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His drunken wife came home late after work,he found that there were palm prints on her butt. However, he couldn’t know the truth!What’s the secret of his wife?

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Chapter 1 Unfaithful Traces
Looking at his watch, Shen Jun saw that it was almost 10 o'clock. His wife had been working overtime tonight. She'd said she'd be back by nine, but she hadn't come yet. What worried Shen Jun the most was that he had called his wife half an hour ago. The call connected, but there was no answer. It seemed that she had evaporated from the earth, which caused Shen Jun to panic. So while waiting anxiously, Shen Jun had always been thinking about why his wife had not answered the phone. Had she lost her cell phone, or had she been kidnapped? Just as he was about to call his wife, he heard the door open. Walking out of the master bedroom, Shen Jun saw the wife wearing a white female shirt and black buttoned skirt. At this moment, his wife was holding the wall with one hand and removing her high-heels with the other. His wife was bending over, so her collar was wide open, and the perfect breasts that were protected by the black bra was shaking slightly. The feeling was extremely nice. Even after five years of marriage, Shen Jun was still infatuated with his wife's perfect body. Her face was white as if she had been soaking in milk. He noticed that his wife's face was slightly red, as though she had drunk some alcohol. So,Shen Jun asked, "Where did you go?" "Where else could I go?" Su Wan, who was dressed in sandals, smiled at her husband and said, "I just added some work!" Seeing that his wife's pace was unsteady, Shen Jun had no choice but to step forward and hug his wife. After smelling the alcohol on his wife's body, Shen Jun said, "Tell me the truth, where did you go?" "I worked at the company until nine o'clock. After that, my colleagues and me ate a midnight snack at a small restaurant near the company." Su Wan, who was holding her husband, half squinting her eyes and looking contentedly, said, "Hubby, is Jia Jia asleep?" "She's already asleep." "Yea, I'll go take a shower first. Wait for me in bed," Su Wan smiled sweetly as she walked to the bathroom after kissing her husband's mouth. As his wife was getting drunk and the bathroom floor was slippery, Shen Jun, who was worried that his wife would slip down, so he walked to the bathroom. However, when he opened the door to the bathroom and saw the scene inside, he shivered in fear. It was as if someone had stabbed into his chest with a knife. At this moment, his wife was already naked and her back was facing him. So, he saw his wife's round and sexy snow-white buttocks. However, this wasn't the most important point. The most important thing was that the two snowy buttocks were imprinted with extremely obvious palm prints! Shen Jun was even more certain that these were the marks appeared only if someone kept slapping his wife! Overtime, midnight snack, drunk, palm prints … Looking at his wife before him, Shen Jun suddenly felt a strange feeling. To his horror, The dirty scene that his wife were having s*x with the other men ran into his mind suddenly. His wife knelt and the man attacked from behind and kept patting his wife's butt, laughing like a devil. What made him even more panicky was that he actually responded to the unethical scene! After noticing her husband, Su Wan, who was brushing her teeth, asked, "Hubby, do you want to take a bath with me?" Shen Jun, who didn't have the slightest interest to face his wife's invitation, asked, "What happened to the palm print on your buttocks?" Su Wan, who had been frightened by her husband's question, hurriedly faced to her husband. She didn't want her husband to see the palm prints on her butt, but it was too late. She was so nervous that Su Wan gripped her toothbrush tightly. It was as if she was holding a life-saving straw. Looking at his wife's unusual behavior, Shen Jun walked into the bathroom and said, "Let me ask you, what happened to the palm prints on your butt!" "I'm sorry, hubby. I drank a bit too much. I can only hear what you're saying now," Su Wan said calmly. "Didn't we go to dinner with a few female colleagues in the night? In the end, the four of us played a guessing game. Whoever lost would get beaten. You know that I’m not good at gambling, so during the game, I have to be beaten by them all the time. " Su Wan, who had her back to her husband, bent over and said, "Look, how ruthless they are. I'm afraid that I can only lie on the ground later." Looking at the messy palm prints, Shen Jun didn't know if he should believe his wife's words or not. In his opinion, the palm prints shouldn't be so obvious if it was separated by a skirt. Besides, if it was just an ordinary game, could the punishment be so heavy?? However, since his wife had never made such a mistake before, she always went home on time every night and rarely went out drinking. Therefore, Shen Jun felt that he was thinking too much. In the eyes of Shen Jun, if the woman who was as good as his wife was not faithful,then there would be no faithful women in the world. Thinking of this, Shen Jun said, "Don't play this kind of game that will cause me to misunderstand later." "OK,honey!" After his wife promised him, Shen Jun stretched out his hand. When his fingers touched the tip of his wife's butt, her beautiful body shivered as her wife let out a nightingale's low muttering. Shen Jun was very distressed about her reaction. He was even more sure that the punishment of his wife's female colleagues was really very heavy. But because of the greater proportion of male colleagues in his wife's company, he thought that there shouldn’t be only female colleagues to have the midnight snack.So does it mean that many male colleagues are also watching when his wife's ass was slapped? An inexplicable association made him angry, so he asked, "Only female colleagues?" "That's right, they are all making statements and the like. How can they be male colleagues?" Su Wan took the initiative to embrace her husband and pressed her plump and perfect snow-white breasts onto her husband's chest. She said softly, "Hubby, I know what you're thinking, but I can assure you that there are really only female colleagues. If there's a male colleague, we girls can't play that game, right? Besides, you know that I am very conservative, how can I allow male colleagues to watch me get knocked out?Therefore, don't think too much. I will always belong to you, no matter whether my heart or my body. " Hearing his wife's comfort, Shen Jun was even more worried. Unfortunately, because Shen Jun had never been to his wife's company and had no contact with her female colleagues, he could only temporarily trust his wife's words. He asked his wife to take a bath quickly, then Shen Jun turned and left. But when he saw his wife's underwear on the hanger, he stopped again. After picking up the ordinary white cotton underwear, Shen Jun's eyes widened. Because the back of his wife’s underwear was written with a Chinese word "*"!(It means bold and brave in Chinese, and its Chinese pronunciation is Yong. It is often used in Chinese names.) ================================= Any confusion or problem with the novel, please leave a comment. We will try our best to solve the problems. Thanks for your cooperation. Kongfu Books Whatspp Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/AicbzzMjqVWHOdKNXduTZS

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