face adorned with beauty and framed by flowing blonde hair. Camila Grey, a bold member of the gangster group, was not just built of exceptional courage but also a captivating raw beauty. Growing without parents had toughened her, yet she got a bit shaken by the mysterious disappearance of her only sister, Mega.This mystery had made her search for the clues and led her to the gate where she now stood. Entering the gate, when she got the sight of Roy, she questioned in a sharp tone, "Where is he?" Roy, her close companion in their gang, stationed near a basement door, cautioned, "Be gentle!" Finding her attention on the door rather than him, he blocked her way and added, "Remember, he's just a clue towards reaching Mega. So you should–" "You needn’t have to tell me what I should and shouldn’t, Roy. Leave!" she asserted in desperation. Yielding to her demand, he stepped aside, allowing her entry. However, he didn’t stop speaking, "He's a pervert, so charm might be more effective than violence." Coming to halt, she zipped down her jacket, revealing her cleavage, and asked, "Will this work?" "I'm not talking about that,” he said and reached out to zip her jacket back. “Just show him your sexy walk; I'm sure that is more than enough to caste a spell on him." Rolling her eyes, she muttered, “Whatsoever!” Impatient, she kicked the door and stood resolute on the doorstep. Her long hair swirled in the gust of air from the dark room, framing her determined face. "Gentle, Camila! Be gentle!" Roy still urged as she stepped inside. She found the room enveloped in darkness, drawn blinds barring any glimpse of the waning daylight outside. Reaching out for the switch as she lit up the room, she was exposed to a space cluttered with numerous trash items—beer bottles, cigarette butts, and discarded bear cans. Despite the disorder, there was no trace of the person she sought. Roaming from hall to kitchen, then to bedroom, she inspected every place only to find the place empty. Enraged, she stormed out of the house and reached Roy, who was leaning against his bike and blowing the smoke out of his cigarette. She marched straight to him and kicked his butt, angrily shouting, "How dare you pull such a prank on me?” "What the hell, Camila?" he grumbled, darting at her in disappointment and rubbing his butt. Breathing hard with anger, she asked, "This is certainly not what you should be wasting my time for.” "Oh! Come on, how can you say that when I'm just trying to help?" Crossing her arms, she grumbled, "Help? Really? By bringing me to check the empty house?" Confused, he scratched his head. "Empty? Are you sure you checked properly?" Firmly, she replied, "Yes, I did!" He shook his head in disbelief, "No, I don't believe you. You must have left the spot!" "I didn't! If you don't trust me–" Her words hung in the air as a man walked by. Taking the chance, she called out, "Hey! There's no one inside, right?" The man, avoiding eye contact, nodded quickly. Glancing at Roy, she tilted her head, a triumphant grin spreading across her face. "See!" "How is that possible? He was inside." He furrowed his brow. "I searched everywhere. There's no way out. Did you check behind the doors?" Rolling her eyes, Camila scoffed, "Oh, come on, this isn't child's play. Who on earth would hide behind–" She paused as realisation dawned. Their eyes widened simultaneously, both fixing their gaze on the man who had just passed them. He was already at the other end of the alley, fading from view. "That-That's him!" Roy declared, pointing towards the disappearing figure. Without a moment's hesitation, Camila reached to her bike and grabbed the hockey stick. She then dashed after the man. Closing the gap, she hurled the stick at him, landing a solid hit on his leg. He tumbled hardly to the ground, and before he could regain his footing, she reached for him. As she launched a swift and decisive kick, she questioned, "Where is she?" Fear evident in his eyes, he clutched his belly, begging, "Let me go. I didn't do anything." She picked up the hockey stick, her frustration palpable. "Quit the act. Tell me where she is." The harsh smack on his buttocks echoed in the narrow alley. "I don't know. I just drove her to the spot they told me." Tucking the hockey in her shoulder, she yanked him up by his hair. "What spot? Who are you talking about?.” "I-I don't know–" he whined. "I just got the text, and I did it–" "What text?" she interrupted, her eyes widening in disbelief. When he didn’t reply, she asked, "Where is your phone?" "I lost it," he stammered, his tone trembling. Her frustration surged, and without thinking, she flung him back to the ground. As she raised the hockey stick, preparing to strike, Roy swiftly intervened, grabbing the stick and tossing it away. "Didn't I tell you to be gentle?" he questioned with urgency. "Stay out of it, Roy!" she warned, attempting to move toward the man. However, Roy, with a quick reflex, grabbed her and restrained her. "Calm down, Camila. Go easy on him," Roy tried to convince, reaching out to diffuse the escalating tension. "A better way?" Camila shoved Roy, boiling in frustration and yelled, "You think there's a better way for that? Seriously?” “No, I am saying–” She left no chance for him to speak. “My sister has been missing for months, Roy, and he is responsible for that. How can I go easy on him?” Taking the chance abruptly, the man snatched the hockey and attacked her. Luckily, Roy managed to grab the stick in the nick of time, preventing her from getting hurt. Realising he couldn't escape, the man hastily released the stick and bolted away. Glaring at Roy, Camila muttered, "Better way, huh?" Shaking her head in total disappointment, she swiftly went after the fleeing figure. As she was chasing suddenly she stumbled upon someone. Without glancing at his face, she rumbled, "Get out of my way, freak!" and the urgency of the chase resumed. Choosing a shorter route, she quickly caught up with her target. When she finally faced him, she didn't hesitate. With a swift climb, she scaled a wall and, in one powerful kick, sent the man crashing to the ground. The hit was so strong that the guy was not able to recover from the ground. "Tell me where she is! Tell me!" In the madness of anger, Camila relentlessly kicked at the man. Roy eventually found them, rushing to intervene, but Camila, consumed by fury, shoved him aside and continued her relentless assault on the man. This continued until the place echoed with the blaring siren of a police car. Camila came to an abrupt halt, exchanging a quick, alarmed glance with Roy. "Why are they here?" she questioned, a tinge of shock in her voice. "Probably their time for patrolling. We need to get out of here!" Roy urged urgently. "I am not leaving until I get–” "If we don't leave now, you know the cops are gonna get us. We can't afford that," Roy insisted, his voice urgent, his eyes darting around the dimly lit alley. “I–” Her words faltered as her gaze fell to the end of the alley. There, standing in the shadows, was a figure she never expected to see. “Shawni!” The name escaped her lips in a whisper, disbelief colouring her voice. A rush of memories flooded her mind, each one hitting her like a wave, leaving her numb and overwhelmed. She stood frozen, lost in the whirlwind of emotions, until Roy decisively grabbed her wrist. With a swift tug, he pulled her away, snapping her back to reality as they disappeared into the night, leaving behind the haunting stranger with memories of the past.

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